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Ender 3 Case Control Board MKS Gen L with 2208/2130 steppers - Raspberry Pi 3B

by Mvieleers Mar 21, 2019
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Hi, isn't there a "cover with limit switch" version in Fusion 360 file or I can't find it?

Under “bodies” you should find both cases and 3 lids, 1 for Mks side and 2 for raspi side. One with and one without space for limit switch.

Love the case as I have 2130s fitted and wiring is squashed in normal enclosure, unfortunately I have the 1.4 board so slowly learning fusion 360 to move things around to fit it in.

Up Front: Great word. I'm trying to print and install it atm.

I was wondering however how you implement a cooling system i.e. a fan into the MKS-Box?
Am I missing something here?


I mean besides that little one on the left side. Where does it suck the air in? Where is it going out? All towards the bottom?
Anybody tested and approved? Perhaps I am just too worried about heat...

There are 2 cases. One has room for the MKS Gen L and the other has room for a raspberry pi. The one that has room for the raspberry pi also has brackets to hold a 40x10x10 fan which is positioned in such a way that it blows over the stepper drivers of the mks gen l.

Hope this answers your question.

Hi Mvieleers. Thank you fro the lightning fast reply.

Does it answer my question? YesAndNo.

The question was more phrased in the direction of: Where does the 40x40x10 fan get's the air that it moves around from?
Or from my rather noobie pov: will it cool just because it's 'fast air' or does it need to be pulled out from a 'fresh air' source in order to cool properly?

I think I'll give it a try anyway - I like the design so much.

I see what you mean now. Indeed I do not suck in air. Basically the cooling comes from circulating the air right over the drivers. My pi does not get hotter then 48 degrees C (which is not hot at all) and the steppers have never shut down because of overheating, not even on two day prints. I do have heatsinks on the drivers but also on the controllers of the mks and pi.

Thank you for the clarification and for sharing your personal experience.
I will place some additional heatsinks on critical parts and give it a go then.

is it possible to use this on a ender 3 pro with the wider y rail.? cheers

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No, not by default. It was designed for non pro Ender 3. However fusion360 files are included so your able to adjust for the wider y-axis.

cool thank you

Thank you Chaps:)


I've looked at various feet for the Ender 3 to enable me to use this box and was wondering if there are any in particular that you would recommend?


Squash Ball Feet for Ender 3 (or 2040 Bars)

Hi Dave,
Myself, I'm using these:

Would this fit the Ender 3 Pro? I believe all the base rails are the same.

No it won’t, the y-axis is wider with the ender 3 pro. Neozzo mentioned he might remix it to fit ender 3 pro, not sure if he did.
Otherwise you can adapt yourself with included fusion360 file.

Hi, planning on remixing this for the GT2560. Can't see Case_Back_Left.stl in the files list - think it's missing. It's also not in the "Download all files" .zip file. If you can add the stl file, that would be geat. If not I'll just export it from the .f3d file when I get the chance.


Sorry about that. Thanks for notifying. I've uploaded again.

No problem. Thanks for such a quick reply.

is the bottom of the case not wrong i you want to slide this in the v rails from the printer ? .

How do you mean? You mean that the bottom is lower than the printer? In that case you are correct, this is why in the description I say:”Please note that you will need to use feet under the frame in order to lift the frame up 20mm. As most people have damper feet anyway, this should not be an issue.”

If you require a version that is level to the frame you can check the other version I mention in the description. However it is 20mm lower which means you cannot use spi or uart mode or you could even have an issue with large heat sinks on the stepper drivers.

oke thanks you donkt have a skr1.3 case available

In the meantime I have adjusted my design to fit the SKR 1.3 (and 1.1) board. You can find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3558321

Ender 3 Case SKR 1.1 / 1.3 with Raspberry Pi and LM2596

SKR v1.3 seems to have same dimensions for the screw holes, so it should fit in the box.
USB will probably be reachable as well (there's 2mm difference with MKS Gen L so you might have to shave off a little bit). Only thing which will require more drastic hacking is if you wanna use the sd card reader from the SKR. Fusion360 files are attached however, so it's pretty simple to extrude cut that opening.

I was actually checking this myself yesterday evening as I have ordered that board as well ;-)

Can I adapt the project to the ender 3 pro?

Sure, go right ahead. Fusion360 file is included in the download.

I really like that design! I was looking just for something like this! I will remix it, to fit mosfet and Wemos D1 Mini (ESP3D) on left box instead of Raspi.

Great that you like it and that you’ll add to fit your needs. If you want I can upload fusion360 file as well, might be easier to work with. Just let me know if that would help.

But actually You can upload original files. I guess it will be easier on left side to fit mosfet.

I’ll upload later today when I’m back home.

Actually I did get lost in Your two files, because I wanted to remix that low profile version. Oh well... Could You upload files for that one also?

Fusion360 file added for the large version.
The fusion360 file for the low version is also uploaded there.

Great! Is there a chance also for some Solidworks compatible version?

Not sure which extension that would require. But you can use fusion360 for free and verify export options yourself.

I already modified it in Tinkercad. I'm used to working with STL files, people all the time give only that to work with ;)

very good
I want to warn that the left part (where the raspberry goes) does not print well because it has hollow walls

Thanks for letting me know. I've checked in the slicer and you were correct. It also had some funny stuff going on with supports enabled. I've fixed everything and uploaded a new version of the Left side. Should be ok now. Right side had no issues.