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CNC 3018 DIY

by nntuan Mar 21, 2019
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HI, I imported the STL files into DesignSpark Mechanical, converted to solid and modded the bits I needed.

X axis I changed to 12mm guides and Y axis is 16mm.

I do not have any of that big extrusion for the bed, however a piece of 3/4 inch phenolic plywood works great

Bearings for the t8 rod I changed to 608zz

However I saw on your page that you have a bigger machine design? any chance of releasing that one?

your acceleration settingss need to be sped up, the machine slows down too much in the corners and every direction change. this makes the machine run too slow in curves which cause a lot of issues.

Otherwise looks great.

Here kinda looking at modding the machine to go up to 16mm guide rod as have a bit left over from another project.

Hello, Great project. i like the build-setup.
Where can i find the wiring setup?
Thank you for sharing this project :)

The biggest pimp job he didn't do would be to ditch the smooth rods or was he just using a pre-existing 3018? I only just glanced at it and can't read German so I am uncertain. edit: Went from bad to worse as Russian for the vids and no English subtitles.

nice to see you have the ability to design and make.
But, the parts are costly. The bed allone costs 1/3 of the prize when ordered the whole CRAP from China.
What is the benefit of making a copy by printing, cutting all the things on your own workshop?
BTW: there are many enhancements on the net trying to overcome the built in flaws.
IMHO: There are no reasons to do it the way you did.
Sorry. Waste of energy, time, money.

use 20mm aka 3/4 inch plywood for the bed... problem solved....

Dear nntuan, nice job. I believe there is an error in one of the pieces. Considering the height of the holes for the smooth rod and lead screw, the following relationship must be respected: h_sk08 + h_LM08UU_mount = h_Y_Lead_Screw_Nut_mount + h_Y-Ball_bearing_mount. In its parts: 20 + 18 = 23.5 + 17.5 -> 38 = 41. This problem appears in the sketchup file (see lead screw in Y_Ball_bearing_mount).

Hello cmstein,
I just uploaded a corrected version if that still helps you.


Y Axis bearing block for 3018 DIY CNC

Hi! Nice job! In your material list, you put 8mm Lead Screw and T6 2mmPitch Copper Screw... Is it correct? Shouldn't it be T8 instead?

How did you get the Z axis motor off the original setup?

Can i change bed alumunium profile with 2040?...
Because i cannot get your material...
If can change, please add a bracket to all from the side hole...

Hi, and nice design :D How do you mount anti backlash nut on the Y axis (bed)? :-)

Hi. It would be nice if you shared a design that's compatible with the 608ZZ bearings.

Hi, currently I design with 688-2rs bearing 8x16x5mm. For 608ZZ we should update a litle bit about Lead screw shart clamp

Comments deleted.

You would have the Z axis part using 10mm rods instead of the 8mm rods

Dear ,

Maybe, I'll try update new version with 10mm rods. btw you can download Z axis at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3453133

CNC 3018 Pro Z-Axis Upgrade

please specify for the specifications of the recommended Ampere stepper motor?

Dear djokopur7804,
For Stepper Motor, I bought second-hand cheap stepper. But I can detail less information about stepper:

  • Nema 17
  • Motor Length: 42x42x34mm
  • Step Angle: 1.8°

Do you have the .STEP files?

Hi Coolcrawler_, I share model at 3dwarehouse (https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/2cb77644-efd3-40a3-9cf0-3d603738c22c/TQCNC-CNC-3018-DIY). I make model by Sketchup 2018.

Where do you get the bed from?

Where is the firmware for this are you providing it?

Dear Redfox3d, I'm using GRBL firmware with Arduino Uno R3 + GRBL Shield V3. Download firmware at https://github.com/grbl/grbl

in the CNC_3018_Mateials.pdf under Socket head #2 it states "M4" but it does not give a length. how long should these M4 socket head bolts be?

Thanks Superloopster, I just updated document Materials.pdf.

Hello does this require endstops?

Dear Redfox3d, In fact I didn't implemented endstops at the moment and this thing is not require endstops.

Hi, awesome job. I want to build this cnc, are you going to upload the rest of the list of materials?

Hi valen961, I just release document Material and Setup for thing. If you have any question don't hesitate ask me.

Hi valen961, I hope I can finish document about thing in today. Maybe yesterday I'll upload material.pdf first for you. Thanks.

looks great, thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks stu121, hope helpful for you.

do you have the step file for this? awesome job btw

Dear largeformat3dprinter,
Thanks you, I design model by Sketchup, I'll find the way export to .STEP file for you.