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by Bubble_Guy Mar 16, 2019
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"One day it may land me in prison. I'm sure the MAGA heads would love that..."

In case you don't follow the news, liberals are the ones who oppose the idea of free speech, unless that speech agrees with them. Want proof? Just look at all of the Conservative speakers who have been banned/cancelled from speaking on college campuses. Take a look at England where a lady was arrested for "mis-gendering" someone. Pick almost any news story on any given day. Most Conservative, "right-wingers" live by the creed "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." You may not like us, but you have the freedom to speak your mind because we exist and and because we defend that right.

Propaganda. Read the real news rebeltaz

By "real news", I assume you refer to liberal sources like cnn? Yeah... I'll pass. I prefer my news from multiple sources, verified and unbiased.

Sure, like Breitbart, Daily Stormer...

Never read either one of those, but thank you for the suggestions. I'll be sure to check those out.

Be sure to check out infowars too, if you don't already. I expect you'll find a lot of "real news" there.

Oh, you mean the guy who pushed the conspiracy theory that mainstream media was out to get him, only to be proven right when he was systematically removed from every anti-social media platform at the exact same time? You mean that guy? Yeah... great show.

I'm sure they'll be right up your alley.

Yeah, because some random fuckhead on the internet has such insight into the thought process of a complete stranger... Whatever.

Quick, to your safe space!

lol... it is funny as hell how you liberal leftists cannot come up with your own shit. You just repeat the same things said about you right back to your enemies. You're like children... "I'm rubber; you're glue... whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you! :P"

Grow up, dude. Get a life and get a clue.

I guess it could be funny. I think this entire situation is rather sad. It's amazing how many otherwise good people think that a serial lying, philandering, racist, xenophobic, fucking moron is a good choice for the person to run this country.

Growing up likely won't help you, so I'll decline to offer that advice to you. Increasing your intelligence is also very unlikely so you'll just have to resign yourself to being a fucking moron.

I'll tell you the same thing I say to every liberal I come across spewing the same per-programmed talking points: If Trump is so racist and so xenophobic, there should many examples of true racism and xenophobia to which you can point. And I don't mean Trump trying to keep illegal immigrants from crossing our borders willy nilly. Every president in the history of this country - actually every leader of every nation ever on Earth - has done this exact same thing and for the exact same reasons - because that is how you retain your sovereignty as a nation and as a Republic. That is how you protect your country from terrorists and invasion.

Nothing else that man has done could even possibly be construed as racist or xenophobic, yet you continue to spout the same bullshit lies, I guess hoping somewhere, someone will believe it without proof.

As for philandering, first of all, most presidents in this country have been, most of them democrats. Secondly, if Trump is a womanizer, first of all, that is between him and his wife and them alone, just like when JFK and Willy were screwing around on their wives. Secondly, unlike JFK and Willy, Trump's alleged affairs occurred *before he took office, not afterwards. So that is even doubly no one's damn business but their own. Finally, I never said Trump was a saint. But the best choice to run this country? YOU'RE DAMN FUCKING RIGHT!

I don't know how in the hell you drug me back into this argument, but once again, I am done fighting a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Go shove your head back up your ass and leave me the hell alone.

You'll spew the same false narrative you mean.

I'm not a Trump historian, but such people exist. Here's an article detailing many (but far from all) of the racist things Trump has done: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/01/15/opinion/leonhardt-trump-racist.html

I get it, you don't give a crap that Trump is a racist piece of shit as long as he's pushing an agenda that you agree with. You would have made a great Nazi.

Well, since thingiverse want to moderate my reply to this bullshit, fuck 'em. You can read my reply here - https://www.thingiverse.com/download:6694093

I read a little of your bullshit reply. You're totally fine with a racist calling for the death sentence for five minority youths despite the fact that they were ultimately found not guilty. GFY you racist sympathizer. You can have the last word because I really couldn't give any less of a crap about any opinion you hold on any subject. Maybe we'll be lucky and a sinkhole will swallow you whole.

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This comment is currently flagged for moderation.

Neo liberalism isn't a good thing in my opinion. Social justice warriors often cause more harm than good in my opinion. That said, "conservative" racist hatemongers don't have to be given a pulpit at any given public or private institution. That's not how freedom of speech works.

Most MAGA heads would prefer to beat the crap out of those they disagree with. Look at Trump rallies.

Actually that is exactly how free speech works.

No, freedom of speech does not at all in any way mean that anyone can say anything at any location at any time of their choosing. Get educated, preferably from someone other than your mom.

It does mean that people who are invited can speak even if YOU disagree with what they say. But I guess your too busy insulting people and posting childish models to notice how hypocritical what you are saying is.
By the way, making comments about people you don't know based on stereotypes is the definition of a bigot.
I'm through feeding the trolls now.

Anyone that supports the serial lying, misogynist, walking bag of shit that is Trump deserves no respect. I'm pro free speech. I'm not pro would be fascist dictator. I think my creation, while crude on some levels, is also quite sophisticated in others in its' message. You don't have to like it, but thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster (AHHNA) that I still have the right to post it.

