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Articulated Lizard v2

by McGybeer Mar 20, 2019
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Just to let you know, I had to import v5.1 into Windows 3D Builder and repair it, otherwise it wouldn't slice.

Another two observations:

  1. For the floating head issue: Layer Hight need to be at least 0.15mm;
  2. For the not slicing issue: Walls/ Shells need to be not greater than 3, so 2 or 1.

This guy is awesome! 5.1 printed perfectly at .15mm layer height and I swapped colors at 20% which was about halfway through the feet.

What program did you use to design this model?

I used Fusion360 for the main design, and then Meshmixer to add some "organic" details to the head and legs.

Awesome print, came out flawlessly!
A suggestion on the layout;
Make an STL with its tail curled up, for people wanting the maximum size for their printer.

When I slice this the head does not touch the bed until the 2nd layer. It actually prints fine. Two screen shots (hopefully). The first layer, and the second layer according to the slicer. I don't know if it matters, but I am using Cura 4.1.0 on linux Mint 19, line height .12 (I noticed because it wants to print the head on the skirt.)

(Edit:) Dang it, I spoke too soon. The head just came off the build plate. The rest of it was well attached.

Thanks for the Model: printed with 3 Filaments & glow in the Dark

Bravo! This thing pops off the bed flopping around. You did a very good job of articulating the segments. much better than I usually see on Thingiverse! It was an instant hit with the team at work. I printed the "stock" size in PLA and PETG, .5mm and .4mm nozzle respectively at .2mm height and they were perfect first time.

Well done,

Excellent model and my favorite articulated animal so far. It is also didn't give me any problem printing (using the 5.1 version)

Only problem I encountered is that the head doesn't really touch the surface and when printing with large scaling (e.g. 200%), my slicer doesn't generate the first layer for the head's footprint. I solved it by lowering the entire model into the bed.

I made a time-lapse video of this print... https://youtu.be/fcu-Hpe6PoU

I've tried twice and the joints between pieces, instead of lying on the bed, go up as you can see in the pics. So, the nozzle hits them and moves them, so it's a mess and I have to stop the printing.
What could the problem be?

What material are you printing with? That is a heating/cooling problem. I'd try printing with a slightly lower temperature, and maybe slow it down a little too.

It's PLA. I thought it was because it was necessary for the joint, so that it could flex.

Ah no, I can see why you'd think that, but have a look at the layers in your slicer, every layer is printed flat (as they always are!).

I'm printing the same thing at the moment, and also have a little bit of curling in the exact same spots (though not as much as you!). I think yours probably curls a little too much, which is why your nozzle is knocking the parts off. Print slower, have your fan at full blast, and maybe lower the temp a wee bit, and see if that helps.

Those bits are really small, with quite a big overhang, so they are prone to curling. Once you get a little higher in the design, it should smooth them out! :)

This is NOT the same Gecko as in the photos, this is the FLAT one !!!

5.1 printed great for me! I've used .12 to .24 layer height. .12 comes out fantastic. Great use of the layering of colors shown McGybeer!

Why is this tagged as NSFW?

No idea. Someone tagged it (not me, for sure)

Could I sell this at my school? (The model is amazing)

I've just sent you a private message ;)

5.1 printing fine
thank you! The print was a real hit.

nice desiging atractive

couldn't even slice 5.1 file, 5.0 sliced fine

What slicer? I had problem slicing it with Slic3r PE on one computer, slicing kept going forever. Worked well on another computer or with S3D.

i used simplify3d

I sliced the 5.1 version and my printer keeps wanted to resume print and change filament. Looking at Cura to see if I did something wrong. Used the first version and it ran fine!
Thanks for sharing!

I had a little bit of trouble printing the head, as it doesn't quite touch the base. (0.15mm layer height, PLA)

I have the same issue with the 5.0/5.1 model in Cura. The Head is not touching the build plate.

Nice design!
Many thanX!

Audi Quattro power ;)

Beautiful and soooo easy to print ! Plus, it's a perfect cat's toy ;-) Thanks!

what is that maroon looking color i have been looking for one that is very similar in color for a bit, yours is the closest to the color i want that i have seen yet

Hi!! It's "aubergine" color from BQ ("berenjena" in Spanish, because it's a Spanish brand.

Bonjour, pour le remplissage c'est du 100% ? merci pour ce partage

Hi!! I used 0% infill, so I guess any value will work then.

