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D-O D-0 Droid Star Wars

by OxProps Apr 12, 2019
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Because its a static model, I thought just glue it on. if you want more surface area I could make a inner circle that fits inside the wheel.

Thanks for the files! :)

I just have a little question, where to put the axle holder thing and the ball joint halves? Are those files for the head?

I added a picture to make this more clear.

Thank you so much!! :)

Thanks for Sharing!! Do you have or could you post the quantity of each part to be printed? Thanks

Its in the name of the STL if there is nothing in front of it, you only need to print it ones. If 2X is in front of it you have to print it twice, etc.

Is there a file for a base for the finished print to sit on as a display?

yes its called "stand" in the files

Could this be made into a non-static droid?

Not really, the D-O builder club Facebook page is working hard on getting working droids. Alot of people are using my exterior files. But they made changes to the files so it would fit their drive.

If you are interested in having a working one I recommend having a look there .

are there any assembly instructions?

No sorry, but I think it's not too hard to put it together without instructions. I tried to name the parts so that people would know where to put them.

So these files are only for a static D-0?

Comments deleted.

Fantastic models David! Thank you for sharing these. Do you have a BoM or a list of which parts are required to build the latest D-O assembly? It looks like there are few different versions of each part and I want to make sure I print the right ones!

(Also, I'm excited to try the new lightweight head parts. One huge lesson I learned from building my BB-8 is to keep the top as light as possible!)

Thank you! I don't really have a BoM list for this static build it uses 6mm and 15mm diameter rods. yeah i update the files when i see something new, just use the most recent files when you can most of the time they work with the old files.

There will be a lighter back plate head file, released today, with a few other things.

Thanks, I can't wait to start printing!

Big thanks for the files, one question. What about the large gap in the cone behind where the Neck attaches? Is this to be left open or am I missing a fill piece.

Its in the sage droid aswell, so I replicated it. My guess is easy disassemble just slide of the cone and you can have a look inside the head.

Got it, thanks for the quick reply David!!

Thanks again, David! I posted a make, so you can see the finished product (printed at 50% size).

This is great! Thanks for sharing.

How are you attaching the vertical poles to the box below the head? the box doesn't have any cutouts to run a both through the side, are you just gluing it together and hoping for gravity to be our friend?

That was my first thought yeah just glueing them on. but today there will be a new update and in that update Ill also make the holes in the box for the rods to be attached to.

Edit: its been updated

Thanks bud. Looks like I'm reprinting a few parts today, silly me to think I had it all ready for primer.

The updates to the box look great for assembly. I just need to decide on which bolt to use for holding the rod tops in place.
I'm not going to print this first, static, version with a TPU neck. Will the original neck you uploaded still fit on the updated box top?

Yes original neck still fits. I Just put out a new update. I made the wheel narrower.

Also, how are you attaching the head to the neck?

did you change the diameter? I've already printed the outer wheels and just need to run the center treads. I have the old files, if the old outer wheels won't match up with the new center tread I'll print what I have.

No I only changed the width new and old files work together. The head to the neck I don't have anything made for. But for a static build I just recommend putting a long small piece of wood or somegjing to glue on the box plate and inside the cone. People who make drives have to think with servos and such to make the head move, so I did not design anything there.

Great to see. I am doing a cardboard prototype with the images so I will do some comparisons. What did you use to get the scale and size right? I went with the BB8 image as I know the dimension of bb8.

Indeed that is what the D-O Builder Facebook also did. I started just sizing images so that the main rod was 20mm in diameter. I then later discovered it is more around 15mm because then the height was the same as what the D-O Builder calculated. So just had to scale down the entire droid.

So the D-O Builders agree on that its 45cm tall in total.

Indeed. I had it scaled at 42cm. So I was a tad off. still my head was only 2mm off. I appreciate the files and am already printing some of the back head and rod parts tonight.

Yeah man, you are just amazing. I really feel anxious about having you a more final version so that I can print it ASAP. Thanks for your work!!!

Thanks mate really appreciate the kind words.Yes I know sorry about that, but I don't know when i find new details to add.

No worries. I will just keep an eye on it for further updates. I will deffinitely support you work with a donation when I download the files.

A donation? that is too kind, thank you so much!

As far as I see it now the updates are slowing down now. but when there will be a new photo released most likely ill see something I need to improve.

i made a D-0 droid too click the link below

Is it "printable" now? I mean, the bigger parts are finals? Cause I'm printing everything but you are improving it every day hahahaha lol I'm impatient. Anyway YOU ARE AMAZING!

Hey man thank you so much! yes everything is printable. and also yes i update alot haha. its hard to tell when I find a new detail I can add. but the first week with a new droid its just alot of updates cause everything is still so new.

It'd be great if you posted an assembled version that could be printed at action figure scale.

Amazing work, and all the geek cred to you for having this up hours after the announcement.

Thank you so much man! Ill do that to ill make it a 10cm tall figure and people can scale it then to what they want.

*edit has been updated.

Looking forward to it! Thanks!

Thank you! hahah was great fun.