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Baby Shape Tray Toy

by Hobson318 Mar 4, 2019
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While it's a nifty toy, I would caution giving this to a child under 3. They put EVERYTHING in their mouths. Unless you can guarantee the material is food/child safe, the printer doesn't contaminate the print with something unsafe, and that the output wont break or splinter in the child's mouth, i would strongly suggest against making this for them.

Now I could see this a fun scaled down version made into a key chain or something, as the output and files all appear to be rock solid!

For some reason my response didn't show up. Pretty much everything a child grabs a hold of is contaminated unless it goes right from disinfectant to their hands. PLA is a safe material. With proper care and supervision of the child this shouldn't be an issue. If you print the parts sturdy enough I highly doubt a small child is biting them hard enough to splinter any of the pieces. The pieces themselves are in the 35-40mm size depending on the shape and are about 25mm tall. The base took up almost the entire build plate of my mk3. Again with proper supervision of the child, they shouldn't be a safety issue.

PLA itself may be safe, but you are ignoring 2 major things.

1) if it's not food grade, then the environment it's manufactured in isn't necessarily safe and could contain contamination.

2) your 3d printer is most definitely not food safe. The likely hood of there being metal contaminations, or the possibility of lead transferred into the final product is too high to be risking a child's life over. I make sure my 5 yr old washes their hands immediately if they touch anything I've printed, because they still put their hands in their mouth with an alarming regularity.

I think you may be over reacting just a touch. There isn't much you come across in your everyday life that couldn't be considered contaminated in some way or other. By today's standards i shouldn't be alive and made it past age 10. But your kids, your decision. I would love to see some study or tests that may have been done to back up what you say though. Would be interesting to see if there is a legitimate concern or if it's what used to be called an "old wives tale". I legitimately want to know. But as i said, your kids, your decision and I'm not gonna tell you how to raise them.

Ban crayons, chairs, super balls, carpet, Android tablets, remote controls, rocks, and yesterday's fallen apple slices from the floor. My kids have bitten / put all of these things in their mouths (though not simultaneously). I don't think a PLA toy is going to be the one that does them in. Having said that, when my daughter tried to bite one of the pieces of this fun little toy (hats off to Mr. Hobson), I scolded her with a, "if you bite it, I'm putting it away!", which she doesn't want to risk.

Glad your daughter is having fun with this.

Yea, I was about to ask how big the pieces are. They would be in my son's mouth in a heartbeat :(