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2020/2040 AM8 SKR V1.1/V1.3 / MKS GEN-L mount

by neb1 Mar 3, 2019
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This is just what I needed while doing the wiring for my AM8. Everything else is "too much" for the initial build because you need access.

Thank you!

any way you could make a remix of this with mounting holes for a 120mm fan to keep the drivers cool

This mount leaves no space for a USB-B connector. ):

just flip it around 180°? (see pictures)

Then all of the power cables will be wrapping around the frame and board to connect from top.
I think I'll just rotate it around other axis to make board facing the printing area. Access to the board connectors will require me to turn the printer around. But how often do you have to get there after you've calibrated everything? That way power connectors will be at the bottom and display connectors - at the top. Just where I need everything to be.

Could you do a remix of this with the 2020 on the shorter side?

SKR V1.1/V1.3 / MKS GEN-L mount

I'm thinking about upgrading my board as well. From the connector descriptions I was able to find on the internet, both MKS and SKR will allow me to upgrade to two extruders in the future. But I see only one z-axis stepper connector on the board.
Did you use splitter for that?

...and if you don't use both extruders you can use the E1 port for the Z2 stepper (at least with marlin 2)

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I have used a splitter at times, and yes it works. Be aware though, that your stepper's current will be halved with parallel wiring. Wiring them up in series will give you better results but you will have to solder that cable yourself, while parallel wiring splitters can be bought readymade on AliExpress for less than a dollar

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Yes, I've seen parallel splitters for around $2 on aliexpress and $5 shipped from inside US. I think I won't need high torque on z-axis especially after I switched from direct drive to bowden.
I also plan to get TMC2208 which should require less power by design (compared to cheap and dirty A4988). Not sure if I will use them on z-axis, because x- and y-axes are the most used and noisy during the print, but a chance to be able to print in two colors on what was an Anet A8 in the past is very tempting.

Get the full pack of 5 pcs TMC2208, they are sold on Ali for around $20, well worth it. If you get the v1.3 of the SKR board, all you have to do to get UART mode working is soldering two tiny pads together on each stepstick and put in the red jumpers on the board.

With UART mode enabled, you can set things like microstepping and current with Gcode commands.

If you split the current on the Z axis, be aware though, the left Z stepper has to push far more weight due to the X stepper above (and probably also adding the X carriaged that homed to the left). I'd recommend to put in really low Z-jerk (0.2) and Z-acceleration(<=100) values in such a setup.

This is the adapter I used successfully but only temporarly in the past.