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EZ'r Ender 3 EZ Vent/Fan Upgrade (Uses stock fan)

by AustinAnywhere Mar 16, 2019
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Just printed one of these for my CR-20 and it turned out quite nice. I would like to make one suggestion for the issue of the right side possibly hanging down over time. If a lip or catch similar to this one was done, l believe it could support that side nicely.


a|s Tornado v1s (Creality CR-10/Ender 3 Fanduct)

Like the design but you might want to add a split where the fan is to direct the air more evenly between both sides. As it is now, most of the air will only be going through the vent closest to the fan since it's the path of least resistance by a significant factor.

The split will force more air into the channel that goes to far vent.

Did anyone have to tweak their printer settings after installing this? Just curious what your experience has been.

I'm so keen to print this . :) I only have 3dfillies PLA+ so hopefully that will do :) . I really like the look of this design.

Just making sure I got this right. Even with the first layer leave the cooling fan on at 60%

I love this desing even more than bullseye or herome, because both makes hard the access to the ptfe conector.
Thanks a lot for share, now... any chance for adapt this desing to 5015 fan ??

Made one, it began to melt and hang on the print. So I'm back to basics.

What were your fan settings during your first layers of the print in which it began to melt, and what material did you print it out of? Please note the item description, this fan needs to be printed out of PETG or high-temperature PLA, and requires at least 60% fan speed at all times (including first layers).

Oh well, didn't read it, so my bad.
Won't use it anyway, if 60% fan speed is a need for it to work :)

Thank you for answering though :)

Improved overhang noticeably. Thanks.

Really happy it has worked well for you :)

Nice remix, there are a few problems when printing. Bridging over the ducts was incomplete, and too thin. Other than that printed fine for me.

After 15 minutes of printing the left side started to drag, I had to stop the print and inspect. I found the duct to be severely warped from heating and melt spots on top of the duct to the left. Had to remove and throw away.

I suggest re-reading the item description. It clearly states that this should be printed in a high temperature PLA or PETG to avoid warping. Your bridging observation should have been the first red-flag that the filament being used was inadequate. Even in that case I suggest always running your fan at 60% or higher including on first layers to avoid warping. I ended yet to see anyone encounter warping issues when following all provided directions.

Lol I can read instructions thank you, no need to be so defensive. Others have stated your bridging isn’t correct and doesn’t actually complete a full bridge, it’s ends a few mm from the wall. It has nothing to do with my filament being used. Go back to your drawings and pay attention to other comments. Guess you really don’t read comments clearly, others have also encountered warping. The remix has flaws and is too close to the source of heat. Mine started melting holes in it! Btw my fan runs at 100% and I use high quality filament. I suggest going back to your remix and fixing some of your modifications or better yet don’t modify something to make it weaker.

This is hilarious, and I won't justify it with further responses beyond this one, so go ahead and try having the last word. First off, if you've taken the time to compare this remix to the original, no changes have been made which would increase bridging or in any way make the model "weaker". The only changes made were to add vertical supports in the nozzles themselves to eliminate sagging at the nozzle. Even then, there have been over 100 confirmed successful makes of this model on the Ender 3 group on FB where it was posted first. I use model on a nearly 24 hour basis with no warping or bridging issues. If you get bridging on this model, but don't on the original, then you are doing something wrong. Your argument is the equivalent of taking a pill all your life, and then crying out that your medication is no longer effective simply because they changed the color. Good luck finding any success in 3D printing, or really in general, if that is your mentality.

Lol dude I’ve moved on from this, glad your still dwelling over it. I’m having a fantastic time 3D printing with many successes, it’s unfortunate this design has flaws otherwise I would have used it. It didn’t work for me and bridging was not good at all, face the facts and comments form others stating this. Take criticism well instead of being so defensive and butt hurt over it. Greta designers didn’t get anywhere from being a total douchbag...they took criticism and comments to a laities height and made their creations better. May want to take note my friend. Have a good day and happy 3D copying

How does it perform compared to the bullseye?

This is intended as an upgrade from stock. If you've spent the material, time, and money to make a bullseye I don't see a particular reason to switch to this - though in my experience they are pretty comparable.

This was my first print as its the easiest two sided duct. Printed fantastic and will stay mounted until I decide to upgrade to a 5015 fan.

Great it hear it worked well! I'm hoping to make a 5015 version soon, but don't have a fan in-hand to model it with.

printing now!
nice design but i think the duct walls thickness are quite small and i'm expecting to be melt by the radiation heat of the nozzle.

Side note: on the right duct i was not able to bridge the top line of the duct.

Please see notes in the item description about using high temperature filaments and running your fan at 60% or higher at all times to avoid warping.

I have printed and mounted this. Is there any difference from this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3343456/ ? (I don't have this printed)

Ender 3 Vent Ring 2
by Filboyt

Confirming that this appears to be an artifact in your slicer. Slices fine in latest Cura 3.x.x version. What slicer are you using?

Can you confirm that you were slicing at 0.1 or 0.12 layer height?

Hi. Simplify3d, 0.12

so you don't recommend using the top two screws at all?

I like easy design. I have 2 suggestion. first put the hanger on the left side of duct. second I use bltouch at the left hand. I want to move to right hand. Fan must stay at left hand. thank you.

Can you try clarifying your suggestion? I'm afraid I don't understand. Most stock Ender 3 units have the fan mounted on the right-hand side of the hotend.