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LED Arch - easy print

by matteeee Mar 4, 2019
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Are you able to provide a link or any information on the LED's you used?

But just about any strip of LEDs up to 10mm width would do I suppose. Depends a little bit on the shape of contacts/controllers if you go RGB, but with some skills you can solder an extansion to it if needed. A LED strip is just DC low voltage, so it is pretty simple.

Thank you! Printing your LED Arch design now. Base is complete and slowly chipping away at the arches with 2 complete, 4 on the bed, and 4 more to go. Hoping to find an LED off of Amazon before everything is complete. I'll post once everything is complete!

note: 1.2mm outerwall dimensions make for a faster and more stable print (no crazy vibrations)

Assuming all users are on 0,4mm nozzles with 0,4mm line widths you are correct.

1.2mm seems ideal for .3, .4, and .6 nozzles. I used a .4 nozzle and print at .3 line width for better definition. I am understanding more nowadays that there are some .5 nozzles and .25 nozzles, so 1.5 would likely be better for them, though 1.6mm on a .4 nozzle drastically increases estimated print time verses 1.2mm, so I can't attest to how well 1.5mm would actually work.

did you print your bases on the side like in the render, or did you print them with the bottom of the bases flat to the build plate?

Earlier comments say to print it standing up. However, I don't have the Z for that, so I am giving it a go printing one laying down to see how it goes. From looking at layer view it should work fine.

I printed them (and designed them with that intent) with the bases flat on the build plate. The reason for the renders are from the CAD files, being done all in one assembly in Fusion 360. @ConfusedPrinter: You dont have the Z for the bases? They are not that tall at all?

Oh, I didn’t read carefully enough. Didn’t notice they asked specifically about the bases.

I have printed a 100 and 140 version of this and they both came out perfect. I have found that they required a coat of contact cement on the arch before applying the LED strip. Without it, the strips detatched. Great product!

Thanks for sharing and nice to hear you like it! I put my strip directly on the PLA and it did have some issues with adhesion, but Im stubborn and just kept pushing it on again. And now it has stopped getting loose =)

Would this fit philips hue lightstrip?

What I can find, the Hue is 14,5mm wide, which is too much to fit this nicely. When I get the time, I can do a second version for wider LED strips, but right now I have too much on my hands.
If you have enough print volume, you can print this at 140% and it would be big enough to fit the Hue strip.

Would it be possible to widen the arc grove? since this takes around 1,5 meters of LED and most led strips come in 5m length it would be a shame to waste that much of the strip anyone able to make a double or triple wide version of the stl files?

Most led-strips are possible to use again after you cut off the first piece, simply by soldering new cables to the remaining part.
Otherwise you might be able to scale it, or make it longer using the remix version with straight elements.

Hey and nice design, currently printing it :)

how about a straight segment? Or would you mind to share the Cad files? To work with stl's is just PITA :D

See comments below, work in progress (slowly but)

Did a remix and designed 3 new parts to get straight segments into it ;)

Perfect! I´ll leave it for people to use yours! Cheers!

Unrelated question, whats the car in the picture? It's really cool!

It is a Lego Koenigsegg One:1 (designed by Paul van de Bulk)

Damn.. when I put in straight up and down it is just a bit too big for my print volume. Once you have the straight pieces I might shrink it down so it just fits the print space I have and then put a riser on each side. I have to shrink it to 92% I wonder if a a straight part on the top could be used to widen it as well.

What printer so you have?
When I get to make the straight part it will be possible to put it in the middle (very top) to widen it yes.

But 92% is still quite big, so feel free to print until I'm done :)

I have a Duplicator 6. It has a build volume of 200x200x175mm (I have glass and PEI on my bed so lose 5mm from the standard 180mm z volume for it). I'll probably do 1 segment while I wait just because! Thanks for looking into it. It is much appreciated!

Oh, I have 250 in Z so I never even bothered to measure it. Designed it to be ~1m wide and cut it to 10 segments.
But I will design a straight piece for it and then you can scale it down to 90% :)

So you know what would be really useful, at least to me? Is there any way you could upload a straight section (no arc)? It's just a tad short for my uses, and I think the arc is (maybe) gentle enough to support that sort of transition? I'd be willing to try printing it! (I'd place them at the bottom of the arc, just above the feet.)

I can do that. What height/length do you need per straight piece?

Really anything would be fine, since it's straight I can just scale the Z-axis. The same approx length as the normal sections should be fine. Thanks BTW!

What LEGO model is this? It looks like a Koennigsegg. and awesome

It is - a Koenigsegg One:1, MOC by Paul van de Bulk, the Netherlands. More info here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-4789/paulvandebulk/koenigsegg-one1

Do you recommend to print the arch parts as in the picture or standing up?

Standing up! Added a pic =)

This seems to be constructed for 11mm width LED tape. For 8mm LED tape, scale down to 72.8%. Also makes it fit on smaller platform printers (feet will fit on Kossel Mini).

The segments are coming out really well so far. I'll be sure to post the result once they are all done.

Nice! =) Test-fit them after you have two. I have designed them with some "play" that suits my experiences among several printers so I think you should be fine.

The groove for the strip is 10mm in my design (as my 24V strip was 9.5 or so). But scaling is of course an alternative for other strips. But any 8mm strip or <10mm will fit just fine too :) 11 is more difficult though!

They are quite loose due to the compensation in my slicing profile. I'll stick some double-sided tape on the keys to fix it. Measuring the 3D model in Fusion came out with an 11mm groove, so I went from there.

Ah, I compensated in the design already. 11? Hmm, maybe I made it bigger then :) My strip went in without hassle anyway, but the adhesive on it is bad at one stretch of it, so I might have to come up with something more =)