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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

MPCNC Makita vacuum mount

by niik Apr 7, 2019
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Many thanks for this design. As my MPCNC also has a small footprint, this will very much save bit of space. I printed every part and it fits together very nicely, but...

...one question: would you mind uploading the source, or (as it seems, you used Fusion 360), a link to the design? I'd like to try to alter the connection between the hose mount and the upper part to overcome the 30mm limitation myself. My MPCNC is quite a bit higher and I'd like to have the whole Z range possible. I even have an idea how to alter the parts (some kind of secure plugged connection), but importing them as STL into Fusion 360 is a bit of a hassle when it comes to making changes ;-), as you might know.

Thanks :-)!


Thanks for posting the Make.

I have tried a small re-design of how the hose adapter connects to the upper manifold. I just moved the screws more tward the center, it cuts into the air channel a little but that area is relitivly wide so i dont think it will be an issue. I has some other ides that used a hook on the front and a screw on the back but im not sure if it would have enough clamping force to make a good seal.

I have not tried to print this version yet but looking at in fusion 360 mounted to a virtual MPCNC I think it will fit.

If you want to take a look at the design I have it available here. https://a360.co/2JbDlQa

If you print one let me know how it works, if it resolves the travel issue ill update the STL's

I can't tell why the side ducts are clipping. my machine does not go that far up, but from your picture, it looks like it might just be the alignment tabs that are hitting the bolts. if it is I think you could just cut them off once it's glued together.

That looks really promising!

I hope I find the time to print and test your new iteration. I am working on a laser project at the moment, so the mill has to wait.

I also thought about a hook-screw version, but in combination view a printed TPU seal ;-) - that should provide enough sealing. Also I have to analyse a bit deeper why the side ducts run into the screws and if it is really only the alignment tabs or the whole assembly.

I'll let you know, if I find out the reason for that.

I've remixed this to solve the clearance issue. The original design was just so good that I had to use it but I couldn't live with the loss of a few mm of travel. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3824990

Makita / Katsu MPCNC vacuum hose adaptor
by rilot

That's great. I'm glad you like it and I'm glad you are sharing your modifications.

Did you modify the top bolt section or just the lower air duct area? I have not printed the narrow upper assembly that I linked in the comments so I was not 100% sure it would work. Did that section print well?

Also how much did the air ducts interfere, 1mm, 2mm..? I don't seem to have that issue on my machine so I can't really take measurements to fix it :P

Sorry for the late reply. I've been away.
It was just the lower air-duct area. The narrow top part is as you designed it. It fits perfectly between the Z-yokes.
It interfered by about 2mm. I'm wondering whether it could be because of differences in the Z gantry design for different OD tubing. I'm in the UK and so my tubing is all 25mm and my bolts are metric.

You wouldn't happen to have the f3d file for the lower part of the mount would you? I want to make a modification to take a removeable brush and it would be much easier if I had something I can edit directly rather than have to re-create from the stl. I will attribute of course.

Ya you might be right about the tube diameter. I'm also in the UK but I'm using 1in SS tube.

The full f360 model is in the lower comments. What kind of brush you plan to use. I'm still looking for a 40-50mm bristle that is cheep like less than 15gbp and not bound with aluminum, since it would be harder to bend into a circle.

I've got some longer bristle stuff that I've cut down, but I'm using a 1/4 to ER11 collet adaptor which increases the length of the chuck significantly.

I have those files already, thanks. I was looking for the updated lower that has the central parts and ducts rather than the original open design.

Your right that was an old version. This should be the new version https://a360.co/2zUwG6t

Edit: first link to just the lower part didnt work. The new link is to a full assembly that has the updated lower section.

Brilliant. Thanks man.

I'm glad to hear that you like it!

I have no problem sharing the files, I hope you post any changes you make so I can use them too (。◕‿◕。)

Here is a link to the Fusion360 files.


Also if you don't mind posting a "Make" I would love to see how yours turned out.