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Catapult Inspired By Leonardo da Vinci

by Jay999 Apr 6, 2019
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this was featured on my bday

Beautiful! Great to teach kids hands on

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Great thing you made! Would you consider sharing the native CAD files?

This is a remix, hence I don’t have the CAD files.

Wow! Why not take this design and join our competition, we should have invite you to join in our 3D model design and print competition. It's
not that late yet. I think you'll probably win a prize since the model you made looks great.
Here's the detail: http://bit.ly/Anycubic3dcontest
Click the link to join: https://forms.gle/hz4T9rqe3hhp6bDK9

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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But trebuchets can throw a 90kg projectile 300m

Ut oh, looks like reddit is leaking again...

Trebuchets are the superior siege weapon

Is there a video or something showing how to put it together, or should we just do it based off the photos?

This is only a remix. Have a look at the original it has an assembly video.


Catapult Inspired By Leonardo da Vinci

Yeah its cool but everybody knows that the trebuchet is the superior weapon.

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how did u print the fulcrum bar? looks like it needs supports no matter what way you turn it..

The print orientation is already correct in the file. And yes you will need supports for the little "hook" where the rubber bands are attached.
All other areas should print support free.

Just made this. M6 Rod with nut Printing it now.

and this M4 Screw Set

M6 ROD BY 150MM with nut
M4 Screws 3D printable flat bottom

THANK YOU FOR THIS.. only thing holding me back from this build was the m6 rod.. couldn't find one locally and amazon has been out of stock.. how did this work out for you?

I have posted an new version where the threaded rod is not needed. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3436588

Catapult Inspired By Leonardo da Vinci

I am working on a way to eliminate the rod entirely. Follow the progress of the original https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3436588

Catapult Inspired By Leonardo da Vinci

I'm not entirely done with it yet, the nut I made isn't working but the rod is attached to everything else and seems to fit fine.

Awesome stuff !!!, would it be possible to make a build plan? wich colt goes into where etc?

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This is only a remix. Have a look at the original it has an assembly video.


Catapult Inspired By Leonardo da Vinci

thanks !!!! didnt know....thank you !!!!

Question on the Spring file...It is presented in Cura slicer as vertical and has a print time of 4 hours, but if I rotate it and lay it flat, I can print it in 1.5 hours....is there any reason I cannot print this lying flat? Thanks.

You can re orient it and print it laying down.

The original file came this way.

Could this launch a 90kg projectile? What is the range? I need ~300m.

That would require to printing at 10000%, don’t forget increase the perimeters to about 500. The whole thing might take a little bit longer to print.

But there is a new technology around which might be an alternative, it’s called carpentry. Supposedly involves wood and steel tools!

But also a word of warning, there has been a bit of a discussion about the merits of certain siege equipment in the comments below. Building a huge catapult might bring you in conflict with the trebuchet faction. So print some halberds and cavalry sabers for defense!

A trebuchet would be more effective,you absolute mooncalf

I highly doubt this monstrosity could launch a 90Kg projectile over 300m quite like a trebuchet could!

Hello Jay
Which material do you recommend for print this catapult?

It's printed in PLA. Works fine, but will probably not last forever. I am not sure if a better filament would make a huge difference, as the spots in the catapult which get the most stress will probably fail eventually regardless what you use. I would just print a replacement.


a special setting for the "Arm" part?
at the first shoot she's broken

The mass of the bucket and "thumb screw" is too heavy for the arm. On the original design the bucket was designed to be as light as possible, there is also no need for a thumb screw. On the original design, i printed the arm with 2 walls and 20% infill. This was more than enough to withstand the forces applied. Anyone can modify a design, whether they do it and make it better is questionable.

I used 3 or 4 perimeters and 50% infill.

Where did it break, maybe if I see a picture I can say more.

Could you put a parts list for the screws, and what is the diameter of the rubberband?

The list of needed screws is at the bottom of the details page, scroll down a bit.

The rubber band should be at least about 5cm in diameter. Anything longer is fine, you can wrap it as you see fit, also to adjust the tension/force.

Hey, looks good! Glad you enjoyed my design so much as to make it! However, i do not appreciate you removing the name on the arm attachment and providing it as an alternative part. This is the only recognition to my design, removing the name makes it feel that you're trying to pass the catapult off as your own design. Thanks

I uploaded your version of the arm rear too. Hope this makes you happy.

However removing a logo is, from my point of view, well with in the license rules. As attribution and crediting is taken care of by:
1) posting this as a remix, not as new item
2) not changing the name
3) linking to the original in the comments.

Not sure who still could be tricked into thinking it was my design.

I understand that. I just think it’s a little disrespectful to the original designer. Just my opinion

Comments deleted.

What about it?

Vastly inferior siege engine, should have invested your time in modeling the superior siege engine.

I use it to shoot paper balls at offices mates. It serves this purposes very well and is ideally suited for DESK siege warfare! :-)

Facilities tends to frown on the use of battering rams, as they do more harm to furniture than to people. They care more for desk then heads.

Yet Wirnheir didn't talk about battering rams. Everybody knows that trebuchets are the superior siege engine. 11

I dare you to make this statement in a bar full of imperial roman engineers. The sound of the a ballista being tensioned might be the last thing you hear.


Trebuchets and ballistas serve different purpose. Trebuchets take down the defences from afar while ballistas cherrypick the enemy. The unity of the two is what makes a siege successful.

Comments deleted.