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Instant Pot Dragon, Smoothed, with GAP

by ColoradoRob Mar 22, 2019
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Could you post the raw file(s)? I have a large valve on my instantpot?! Thanks

I've added a remix for the Instant Pot Duo with a larger valve - might work for you. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4007588

Instant Pot Duo Dragon Vent

Well, I remixed the main part from another Thing, only adding the notch. Here's my Tinkercad though - should get you started

I like the model but it's not working very well on the 8qt Instapot. It doesn't want to seal. How is everyone else sealing it to the valve when they put it on? I am considering using a hot glue gun to do it.

I would be concerned that it would keep the vent from staying closed if this big hunk-o-PLA was attached permanently. I just pop it on for venting. As such, it doesn't seal very well, but enough that most (almost all) of the steam goes through the dragon.

Good to know, thanks

Hi Rob, printed this and love it. Wanted to print one for my son but his valve is quite a bit larger than ours. I tried scaling it up so the ring would fit but it'd be about 149% scale. Would it be possible to get an edit with a larger ring size without making it look too weird? His is 43.43mm in diameter. Thanks for the awesome design! I posted my make

I've posted a remix since I have the same size vent - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4007588

Instant Pot Duo Dragon Vent

Hi just curious how this prints with or without supports. Looking at it, it appears to need supports. What setting did you use? Thanks in advance.

I rotated it in slic3r so the mouth was facing up, and used both supports and a 1mm brim, since the dragon was standing on the spines on the back of the neck. It did take a while to remove them, but with the mouth at the top, it was easy to remove without damaging the teeth

Rob, maybe I'm missing something, but isn't the gap on the wrong side? On my 6 qt Instant Pot, the tab on the release faces "in" (towards the center of the lid). So this would mean that the mouth of the dragon where the steam escapes would point back towards the user, rather than out and away.

Hmm, I have my Instant Pot on a countertop that's under cabinets, so for my use, it's important to divert the steam out from under the cabinet. I never thought about diverting away from the person.
Would you like a variant that has the notch rotated? Would it be exactly 180 degrees?

Ah, I see your logic. In my case, I also have it on a countertop under cabinets, but right next to the sink (without cupboards), so I was thinking of turning the pot 90* so the steam would go towards the sink. In your application, don't you have to worry about getting hit by the steam when you turn the valve?

I guess the ideal situation for me would be to have the notch at 90 so that the steam would exit to the left (looking at the Instant Pot). But to be more universal, 180 would also work.


Thanks for the comments - turns out, it was a couple of seconds to move the notch around, so I uploaded all three - 90, 180 and 270*

Might give it a shot for my Ninja Foodi pressure cooker. It has a similar handle thingy..

How did it work? I am wanting to print for Ninja Foodi as well.

I added a file just now that is just the base ring (so you can print a test ring without having to commit 23hrs to print the whole dragon!)
Let me know how it fits on your Ninja Foodi steam vent, and/or if it needs to be resized to work.

Thanks Rob for splitting that! If there is any way for you to make the base of the dragon bigger to fit the 34mm Foodi steam vent that would be fantastic.

I printed the test ring and its a bit too small so i made a few measurements on my Ninja Foodi. It looks like your inner diameter is 29mm, where as my steam vent thing has a diameter of 34mm. I didnt want to upscale the whole model, as the dragon is almost too tall to fit under my cabinet already when it sits on top of the Foodi.

Also if you you have extra time, it looks like your notch is about 14mm wide, whereas the notch for the Foodi only needs to be 10mm. Not a critical item and it would certainly work fine if you didn't have time to change this.

Edit Sept. 9 2019 - Ended up scaling up to 114% and that works for Ninja Foodi to give a 34 mm inner diameter. It is not a compression fit, but rather sits around the steam vent as it needs space to move up and down and the diameter changes as it does. Its quite big, I wish i had the skills to take the 100% size and cut a bigger inner diameter. Skinner walls should still support it fine.

So I got sidetracked this weekend with another design, but I just saw this make: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:687853
including the size-up for the Foodi - take a look, that might be faster than waiting on my edit

Instant Pot Dragon, Smoothed, with GAP

Should be do-able! I'll take a swing at it this weekend

Sounds cool. Hit me up if I can help

which insta pot is this for?

I have a Duo Plus 6qt. I don't know what other models it fits, but the 'gap' is because my model has a handle-like thing on the steam vent.
If you like, I could upload a test ring to see if this will fit your instant pot model. I'd just cut off the bottom portion of the dragon and upload it as a separate file.