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RODAM Ender 3 spool holder

by Rodamyot Mar 19, 2019
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Works great and everything went together no problems! Thanks for sharing.

This looks like a great spool holder replacement. I'm going to use it on the Ender 2. It connected with the original spool holder nut.

Ah, makes sense. Thanks for your reply and a great Print.

OK, noob question, what's the Cylinder for and do I need it?

Ha ha ! That's ok :-)
Some filament spool center hole are not full, like perfect cylinder, they have ridges on sides and the center part is actually bigger, like the SaintSmart spool. So the cylinder is for those kind of spool because the 3 bearings will not be perfectly aline with the edges of the spool.
Not sure if I'm clear!!!!!! I'm french, you'll have to excuse me for the explanation if it's not clear.

Here's a cross section drawing .......... !!?? I don't know if that is more confusing or helping !!??

Great design! I printed two of these, one for each of my Ender 3's. I had no issues using the OEM nuts for both machines.
Thanks for the upload - work perfectly.

Really glad that it's working well for you. I would have never thought that this design would be so popular !!! I'm the first surprised.

Often the simplest designs are the best. I had a look through the available options and liked what you had come up with.
Thanks again - a recommended mod.

This was my second print ever, it works like a charm, I had no problem with the nut or fitting. Im a vey happy noob.

Didn't work for me with the OEM nut but had to print one. I printed the 0.2 tolerance one and intially I already gave up on assembling. Could just not make it work and it didn't screw on more than 1/4 turn and I was afraid to damage the holder itself.
With quite some patience, slowly but firmly moving back and forward and working towards the end it finally worked. Once it's on it's quite easy to remove and assemble again.
Thanks for the great design.

I made the assumption the OEM nut would work. It does not. The OEM nut on my new Ender 3 Pro is more of a bayonet type. Please get the corrected nut for this. Love this design.

Hi broderp1
I just added 2 version of the nut (.2 & .3 mm). I printed and tested them, and it works very well for me.

EDIT: 6:29 pm 04/28/19
This thing rocks! I had to reverse the bracket so the nut is captured in the bend which made it tricky to tighten. I also installed the cylinder. I found that with my side mount position the best position for this was slightly angled so at the Z axis goes up the bearings are always engaged. The spool is super slick and rotates like it's on ice!

EDIT 5:15 p, 04/28/19
I was able to file the holder threads with a "V" vile and with some lithium grease and a wrench able to slowly thread this on. 1/8 turn on, then back it off- repeat.

After getting it on, and running it up and down a few times I washed out the grease and it works fine with the .2 mm nut. I don't like the extra work but in this case it was WORTH IT. I'll see if I can upload my build to support your work.

The current file only has the .2 mm nut. Printed it and it does not fit. I may have damaged my near perfect Spool holders threads trying to install it. I can catch maybe 1- 2 threads then locks up. Forcing it further will just pop it off, damaging the threads on both
Did you also change the Spool Holder File as well?

My print works just fine for me (check the calibration of your printer). But I'm happy you like it even with the work.
Her's video with the original and the printed one.

Mine did work !! the OEM nuts!
I'm working on it. I did many thread print to fit an existing parts but I realised that it's the first time I do the bolts and the nuts. And there is a tolerance issue that I don't master here.
I am not an engineer at all, I am a self-taught person and I do my best. And honestly I did not think this design would be as popular.

I have printed both nut files and I can not get either one of them to thread on. They appear to be to tight. I have standed on them and tried to force them but nothing is working. Anyway to get a little more clearance diameter wise with the nut?

Great parts/design, the threads for me where really tight (this is good). Had to cut away the first 45 degrees of thread from the bed side of the nut, to make it all work well; super happy! Thank you for the post!

HO! thanks I will modify that. Totally forgot to do a little chamfer at the base of the thread. Did it on the other part but forgot the one on the nut.

I love the design! How did you mount the spool to the side?

With this guy from DrStreet ;-)


Ender-3 Side Spool Mount and other Printers with 20/40mm

where do i get the nut for the threaded end?

I use the one that came with the Ender 3.
It's a 30mm thread pitch 1.5
Pretty sure you can find that in any hardware store in the PVC pipe section

Awesome, thanks! My ender came with a different but.

You know what, I will draw one when I'll have a bit of time.

Thanks, i could only find a white nut at the store, be nice to have one the color of the roller.

DONE! Have fun !

HO! now, if it's a matter of design and look, I'll get to it right away ;-) LOL!!

Thanks! Printing it now.