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Custom Xbox One S Controller Shells

by mmjames Mar 18, 2019
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Could you make a destiny 2 titan controller

Hi, will this shell also work for the Elite controller?
They look awesome!

Is it possible for you to make a blank/plain xbox one s controller faceplate. This I know is highly requested online but I have been able to find none. Please message me at,


Hi I was wondering if you could make a blank controller that was thinner. This would be a great help so it would be customizeable and able to be hydro dipped.

Message me at: prestonrussell223@gmail.com

Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: DeltaRune Controller
by mmjames

Hey I was wondering if you could make a shell that's just Yang from RWBY. I know you have one that's Neo and Yang but could you make one that's just Yang

Or would it be possible to make a faceplate for an Xbox One controller instead of an Xbox One S. After some research I found out that the faceplates aren't interchangeable lol

hey there thanks for the great work. are you able to do the jdm rising sun but have it rap around from the back grips

Hi, I was struggling to print this and getting the supports right do you know what the best support settings are for cura or meshmixer. Also, do I need to put supports on the logos?

hey nate here is a screenshot of my support setting in cura and had no problem printing one

Hi Nate, here's my advice: Each printer is different, and so understanding your own will help out the most. I recommend using Meshmixer to build the supports rather than Cura. You can see an example of what one with supports looks like if you click over to the right of all the models on this thread, about 27 clicks over. Print the coolest you can to help support some of the overhangs. As for the logos, most of those overhangs are small enough to where they shouldn't need supports. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions

I love the RWBY ones. Will you be doing Ruby Rose?


Sorry for the delay. Work has been a lot of travel, and my wedding is coming up soon, so my desingning has been slightly slowed. Heres your request!


I'll also add it to this thread as well, so you can download it from wherever you'd like. I did give you a shoutout too for the inspiration, as I do for all people who request designs! :)

Please share the print when you make it so we can see how awesome it turns out! Some of my favorite prints so far have been the RWBY controllers!

Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: RWBY Ruby Rose Edition
by mmjames

I was wondering if you could do more or different Rainbow 6 Siege shells. Maybe have different operator shells or even taking alot of them and putting them on the same shell, or even take some of the emblems and arrange them in various ways on the shells. this idea would also work for countless different games and shows and would boost the amount of designs available, but that would probably take more time and work.

Could you do a ps4 controller ??

I wish I could, but the base file doesn't exist out there. If you can find that file, I'll customize it however you want! But I don't have a good 3D scanner to do the job and I don't have access to any other way of getting it. I think a big reason why it hasn't been made yet is since its such a complex interior to that controller. Not to mention that the process for changing the faceplate on a PS4 controller is extremely labor intensive.

is the Darling in the Franxx one not available i cant find it after downloading the files?

It should be in there, but if you're having trouble finding it, here is a stand-alone link:


Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: Darling In the Franxx - Kokoro Edition
by mmjames

Nice work with the models !!! Can you do one of Gears Of War game? Thanks!!

Good news! My computer is back up and running, and so now is your requested design! You can find it here on this main thread, as well as in its own stand-alone link:


Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: GOW Edition
by mmjames

Thanks man!!! You'r doing a really nice job posting this designs to the community!!!

I apologize, but currently I'm experiencing computer issues, so for now my designing has been down. As soon as I get that back up, I will be sure to make your request

Great work! Could you design some Roblox ones for my son? He would love it!

Good news! My computer is back up and running, and so now is your requested design! You can find it here:


Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: Roblox Edition
by mmjames

I apologize, but currently I'm experiencing computer issues, so for now my designing has been down. As soon as I get that back up, I will be sure to make your request

Can you do a Game Boy/Atari/NES themed one? I’m having a retro game night, and have some OLD games on my computer that can be controlled w/ xbox one s controllers. Thank You!

Certainly! Do you want one for each separate console? Or all of them thrown onto one?

What size buildplate are these meant for? Will I be able to print on 120 mm by 120 mm?

You may have to do some rotating, which will result in more cleanup, but it should be possible!

Do you have just a plain xbone s faceplate. Or perhaps a wood grain style? I want to print my controller out of woodfill filament, then do a cool stain and seal job, but I can’t find one with the new style faceplate anywhere.