Agree with Bubble_Guy

"Look at Trump rallies"

Yeah, and you will see leftist groups like antifa starting fights. You don't see Conservatives going to liberal rallies and starting fight.

Happens all the time

Let's not forget the very good Nazi's that Trump mentioned. Let's not forget the asshole that drove his car into a crowd of peaceful protesters. You're simply wrong. Yes, there are assholes on both sides, but the bootlicking Trumpers have far more of them.

No. You're simply wrong. Let's not forget all of those peaceful liberals harassing families and teenagers minding their own business. We don't go doing that. You are right in that there are assholes on both sides. I will concede that. Your side just has the majority of them. We aren't going to agree. I've practiced my freedom of speech in denouncing your ideals, just as you practiced your freedom of speech in espousing them. Now I am done with this and I am going to go have meaningful dialog with some adults.

Nonsense. Yeah, there are liberal assholes that harass people, but they are a small minority of people that identify as liberal. Now Trumpers, they have a large fraction that are racist, xenophobic, white nationalist, assholes.

What ideals of mine have you denounced? You say you are pro freedom of speech. So am I. You seem to believe that liberals in general are bad people, which is just ridiculous. Trumpers on the other hand are largely bad people, because you'd have to be to support such a giant sack of shit.

Wait a minute...

You seem to believe that liberals in general are bad people, which is just ridiculous. Trumpers on the other hand are largely bad people..

How fucking hypocritical can you get? I can't say that liberals are "bad people", because that is "just ridiculous" but you can say that "Trumpers... are... bad people." Dude, fuck off. You can't even keep your own bullshit straight but you want to go "calling people on their own"? Fucking ligic (LIberal loGIC)... you just can't argue with stupid....

By the way.. I think you mean "faction" not "fraction". Moron.

It occured to me that you seem to think that only liberals find Trum disgusting. NEWS FLASH... lots of conservatives and independents think he's a giant sack of shit too.

Speaking my honest opinion doesn't make me a hypocrite. Trump is a blatant racist. He's a serial liar. He's a blatant misogynist. He's a complete and utter moron. He is in over his head and has no clue. If you support Trump, or anyone like him, you are a bad person.

No, I meant fraction as I wrote it. Moron. Fraction, as in an incomplete part of a whole. Moron. Feeling a little triggered?

Trump and us deplorables are, at our worst, are nothing compared to you libs. Yall want communism sold as socialism, infanticide, and would law yourselves in oblivion. How about making people more responsible for their actions rather that propping up failure as a way to succeed. By the way, all of rural america voted Trump in and will do so again in 2020. GL

What a joke you are j_blazer. By the way, Hillary got more votes.

Bwahahaha! That's pretty funny. Just yesterday Trump removed sanctions that were just placed against communist dictator Kim Jong Un because Trump "likes" him. Your dear leader wants to get freaky with the murderous dictator of an enemy nation and you say that "liberals" are the problem? I wonder if you're hypocritical all of the time or only when it comes to your hero Trump?

I live smack dab in rural America and most of the people in my state voted for the person that's not a serial lying, serial cheating, wannabe dictator, fake tanned, ultra moron.

Trump mocks disabled people, calls racists very fine people, says a federal judge can't be fair because they're latino and yet you think he's a good guy. I see where your values are, and why my silly little sculpture rubs you the wrong way so intensely.

Better go find your safe space.

Sorry, bud. I'm not the least bit offended. Takes a little more than that. No mistake, your programming is heavily ingrained and all this is a waste. Anyway, I highly doubt Kim Jong Un is respected anymore than you respect Trump. Moreover, how is NK our problem or Trump's. the only way to deal with NK is to crush them. If rural america is so blue, then why is president. Your logic is failing you. You are damaged goods and again, you offending me or upsetting me is equivalent to dog shit in my boots. I just walk you off without thought. I'm glad you think this convo is impactful, along with your model though. I at least realize this is similar to screaming at the wall. enjoy

So do you suppose Trump is crushing the communist dictator friend of his with kindness then? Is that how we win against a crazy despot with nuclear weapons, by rolling over?

Trump is as much a Republican as Putin is a good guy.

You don't reason with crazy. You can try, but typically it is a waste of breathe; ie this convo. However, Trump is not above reproach. No one is. If he fails, it is his responsibility and his only unless people are trying to sabotage him, which is most likely going on in his case as well. I believe he is trying and I believe no one is telling the truth. Therefore, everything is uncertain, which is why I take life with a grain of salt. Back to NK, there are too many geo-politcal powers in play and going to war with NK would have a rather detrimental effect. I think he is wanting to deescalate NK's desire to denuclearize, but again it's crazy here, which is why most other presidents never bothered. This is just my interpretation based off the facts. Trump collusion is a fallacy, if I had to guess as well since they totally fabricated the pretense for the FISA warrant.