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Hypercube Evolution XY Axis (Gates pulleys, no brass inserts)

by StvPtrsn Mar 11, 2019
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Is there a remix of the Y endstop mount for the Chinese red optical endstops? The holes are different and I’m not sure if there will be an offset from the ones in the photos

Comments deleted.

Does anyone have the part numbers and quantities for the gates parts including the belts? I have a local supplier in town, but they would need actual part numbers.

Where did we attach a X Head Carriage on you carriage ?
We don't have any nuts

It's the exact same as the standard HEVO. A bolt goes through the X carriage and the nut is in the hotend mount. It's all kept in line with the four 3mm dowels.

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here are two pictures:

one with old parts
white belt, pulleys Ø3mm 20 teeth
X carriage with 4 LM8uu
Y carriage with 4 LM10uu

Another with new parts
Black belt, pulleys Ø5mm 20 teeth
X carriage with 3 LM8uu
Y carriage with 4LM10uu

Again thank you for this good work, looking forward to seeing other improvements.

Nice improvement. Yeah, stay tuned. I'm close to finishing my Z axis and then will publish the rest of the printer parts as I finish it up.

Hello StvPtrsn
I installed yesterday all parts on a 300x300x475, thank you after a few impressions machine remains stable and the geometry of the printed parts is perfect.
Very very good job, I recommend to all who have some geometry problem (X and Y axis) when printing.
Thank you very much StvPtrsn.

Awesome! Thank you for the feedback. Post pictures as a make!

You are my hero, everything I wanted - you did, and step files!!! awesome, very biggg thanks!

You're welcome and thank you! I have a more parts in the pipeline. I've posted some previews on the HEVO facebook group and will post them here as soon as they are ready.

ill build my hypercube and decided to use Yours printed parts. I will post my made when finish. For now i see its good job!

And have question: How mount You motors for Z axis? and mount Shaft Rod 12mm for Z ? I cant see any foto, and parts for it

Awesome, let me know how it turns out! I haven't completed my Z axis modifications so have not published them yet. When I do it will be in a different "thing" which I'll post a link to here and on the Hypercube Evolution facebook group. My Z axis will consist of three Z steppers and three 12mm linear rods controlled by a Duet Wifi with Deux5 expansion board.

Do you think its convertible to 9mm belts ?

Yes, with a bit of work. Almost every XY Axis part will need to be changed which will change the spacing on the X axis rods and the distance from the Y axis rods to the top of the frame. The 6mm Gates belts are 10mm wide. The 9mm Gates belts are 16mm wide. I would split the models along the centerlines of the pulley locations and expand them by 6mm. Step files are included in the file list if you want to tackle this. Be sure to let me know how it goes!

Sorry, disregard my measurements. I bought a 12mm belt Gates pulley I took a measurement from. It's 16mm wide. I imagine the 9mm belt pulley is probably 13mm wide.

everywhere +3mm :D

thanks i will do this.

Hi. I like your XY carriage alot. Could you provide me information about those GATES pulleys? Do they match with dimmension with those popular chinease pulleys? Can i use those or do I need to shift the position of pulley axis to do this?

The pulleys are generally available at E3D dealers. In the US I've purchased them from both Filastruder and Printed Solid. They are 1mm wider than the popular chinese pulleys. You can use the chinese pulleys but make sure you buy ones with a 5mm bore and then use a 5mmx.5mm shim on each side. Really though, the Gates pulleys are worth it.

Thanks but what about diameter of the wheel itself? If every pulley on the gantry change diameter it doesnt matter but if some of them are different theres a need to shift their axis to keep belts perpendicular. These pulleys within your design look for me like different diameter than T20 thats why i ask. Id like to try Gates pulleys but i bought already chinese and i want to give em a try in my first hevo revision. I live in europe so buying gates ones wont be easy. Your drive pulleys are also Gates?

Hello StvPtrsn,

It's a very nice and good job, I print your models without worries.
I noticed depending on the cooling the bridges to insert the nuts are sometimes collapsed and the nut hard to put in place.
The holes are 2.4mm for a nut height of 2.4mm.

Do you have the opportunity to share your work under inventor in. ipt please.

Again thank you for the reflection and work, I look forward to the parts (pulleys and belt) to install the whole.


Thanks for the comments djac1974! I'm not sure which captured nut holes you are speaking of though, I just double checked and the models show them all at 2.5mm tall... I could very well have missed one though and just didn't see it on my spot check.

I modeled everything in Fusion360 and included step files in the zip file uploaded.

If you do end up using any of these parts please let me know how it works out!

Could you please post all the step files for these parts. I am looking for the end stop flags. I am using 10mm on the Y and 8mm 0n the X.

The end stop flags are part of the Y_Carriage step file.

Can you make a Y Carriage for 8mm Rod please ?,
i mean X and Y 8mm

the X Carriage is very beatyfull :)

Thanks :)

I did a quick model change of all the effected parts for 8mm Y rods. To keep from cluttering the rest of the project I zipped the changed files into one archive. Let me know how it works out, they should be correct but are untested.

==If your X linear rods are the correct length you can use these M6 grub screws to tighten up against the ends of the rods and help prevent the belt tension from pulling on the Y carriage putting strain on the Y bearings.==

I love this. The next thing to do is to constrain only vertical movement of one end of X axis and allow its free movements along X axis. Nobody does this in coreXY as far as I know.

I gonna repeat this with abovementioned improvement but not for linear bearings (hate them), one-level belts.

I wonder how you solved the wobbling.

Sorry, I'm not following on the X axis changes you mention. Also, what wobbling? :) I recently switched to all Gates timing hardware in the idler bearings and stepper pulleys. When I move the X carriage around it's range of motion by hand it is very smooth whereas before, with Amazon sourced pulleys, you could see and feel that the stepper pulleys were not perfectly round.

I was thinking about this, trying to understand your suggestion, and someone on the Facebook group mentioned allowing the lower X bearing to float. Is that what you meant in your comment? I printed a revised X carriage last night with some float built into the bottom bearing, I'll be installing it on the printer tonight and will post the parts if it works well.

Can you please remix to 10mm X and XY for CF/Igus? Or post the models and i'll give it a shot? Thank you!!

Step files are already available in the ZIP archive provided. Just be sure to share if you change anything, I’d like to see what you come up with.

What material did you print it in? And with what settings? It looks awesome.

Thanks! Printed in Priline CF PC bought on Amazon. Used my Prusa MK3 with the textured build plate. Processed with Slic3r PE at .2mm layer height and 3 or 4 perimeters depending on the part.

Thanks, going to give a couple of them a shot, thanks KH

Awesome, let me know how it goes.