The new style can only be purchased. I have rights to edit the original, but not to share it. Here's the link if you want access to that one:


It's about $20 to purchase rights to it. However, I did make a pair of wood grain controller faceplates that can be found on this thread, as well as at this link:


Hope this helps! Let me know if you need something different or want anything else.

Also, if you want to have a cool effect with the wood PLA, theres a post-processing g-code extension that changes the nozzle temperature by small variants during the print, and can make the wood PLA come out darker and lighter on different layers. It may be worth looking into for your project!

If you do choose to go forward and make one of the wood designed faceplates, please share the make to my page so I can see how awesome it turns out!

Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: Wood Grain Edition
by mmjames

Can you make a LV one?

Can you explain what LV is a little bit more to me? If you can provide a little sketch or just explain to me what the LV stands for, or if you just want a giant L and V on there, or if there is a logo. I need something to go off of please :)

The Louis Vulton print haha, have it all over the controller, just google LV Pattern and if you can make it id love to print it out!

I figured that's what it was, but you never know sometimes. Here is the link to your controllers:


I made one with a pattern, and one with just a simple logo. Please share when you print it so we can see how awesome it turns out! :)

Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: Louis Vuitton Edition
by mmjames

Just stumbled across these.. Man you are awesome! Can you do any sort of one with the Red Hood emblem or something?!

I think this turned out great! Let me know what you think! I've added it to this thread, as well as at this link:


Thanks for the idea! Please post your make if you move forward with making it so others can enjoy how awesome these turn out!

Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: Red Hood Edition
by mmjames

Glad you like it! Can you send me a picture of an emblem that you have in mind? Theres a few different ones... I'll add a little flare to it as well. I just want to know exactly what it is you're looking for!

every model i load it has holes in it so unable to print it

Again, sorry about the mishap on my end. The repaired version is uploaded to this thread, and I've attached it here. Its the v4. I've removed all of the other unstable files. Thank you for the help catching this!

hi that file works great with s3d but still issues with the others im printing one with cura at the moment i dont normally use cura

Let me know how it goes! And please share your make when its done!

could you fix a couple of the fortnite ones to work with s3d like you did with the bo4 one thanks

Ok, Fortnite Controller, Fortnite Raven Controller, and Fortnite Controller 3 should all be good to go. I just checked them in Cura and had no issues.

The fortnite controller without any numbers should work. I'm working on the raven (Fortnite 2) controller right now. I'll let you know when all of them have been fixed

Let me correct myself. I uploaded the unrepaired version. Give me a few minutes and I will have a solution on this thread. Sorry about this!

Comments deleted.

Is that by chance simplify3d? I've only ever used Cura and it works without a hitch. Someone else was having a similar issue, but as soon as they put it into Cura or Meshmixer, they didn't have any issue.

Yes it is I'll try cura see how it goes thanks

hey how well does this fit the controller

I haven't had any issues with it fitting. Make sure you keep the same orientation and have good bed adhesion. If you look at the Makes link, you can see how these have turned out and fit on controllers as recently as last month!

Hi. Can you do something about Barcelona for me nephew? For example, on the left side crest, on the right side ball, in the middle inscription. On the whole vertical stripes (one above, one deeper), so that it would be easier to paint the whole thing in club colors.

Sorry for the delay in my response. I have everything complete. You can find it at this link, or in this main thread as well!


Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: FCBarcelona Edition
by mmjames

Would it be possible to get an unmarked model? Looking to add custom names to a few.

Unfortunately, the original is not my property. I purchased the file from the following link:


I can only share after creating edits (altering the original). If you have something in mind, I would be happy to build it for you. Otherwise, you'll have to shell out the $20 for rights to the original. In the near future I intend to have access to an industrial grade 3D scanner. If you are willing to wait, I will scan my xbox controller shell, and then I will have open rights to it, so everyone can use it.

Could you do Alita the battle angel?

Yes and it is all finished! It should be uploaded to this thread revlatively soon, or you can download it from this link as well:


Let me know if you have any questions!

Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: Alita Battle Angel Edition
by mmjames

Yo thats so awsome, thanks alot!

can you make one for The Division game? that would be awesome! thanks!

I've completed your request! I did one that should be universal between both games. I've included the controller in this location, as well as at this link:


Enjoy and thanks for the inspiration. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: The Division Edition
by mmjames

OMG THANK YOU!!!!! will print it once my PLA comes in.

