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MyDD - Bondtech BMG Direct Drive Extruder for CR-10 (BLTouch, EZABL, E3D V6, Volcano, ...)

by Hasenpups Mar 5, 2019
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Can you make the EZABL in 12mm?

would it fit on my Tevo Tornado without any change? Thank you.

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Hi, does it fit the original stepper motor? Thank you.

Great work here!!
I do have a small request though. Is there anyway possible for you to modify this design for a microswiss? I know there is a remix for microswiss (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3354741) based on greg's design but I prefer your design for the weight savings :-)
I would be more than happy to buy you couple beers or coffee :-)

Bondtech BMG + Microswiss or Stock Hotend Ender 3 Creality CR-10(S)

Whats the bltouch offset for volcano?

I'll post proper feedback of this design once I test it more, but has anyone managed to install a LED strip somewhere in the assembly successfully? Any tips?

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Sorry but the video is privat. I can't see it.

Sorry, now is public. Thanks for your help

Did you check if the wiring of the motor is correct? You can try to unmount the motor and check if it rotats properly.

I unmount the motor, and it`s rotating intermittently. Maybe the stepper current is inadequate. What do you recommend me?

You need to adjust the number of steps for the extruder and update the firmware if you want to use ABL.

What is the EZABL offset to enter for CUSTOM_Probe in the TH3D Unified Firmware? Guess I should have asked this before getting to the flashing part....

I use the following offset:

X = 45
Y = -5
Z = 0

Can someone list the hardware sizes I need to buy?

Not a lot of help here but they are a mix of M3 8mm-20mm for the next person looking

I was struggling a bit getting the pancake stepper motor to work, but after finally getting the right Vref + tension on the extruder it works beautifly. It's light, very performant and never ever had so stable temperatures due to superb heatsink cooling. Also the 5015 doesn't produce that much noise since most of the time I run it on 75% and lower and due to such a small fan duct there is no wind noise like with the petsfang. Also it looks awesome :)

Thank you for the feedback. Please post some pictures of your make.

I actually just found out that the inside slightly melted due to failed heatsink cooling fan, soo I'm reprinting the whole assembly right now and will post pictures when it is printed :)

I went ahead and updated the iges model to match the provided stl files. Or was it your intention to remove the zip tie bracket and the hole for the fan wire?

Hi Stefan,
Würdest du auch die Step Daten Teilen?

Was hast du denn vor, wenn ich fragen darf?

Würde mir das Modell nur gerne im CAD Programm ansehen und und mal is meinem assambly verbauen mit der möglichket gescheit zu messen und bei bedarf noch Materialeinsparungen einzubringen bevor ich es Drucke.

I have attached the file from Fusion360 (MyDD_V2 v25.iges). Please check if you can use it.

Hallo,really nice and sleek design.
i will get this on my X5S since the carriage seems the same on a 2020 profile.
Is there the possibility to make the radial fan stand up straight ?
No 45° like the original design ??



Just to be sure, this only compatible with E3D V6 like hotends right?
I'm looking for a similar design but for stock Creality Hotend.

Thank you in advance

Yes this design is only for the E3D V6 and E3D Volcano.

Nice design! Would it (or is it) possible to have the fans configuration swapped, or sides rotated, so that the 5015 parts cooling fan will not be in the front, but to one side, and have the hotend fan in front? It would give the nozzle a better visibility. Sorry if asked before, and thanks for all your work!

Sorry but this isn't possible.

No problem, and thanks for the quick reply!

A couple questions about the fan duct: Any reason you set the fan at a 45 degree angle? Is this to decrease static pressure, instead of a 90 degree angle? Any other reason?

I'm curious, why that design for the fan duct? It seems a lot of air would get diverted from the nozzle and hit the two far openings, directing it straight down on the print?

Great design though! :)

The design of the fan duct and mounting of the fan is used from the Prusa i3.

Hi! Nice design, looks clean and light. Do you thing it would be possible to make a back piece where the cooling fan is easy to mount? Basically make the hole open so that the fan can be installed without having to cut/solder or pull the whole cable. Would make it possible to replace everything without having to disconnect anything.

Thanks for the design!


I have closed the opening to stiffen up the front part a little bit more. The original design has an open slot. If you need it open, you can just cut it with a knife.

I'll post a proper make. Ran into a few issues i want to correct.
The pancake stepper (printed solid LDO- slimline) I used is 25mm which is to long. I have to angle it to get past the left upright extrusion in order to be able to hit endstop. That angle then doesnt make it past right extrusion. I have another motor coming that is 22.6mm, should clear both extrusions.
The bltouch angle is off slighty, but I think its my inserts. I'll make sure they are flush.
I think I need better brass inserts in general, some strip easily.
I used a different part cooler fan which isnt a prusa because I didnt want to solder new connectors. This fan isnt flush with fan mount, has small gaps that may reduce part cooling. So i should swap with a prusa blower but will have to solder more.

I also use a 25mm pancake stepper and don't have any problems. It's from E3D.
Maybe it's because of the spacer between the BMG and the stepper.

