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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Minimalist 3D Printed Fume Extractor

by rdmmkr Mar 8, 2019
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In the process of making this now, it looks great! I'm curious what you used for tolerances for the 2 halves because they fit very well!

I used 0.25mm, Thank you!

I found it really hard to feed the wires from the fan into the electronics compartment. I ended up filing away a trail between the two main pieces. Otherwise, works great. I edited the cover to accept another kind of switch and a 5mm LED

I noticed that as well, you have to carefully cut a notch in the fan armature so the wires can slide easier, I will keep it in mind for future updates though, thank you for your feedback.

If possible share your build I would like to see the end result, thanks!

Can you include the step files you used to make the filter?


The fan you posted is only 25mm thick, you need it to be 38mm thick

When screwed in it's secure, blows, fits, and works. There's extra space I suppose but not sure how that matters. Just a little empty space between the fan and the filter. Still waiting on the switch and power input connector. Will post when it's complete.

You are right it will work as well, however it won't be as powerful as the other one also make sure to seal the hole for the wires, the one I used is a high air flow fan see here the details. I'm looking forward to see your build!

This would also be a great project to use for when printing ABS. The fumes are horrible for you and this should work great for taking care of that with the right filter.

Yes, I think it could help, you would need to make an enclosure for your 3D printer first then you can attached it there.

I just made one of these and i love it! Works like a champ! I haven't taken any pictures yet but they are coming!

Thanks!!, I’m glad you found it useful,I'm looking forward to see those pics!

Pics posted under "Makes"

This looks so gorgeous! Any chance of you sharing the files to make any editing easier? I have an AC powered chinese fume extractor (140mm fan, basically) that I would LOVE to basically transform into this :)

Thanks! Sorry but I'm not ready to release the files, however if you have any questions or problems with the assembly, please feel free to message me for support.

Product design is good, but I doubt the ability to draw smoke in well! The size of the product and the fan is small. Make a video so you can see the work of pulling in smoke!

It works really really well, use it everyday.

That's great to hear!

I use it all the time it works well, thank you for your feedback.

Хороший дизайн! Собираюсь повторить!

Noob question, but do you think this 12v power adapter will work? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HNL5D56/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The main reason I chose this because it included the jack. But I'm not sure how well it will work. Thank you for your work and design, it looks very good.

Thank you!, It would work however that DC jack connector 5.5 X 2.5 mm is not a mountable one you will have to make it work, I updated the links with a cheaper DC jack connector 5.5 X 2.1 mm and power adapter, you can find them in the assembly instructions https://www.instructables.com/id/Minimalist-3D-Printed-Fume-Extractor/

I see, thank you! Great job. Can't wait to try this out.

hey there,

could you maybe share the fusion360 file? i would like to remix the lid. dont need the led and switch holes.

Sorry but I'm not ready to release the fusion 360 files, the lid is a very simple object you should be able to edit it from the .stl file without problems.

i tried that... and failed ;) but its ok. my printer broke yesterday asewell... so i cant print it anyways ;(

i still like the design and will hopefully come back to it.

My approch tha would be to print the lid once, measure it out and remodel it in Fusion360

A simple way to remix something such as the lid would be by using a simple website called tinkerCAD its free and very simple almost childish and it is by far one of the easiest ways to edit meshes and if you need I would be able to create and link the part STL that you need.

To do that you only need to extrude the holes, you don't need to design the whole object, there are a lot of videos online that show you how to edit .STL files.

I hope you get to fix your printer soon and try it again.

Do you think this would work to help eliminate VOCs in 3d printer fumes? Great work btw

It would be better to use an enclosure with a mounted fume extractor, thank you for your comment!

Comments deleted.

I love this idea. Currently don't have any fans that are not 120 x 120 but I'll try to get one and give it a go

Thanks!, glad you liked it, you need a 80mm x 80mm x 38mm fan not 120 x 120.

These axial fan often have not that large static pressure. The consequence is a low throughput with a dense carbon filter. I got good results with a static pressure boosting structure right on the fan.

buddie what´s a static pressure boosting structure? any links?

I believe most server fans are build with high airflow and high static pressure features, they have a static pressure boosting structure built-in that is why they are 38mm thick, check the links in the description those fans should be good enough.

Comments deleted.

Thank you for the information and feedback.

any chance for a 60mm fan version? this is good work BTW!

Maybe in the future, thank you!

Comments deleted.

I like that the filter can be easily changed. An improvement would be yo use a PWM-controllable fan, and a tiny Arduino (ATtiny, or Adafruit Trinket, etc) and a potentiometer as a speed control for the fan. I've done a speed control like this, but I'm just getting started with the 3D printing.

Thank you for your feedback!, that is a good idea I will keep it in mind for future updates.