Sounds great! Please don't forget to share your make so others can see how these turn out :)

Sure thing! Before I start making it, do you want it for the first one or the second one? Or both? Once you give me an answer I can normally have it complete within an hour.

can you do a call of duty one? these look amazing. if possible a call of duty black ops 2 design on it. love these, just not into the games on here, and how do you make/design these?

i see you have a black ops 4 one, but im wondering if you could do black ops 2

I have made your controller you requested! It is included in this master page, as well as at this link (where you received a shoutout for inspiration!):


Let me know what you think or if you'd like any changes

Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: Black Ops 2 Edition
by mmjames

Certainly. I will have one done this morning. Follow me and stay tuned! As for how I make these, I made a tutorial for etching/engraving on appropedia. Here is the link:


Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions

Ive been trying to load these into Simplify 3d, and am having issues with gaps in between layers, and whole voids in certain areas.

I wonder if any of these become corrupted through the download... You should be able to go into blender or meshmixer and fix any issues of that sort. You might be running into manifold edges, or odd verticies. I did remove all of these issues before uploading, but I don't use simplify 3d and I can't say I would know where that problem would come from. Let me know what you try to do to fix this, and if any method works!

So just sliced it in CURA and no issues, Ive just gotten really comfortable with Simplify 3D.

That's the slicer I use. I can get away with using Slic3r as well. But either way, I'm glad you were able to figure it out! Make sure to post a make when its done! Also, I wouldn't use the built in supports in cura, but rather generate them with Meshmixer then slice in cura. That's just my personal preference, but good luck! Be sure to let us all know how it turns out

these are siiiiiiiick

I’m always glad to hear it! Comment if you want to see something specific and I’ll draft up a design for you! Don’t forget to tip your designers :)

can you make a turtle one for my cousin?

Do you want a turtle shell pattern? Or truly a turtle engraved on the controller?

Turtle engraved

I've attached the model you requested to this thread, as well as the attached link:


Please share photos when you make this so others can see how awesome it turns out! Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for the inspiration!

Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: Turtle Edition
by mmjames

thanks so much these are awsome!

Very cool! How did you print these? Orientation? Infill? Support? Also a Division 2 shell would be siiick! The ones you have made are already so cool too! Ever think about doing ps4 shells?

Quick update - if I can get my hands on a PS4 controller shell, i've got great news. In the next month, my workplace is having a $150,000+ industry-grade 3d scanner installed. This means if I get some extra time at work, I'll be able to get a high-end scan completed on a shell no problem! Stay posted! If you follow me, you'll see the very second I get it up. I'll post the blank before I do any extra designing :)

if you have one i am in need of a xbox 360 controller face . there are no good .stl files on here. if you do not own one i understand. thanks in advance.

p.s. great work

Thank you for the compliment! I work hard at these shells so everyone can have a cool gaming piece. However, I'm sorry, but I can't help you with the xbox 360 controller faceplate. I agree, there aren't any good ones out there, and this is likely because 3D scanners came to life after the xbox 360 era died. If you do find it, let me know and I can etch or design on it for you! Otherwise, good luck!

Someone today direct messaged me asking for the PS4 shell as well! And I would love to produce it, but, I don't own a PS4, and I don't think I can justify buying one for the design intent(and relatively low return in investment). HOWEVER, if you can use autodesk RECAP and 3d scan one that you own and send me the .stl, I will gladly design it, print it, and send it to you! The demand for PS4 is bound to go up.

In terms of how I printed these, I kept the exact orientation of the file as shown. I used Meshmixer to generate supports (best support generator in my opinion), specifically picking the ones I wanted (each printer has different capabilities, so understand yours when removing supports). I printed with a layer height of 0.2 mm and a speed of 100 mm/s at 200 deg C. I used a brim. All of these settings were out of Cura 3.6. I recommend using a cooling fan (if using PLA, be careful with PETG/ABS or any other high temp materials), however, my printer doesn't have one, so I just run a box fan next to it and it works fine. Retraction on, and z hop on retract. Let me know if there are any other settings you're wondering about! And please update me if you do choose to pursue getting the PS4 shell model. I'll help in any way I can!