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Toyota Tacoma/Taco V2

by Alexby Mar 19, 2019
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hello it would be possible to split the FRONT_FENDER_AND_WINDSHIELD 'is the only piece that does not enter the pot thanks

Unfortunately I can't. You might experiment with settings. We are printing airplanes at half this thickness and they are sometimes too fragile but if we get the print setting just right they are quite strong.

hi. you made a great job thanks for sharing, after printing this body i noticied that the wall are to much fragil! can you change this? thanks again

Just wondering what you used for the front and rear lights I see in your built model picture?

I's not my make. It looks like clear filament to me but you should ask. Great looking make.

Is there any way to get files that are not as cut up? I Printed the bed and put it all together and it lasted all of about 5 minutes before it was falling apart. It seems that the walls are a little thin. I would much rather print the bed as one piece that way there is infill between the bedsides and the bed tray for example. Printed in PETG

Just loaded a completely uncut version and a step file. You might need to size it wider for most RC applications.

i was just about to ask this. haha i am trying to put some pieces togther so i dont have that problem. just taking a long time to get them lined up properly. esp for a noob like me . i dont want to be gluing a bunch of pieces esp when my 220x220x240 sixzed printer can print this body in about 2-3 sections

The number I get is 1.01

Was wanting to print it out for my redcat gen7, do you by chance know what percent I should print at for a 318mm wheelbase? looking online to see how to calculate can't find it anywhere.

I was wanting to print it for my gen 7 pro also, is the number 1.01?

Any advice on printing the hood and top of the cab? Having a hard time getting the prints to hold.

hello friend, great model. Thanks for sharing.
A bit difficult to print and paste ...look a make... if I can suggest I would make the thickness of at least 3mm and the "findings" on the parts to be glued in order to have guides to make stronger glues.
excuse my English.

What adhesive did you use to hold it together?

cyano and activator

Just starting printing this last night. So far so good. Now all I need is a Tundra CrewMax to do my 1:1 Really like the remix so far. I thought the 1st one looked a little off. The fenders seems too squashed and small - needed to be stretched out a bit.

hey! i would LOVE to print this for my new Wraith chassis. any thoughts on making it fit the 353 wheelbase of that one? or any suggestions on making the bed longer?
hoping to start this one ASAP! GREAT design!

Finally got my print up and running. Will print this soon. Thanks again.

At the moment when i click to download all the files, i get an XML error.
This is not your fault, rather a server-side error with Thingiverse, so in the mean time i'm gonna download everything individually.

Hmmm. I think that maybe some of the files are still loading. I'm fine tuning and making sure everything is there.

Yeah that's what i thought also !
By the way, your models are really impressive !
Thanks for making them !!
I was gonna start printing your Taco 1 in a couple weeks but i'll settle for the Taco 2 and will post a Make once i get it done !
(Finishing up my kyosho blizzard / pistenbully convertion at the moment)

Thanks for the kind words. Would love to see what you make for sure. I realized that the redcat gen 8 might be perfect for the taco because the wheelbase is a bit longer. At some point I might make one specifically for the redcat. But it is almost easier to resize in the slicer. These files get so big they really resist change at a certain point. : ) Took me probably 30 tries to get this new Taco to resize. Ha.

By the way. If you haven't tried XTC3D for post finishing it is worth it. Really makes it so much easier to get the build lines out. And a model like this will want to be smooth since they haven't been around long enough to make as a rust bucket.

-"they haven't been around long enough to make as a rust bucket"

Challenge accepted ! ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Haha :D

EDIT: I looked at the XTC3D, looks like epoxy ? I might try regular 5min epoxy on a test piece just to see, never tried that before, i always used filling primer for finishing, but i don't necessarily dislike the pure 3d printed look with the lines either. I'll experiment with that for sure !

It is an epoxy but it's pretty wild how self leveling it is verses a traditional epoxy. Seems to have more surface tension or something.