Probably. Would need a slightly slimmer version of the spacer to use printed solid LDO stepper. But no worries thinner stepper arrives tomorrow.
I do however need the fan mount to be a little longer (so its closer to bed a touch).

  1. Is it possible to have a slot oval hole where fan mounts to extruder - so part cooling fan can be lowered more. (nvm MyDD_Part_Cooling_Fan_Angle_Bracket_Volcano would need to be modded too)
  2. The fan mount hugs/touches the heater block. Maybe its because I use a sock? Need more space/clearance around heater.
  1. I will have a look into this.
  2. Do you use a original E3D v6 or a cheaper clone? Sometimes the heater block of the clones is a different size. I use an original E3D V6 with a silicon sock and don't have space problems.

It's a genuine e3d v6 and volcano. The block is asymmetric. The edge with screws is wider. If I rotate the block 180 degrees it fits but then wires from thermistor and heating core on wrong side. Basically I need the wider edge of heater block facing towards fan mount for wire routing.

Still waiting on slimline stepper. Test fitted standard e3d extruder and hotend, fans, bltouch etc before dissembling Petsfang.
One issue I saw was the bltouch mount is only for standard e3d heat block. Need a longer version of bltouch mount for people wanting to use volcano. To keep the mount point the same on extruder body can the bltouch mount have long slots instead of circle screw holes, then you can adjust the height? Have to make spacers or something in the mean time.

That thing looks nice. Please update the images also in the "Make" section.
I will have a look into the volcano bltouch mount. How much longer to you need the mount?

Thanks 4 responding. I will post a make of your awesome design after im back in business for sure.
I put the volcano on just to get you a measurement.
Using this to get the height of bltouch from the bed:

From the bottom of bltouch mount to the top of the bltouch 9.4mm.

BLTouch Home & Auto Levelling Height Gauge

I have added a BLTouch volcano mount for you in the file section. It's the original design, but only 9.4mm longer.

Ok printing a 2nd set of parts, just in case I mess something up. I got the fan and brass inserts this weekend. Practiced placing inserts in a mock up. Ordered the Slimline stepper motor.
Where can I get an extension for motor wiring?
Are there a list screw lengths and sizes?

The screws are all M3. For the length I have to check. I just use what I have in my toolbox.
I get the extension for the motor wires and everything from Aliexpress:


Ok sorry to be a pain.
Where exactly to the inserts go? I know location fan mount inserts.
Which extruder half gets inserts? Assume other half uses screws?

I have attached some images that show the location of the inserts.

There are 4 for the 40mm fan, two on the other side for the ABL sensor, two for the nozzle fan and two to attache the front to the back housing.

Thank you so much

Thank you for sharing. I have yet to upgrade my cr10s4 to direct drive. But i saw 3dmn's video of the bondtech's upcoming direct drive for cr10. https://youtu.be/J_uCMf4WFkQ?t=167

So I looked on thingiverse and found your design. Your design seems to have everything I need. Volcano and bltouch mount. 2 questions.

Can the myDD-spacer part be rotated depending on if you have left or right handed bmg extruder?
Having trouble finding the 40mm x 40mm x 20mm extruder cooling fan... can u link it amazon US?

Yes you can rotate the spacer in any direction.

For the extruder cooling fan I use a Noctua nf-A4x20. I think you should also find this at amazon US.

What kind of brass inserts are you using?

Thanks a lot. I'll order from amazon so they get here a bit quicker. Are you pressing them to fit or using heat?

I put them onto the tip of the screw and heat them up with a lighter. When it's hot, gently "press" it into the hole.

Great desing!

I join the request for bl touch support, please.


I have now added the BLTouch mount.

Comments deleted.

Could you please add Volcano support?
for the fan shroud and the BL touch?

I have added the files for the volcano. But it is not tested as I don't have a volcano.

Comments deleted.

I do like the more compact design compared to the original model. But the one thing I would add back in is the second mounting hole for the fan shroud as it's very possible for it to work itself loose and hit part of the model you are printing. Which happened to me when I was testing this fan shroud on the original housing (as I already had it printed).

The fan is rock solid. I don't think that the second hole is required.

No worries, I'll just add it back in myself.

Hey, I have printed and assembled it, but there are a number of obstacles, namely Stepper + Bondtech which is put together there is no solid handle, so when the printer prints at high speed, the stepper and bondtech that have a large enough weight will swing.

is it possible for add a handle between the stepper and bondtech that merges with "MyDD_Back.stl" atau like the original design ( Greg191134) there is a stepper space and holder cable.

The stepperspacer from the original design will not add any stability, as it is not connected to the main body. It will only add an option for securing the cables. You can just print this thing from the original, there are no dependencies to my remix.

i tried to put a 5015 fan in a 45° angle and it got alot louder after only 3 days

Maybe it was a cheap or defect one. Prusa is using this style without any problems as far as I know.

Can you add ABL on the left or right ?

There are two holes on the right side. The original has a mount for the BLTouch but adding an other sensor should be no problem if you tell me what you need.

My printer is CR10S, does it support?

yes, the carriage is the same

Thank you for adding the EZABL mount, I will print it

Please post some images once you are done.

The ABL mount results in the sensor being about 5 mm too high.

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Could you please show an image if this?

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