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'Chelicerae 537' TEVO Black Widow tool head upgrade

by Jim1537 Mar 4, 2019
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Классная доработка принтера!
А какие рекомендуете вентиляторы взять? Нешумные?

Hi, it's me again. Sorry, I am so excited, I was finally able to assemble the toolhead of yours. I am currently testing it (no long term test jet), and I am worrying about the heatsink cooler fan. I found it ineffective not pointing towards the heatsink. The air coming outwards is quite cold, and the cooldown is pretty long (at least comparing to my previous setup). I know that it would be a bad idea changing the orientation of the fan (I don't want to melt my bltouch). I am thinking of closing the holes towards the bltouch on the air-duct_back.stl. What do you think? Did you experience anything similar?

Yeap, I had a clog in the first test print.

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Hmmm... I might be wrong... But if the temperature of heat sink is so high that there is the risk to melting surrounding parts or provoke clogging into the channel above heat block, the problem is in the hot end assembly itself.That means the melting spot is too large or too high. For example, I can printing ABS (usually 230-235C) during 18-26 hours and airflow from the cooling fan is still cool. And I can touch heat sink by finger without any hurt. It just slightly warm.

It's hard to say what's exactly might be wrong, in you case. All the situations are different... There are pile of reasons and solutions... Do you have heat brake on heat sink neck/tube? Is the voltage on heating element correct and stable? PID tuning? Leaks? Insulation? Proper gap between heat block and heat sink? Is the fan working on full speed with enough voltage? Cheap Chinese casting with defects for heatsink? Etc...

You need to investigate. It's always possible to install the more powerful fan to assembly, but it will be just a patch. Need to find the reason of the overheating or wrong placement of melting point. So...

OMG, thanks for this huge reply. Yeah, I found out that the heatbreak and the heatsink were loose, so heat could not be transferred properly (I feel like such a noob). Now everything works perfectly (unless I want linear rails, but that is a different story).

May I ask for the original cad files? I want to remix it for linear rails, holding the complete extruder in my hand and feeling how heavy it is, makes me worry about those rollers might not last for long. Thanks!

I'm using this upgrade for at least 3 months. Almost 24/7. Did not found any issues with rollers. But to change them for a linear rails - it will be a good idea anyway :-)

File "Chelicerae537.zip" has been added to files for this model. Download them again to get it. Zip contains original CAD files for Autodesk Inventor 2019.

Not that I had any issues with that even after one and a half year using it, but I trust those linear rails more for long term use. Thanks again for those files, I try to post my linear rail remix as soon as possible.

Amazing design, in my opinion, the best upgrade for the Black Widow. I printed all parts in one go with PETG, everything turned out great and fits perfectly. I am only having a problem glueing the parts together. I would like to ask for the bltouch offset values. I know that I could measure it, but that wouldn't be as accurate as in your 3D model.

I use Gorilla super glue for all the parts. Working well.
Offset for BL-Touch: X = 0; Y = -1 in (~ -25 mm)

Наконец-то нормальный обдув для вдовы) Спасибо огромное!

Too heavy, complex, bulky. OK not entirely your fault as you reuse the heavy, bulky, complex TEVO stuff.
AND why crappy UNC nuts and bolts no one use, even find outside of the US.

All the UNCs can be easily replaced with any compatible standard hardware presented in your area. It's not a big deal... I this case some additional weight is good until the frame can hold it and motors can move it. More weight = less recoil = less ghosts. Most of the modern printers in medium/large category are bulky by default. We have what we have... And if some people find that it's too complex to combine twelve part together. So... I don't know... They can try to print low-poly pokemon. Hm?.. It's easy. Just one part. Everyone loves pokemons :-)

-So why don't you do it instead of a mix !
-Since when is useless complexity a quality ? The rest are false arguments too. In a good design, mass for the frame but all moving parts must be light. Anyway the Tevos are not that great although they made some progress with the Black Widow (one motor and pulleys for Z). Good luck.

Поздравляю вас и нас с появлением прекрасного проекта!

Один вопрос. Обилие крепежа и пластика должно было утяжелить голову. Как обстоят дела с этим? Как изменился вес по сравнению с первоначальным?

В сравнении с общей массой каретки, этот дополнительный вес крайне незначителен. Он вообще ни о чем, в сравнении с одним только весом мотора экструдера. Больше половины этого дополнительного веса приходится на угловое основание и этот вес равномерно распределен по здоровенной родной алюминиевой пластине каретки. К тому же, увеличение массы узла гасит больше вибраций в целом. Так, что, до определенной степени, утяжеление головки идет только на пользу.

Спасибо за ответ. Позвольте ещё вопрос.

Я оценил, по расчету Cura, вес деталей ~140 граммов. Так ли это?

Не могли бы вы привести значения рывка и ускорения в ваших настройках, если они изменены, по сравнению с установленными по умолчанию.

Да, приблизительно такой вес и должен быть. Значения в настройках не менялись.