Hi I really like the design. I printed it at 225% with 0.2mm layer height and I had to move the head down a bit because it doesn't lay quite flat. It doesn't show up anywhere in the 50-150% range that I've tried but at 200+ there's just enough offset on the head that it skips a layer

This is a beautiful lizard.
I think these rear paws are reverse.


For the love of god, PLEASE MAKE ONE WITH A TOP HAT!!
I love the design and i am gonna mass print these!

this weekend going to make a 220% one, diagonal on my Geeetech A30 with a 1mm nozzle, should fit :)

Nice idea. Check the remix page, I just uploaded one with a top hat.

Just printed the Updated 5.1 design, and it seems to be working just fine. Even printed it at a .48 height with a .6 nozzle at 40ms and it came out great.

Please design a super long snake like this!!!

Printed with my Anet A8! It worked great! Thank you very much

Printed this today with my ender 3 (standard settings). came out GREAT!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE PRINTS SO FAR! Thank you!

Nice model.
Can you share your CAD file please? I want to add magnet slots for fridges...

I tried out 5.1, scaled it up a bit and it printed great! Thanks for the awesome model!

Printed the new 5.1 and it came out great, didn't have to break anything free, everything was simply free from the print bed.

Has anyone tried printing a scaled down version of this? Was curious before I gave it a shot. Thinking 60-75%.

I've confirmed can be scaled down to at least 60% (.2 layer height, .44 line width). The tail sections start to merge any smaller than that, but still doable, especially if you went with a smaller nozzle/layer height.

Great model! The kids like it.
Can you make one with magnets in the foot and/or head/bodyparts? I think some small ones, I have lots 3x2x2 mm magnets.


Easy to print on ender3. Really nice design.
Thanks for sharing.

1) This is awesome!
2) Is the model available on this page the high-res version?

Thank you.

1) Thanks!!!
2) Yes, it is the original STL I generated

I have made 3 of these now and keep breaking the front left leg when I try to break it free.

Just the left one? The design is symmetrical, so I guess it is an issue for both front legs. I'll try to fix it

It is just the left front leg that is an issue. The right front is a little tight but I can get that one free without breaking. The front left is really tight. Tried a 4th print and even scaled up in size and still managed to break it.

I've just uploaded a new file (v5.1) with stronger front leg links. I don't have time to test it right now, so let me know if it works for you!!

Printed great on my Anycubic Kossel Plus my son loves it.
Thank you for a great design

Comments deleted.

Big Big thanks, it's really cool, kids love them !

I showed this print to my coworkers and now their wifes are mass printing tiny hordes of them in differnt colors.
Thank you fir making a design that has inspired people to want to learn 3d printing!

That two colors look great, nice job!

I like your video. You're pretty funny. Are you sure you have proper ventilation for your printer? Maybe you've been inhaling too many PLA or ABS fumes... LOL 8-)

Yes,I have been inhaling a lot of fumes for many years. haha, glad you liked it!

Ha ha! Well played, sir!

On a tangent, I tried printing the lizard today using glow-in-the-dark PLA, but it came out looking pretty tough -- it reminded me of those pictures you see in doctor's offices where it's an x-ray of someone whose bones have fused... I tried to free some of the joints, but sadly, the patient didn't survive... I might try again tomorrow but use a "brim" instead of a "skirt" as it appears some of the pieces shifted slightly on the bed.

Yeah, I did a brim on mine of about 8 mm. I have a lot of problems with prints like that shifting cause they have small parts with little contact area.

Cool!! Thanks for sharing!!

Sure, thanks for making the model! A lot of my friends liked the print.

your comment says no infill. is that correct?

Yes, on my print I used no infill (I do it whenever possible, so I save filament). But feel free to use different parameters, I'm sure it will work.

I'm new to 3D printing and I noticed in the pictures that there are dual colors but your printer that you used does not have dual extruders. How did you accomplish that? It looks cool and might want to try that on one of my prints.

Never tried, but I want to... What I do for now just pause and change.

Hi!! As far as I know, you have two options:
1- Most slicers have a "pause at height" or similar function, so you can print the first layers with one color, and then pause the print and change the filament.
2- If you like the risk, as I do, you can start the print with one color and then cut the filament and introduce a different one in the extruder. If you do it properly, the color change will be quick and painless. I've been using this technique in a lot of prints.

Good luck!!