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PinkyPi Pro - Raspberry Pi Zero Game Console

by Crackedconsole Mar 30, 2019
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Awesome design! so much that I scooped up the exact pihat and decided to give it a shot. downloaded the pi image, flashed, assembled, but every snes rom crashes me right back to the game selection menu. The only thing different is I dont have speakers or any sound but I've ran retropie without sound before so Im not sure what the issue could be... any idea?

What RetroPie image did you use? Have you tried our pre-compiled PinkyPi image?

yes, that image from your page, the funny thing is the screens too small to see the error lol

The default SNES emulator in the PinkyPi image is set to PiSNES (faster emulation on the PiZero, but not as accurate).

Can you try changing it to lr-snes9x-next either via the RetroPie setup or runcommand and let me know if you have the same issue?

If we could see the error that would be a huge help, as SNES has been tested abit indepth when I made the image as SNES was the primary use for this device.

You can find details on the run command here https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/runcommand

I have an extra Pi Zero w lying around and have been thinking about making one of these,
I am curious about the joystick on the hat itself, does it do diagonals or is it only four-way?

They joystick has up/down/left/right (4 way) but it can function in corners and activate up/left at the same time for example.

Is there a possability you can add one more layer to the outside as thickness. My prints seem fine, but tend to break fast on the thin parts.
Especially on the shoulder buttons and peace between them.

Many regards,

Comments deleted.

I've added version 2.1 that addresses these concerns.
I have yet to officially print and test all fitment, I've included them in the thingverse files.
Minor changes, but I hope enough to correct this for you, while avoiding issues fitting the Pi Zero in.

Making the walls thicker would sadly require a complete recreation of the model, I'll look into doing that.
But in the meantime give me a day or 2 and I will make an updated version with a thicker center section.

I've looked into that before, but tolerances are so tight inside the case, I've been working on the best way to achieve this.
I'll reply again here in a day or 2 once I get this completed.

Hi Great project

Don't suppose you could post Full assembly and wiring instructions please?????

beliee I have all the parts etc just need the extra info so can build this for our son..

thank you

I'm in the process of some life changes that should be done in the next couple of weeks. Once I make it past that hump, I will be creating and uploading a YouTube video and detailed wiring instructions on our website.
Look for this early June.

Excellent....thank you... Our son is going mad as he wants one so bad lol.

I may be able to get to it sooner. Though most of the wiring and setup is fairly similar to the original PinkyPi build, just a larger battery and different parts placement.

Original PinkyPi

PinkyPi Pro

PinkyPi Build video (note the wiring for the volume is changed, updated pics on the forums)

We are also currently doing a giveaway for a fully assembled PinkyPi standard, ending May 31st and announced June 1st