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Planetary Gearset 03

by ekalfwonS Mar 12, 2019
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FOR me it's no work.
in french: Pour ma part cela na pas marcher , je ne sait pas pourquoi, j’ai imprimé 2 modèle, un avec le raft sans faire exprès, et l'autre sans.
tout sa avec une anet A 8, avez vous une solution pour faire fonctioner mes pièce?

in english: For my part it did not work, I do not know why, I printed 2 model, one with the raft without intention, and the other without.
do you have a solution to operate my parts?
all with an anet A 8.

I just saw the replies below from "3d_Wanna_Bee" and "vdubadub" to another question... They suggested something called "horizontal size compensation" and/or "outer wall compensation" that can be used to grow/shrink the walls on individual parts. That might be worth looking for in your slicer and see if you have it.

I'm sorry to hear that... I am not familiar with the Anet A 8 so I don't know what I could suggest that may help... This should print without any raft, borders, or supports as the angles are very steep. The first layer or two will generally connect when printed, but on my printer (and others it seems) the connections can be split with some careful flexing of the parts after printing or with careful cutting with a small sharp knife. If you're unable to separate the parts with those suggestions, it's likely your printer is putting out a much wider track than intended, and more than just the first layer is binding together. What size nozzle are you using?

Just under 6hrs, the thing came out of Ender 3 PLA. Looks fantastic, but I added adhesive layer so it took me forever to clean residuals to be able to spin it because it glued all orbiters :)

I did that by accident once as well. Bloody nuisance to clean off all the little bits! :P

All but three of my gears fused together when I printed on my Ender 3. Sliced in Cura at 100% Any thoughts?

use "horizontal size compensation" that's what its called in S3D and Cura but I know it's only available in newer cura versions though..I would start with -0.04 to start and try that and go up from there. Just make sure you use negative values!

More detail? What resolution did you print at? Nozzle size, layer thickness, etc. The gears are designed with 0.1mm spacing, so they will sit very close, and the first layer or two will probably fuse due to the "elephant foot" effect on the bed. After that they will be close, but likely are only connected by thin wisps, if anything. Take a look and see if one side is fused and the other is not, if that's the case you've probably got elephant-foot happening. That can be tuned out, check your printer's setup to learn how.

If it's only fused on one side, you can try two things: One, put a screwdriver into each planet gear, and flexing the handle gently towards and away from the sun gear in the center. That might pop the seam between the two gears. If that's not enough, you may have to go around with an x-acto knife and carefully cut each gear free. Just pushing the tip of the blade into each seam and pulling it out again is probably enough, you just need to weaken that elephant-foot join enough that flexing it with a screwdriver will pop it free.

Once they're all free, you will have to work it back and forth a bit to wear off the other "wisps" of filament that are likely to be still in the mechanism. This one took a little working back and forth by hand before it rolled smoothly, it's by far the tightest of the three gear assemblies i've designed... Oddly enough, it was harder to get this one going than it was Planetary 04, which has even smaller gears. But this one rolls nicer now that it's free, probably because it's a tighter fit and hasn't worn down as much.

Sorry, I Don't get online very often. Maybe it would be easier if you had some recommended settings? i'm using a stock ender 3 with a glass bed. I used the ender 3 profile in Cura at the fine setting

Sorry, I don't use Cura or an Ender 3. Looking online the Ender 3 may not be the most precise printer so might not be capable of printing with the close tolerances this model requires.

I use a Prusa i3 Mk2.5, with the Slicr slicer. Stock Slicr settings for the i3Mk2.5, for 0.1mm precision, no supports.

Try looking up Emmett's Planetary gear. There is talk in that thread about an offset...can't remember...but my first print was super sloppy, so I decreased this offset in cure "Outer Wall Offset maybe?" and then it was tight (emmetts planetary gear, not this one)
If i hunt it down ill try to get the info to you...otherwise jsut search those things.
Good Luck!