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Wingman | Apex Legends [Easy Print] w/ Stand

by Ryan1705 Mar 2, 2019
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Can you split the complete model in half so I can print half at a time? Thanks

Hi, ive uploaded the full model, you can easily split that yourself in your slicer, I don't want to clutter the downloads anymore than It already is, makes it complicated to download which would go against the easy print part of the name, hope you understand thanks!

Printed this one out for a friend. The parts need minimal sanding, and seem to build a really cool final model. Thanks for the fantastic work!

Ryan, this is a great model!

Do the upper and lower rails match the standard picatinny dimensions? If not, I think that would be a good way to "scale" the Wingman based on what you have already made. That way you have realistic spacing specs to rely on. I suppose you could scale the whole model up/down to match the general dimensions and then adjust the rail geometry to work with standard picatinny accessories.

That's an amazing idea! I'm not sure if the artists over at respawn made it with real-life accuracy (size-wise), but if they did, that could definitely work! the rails on here definitely don't readily accept any attachments but there's a good chance the sizing is the same.

Very nice design simple to put together, looks great on my desk

Awesome, glad you like it!

connecting the parts are soo easy. its very well and cleverly designed. thank you man.

Glad to hear it, Thanks for printing it!

Thanks alot for looking out for me, yeah ive messaged quinngoods, it was a big misunderstanding, the pictured prop is mine but they are selling someone elses, make of that what you may but im fine with what they're doing for now

When i use the main body right front upper and orient it like an n the bit for joining it to the lower is a lower than the rest of the model meaning alot of it is left floating and can only be fixed if i set z height to -0.4mm.
Do i need to change the orientation or is there something im missing

Whoops, my bad, just orient it on its side and turn on supports, i seemed to have forgot to reorient it after exporting. ;D

The file is on its side i just didnt think that that was the best way to do it, but i will switch it and try again

Ryan thanks for making this in smaller pieces this is the first gun prop that I have found that I could print on my mini v2
the only part I could not print is the stand as it is still larger than my print bed when split

This is great Ryan1705! My only issue is the top rail being too long for my Anycubic Photon.

Would it be possible for you to have a version with the top rail divided in the middle with two rectangular pegs to click them back together? I tried doing this myself on Meshmixer (using combine on one half and boolean difference on the other), but the model gets all warped due to the wireframe; and my experience with this is next to zero so I'm not sure how to proceed. I shared an image of what the model turns into after adding a single square peg-hole.

There ya go! check the files, theres a split top rail now!

Thank you Ryan1705! I will get around to giving it a print this weekend. So far everything has been perfect - I just need to sand some parts down.

The top rail is too long for my printer, (its a very small printer), Is it possible for you to split the stop rail so that i can print it?

Hey! i finally got around to doing it, theres a split top rail now! :D

Thanks for giving my file a try, I’m super busy right now so I can’t quite do it for you, sorry, but you could easily do it in many softwares like meshmixer or right in your slicer if it allows it! Just split it right down the middle!

Why does the top of the grip have the thin flaps on it?

Ah yes, someone finally found it, its an error I made while cutting up the model for printing (at 4 something in the morning), it's infinitely thin, your slicer won't even think twice about it, it wont affect the print, good eye!

Ahh alright. I was just thinking maybe it was some weird part of the construction.

hi what parts require support?

Hi! Technically none of them need support if you have good bridging, though it may be a good idea to turn it on for the “main body” pieces

Does the stand need support?

For some reason I'm having an issue with the barrel assembly, it seems as if the barrel is two big to fit into the two main front pieces. Did anyone else run into this issue? Im thinking of just reprinting it smaller, but I hope it doesn't throw off the look too much.

Mine came out fine, and i use a small MP Select Mini. if youre on cura, i reccomend using support interface and interface roof. can be difficuld to get off, but it usually comes off cleanly

yup this was high on my list of possible problems, wasn't too much of a problem for me but when you print the "main body front" pieces, if your printer is not the best at bridging, the bridge sag may cause the barrel cavity to be smaller than the required size. I recommend you go ham on the inside walls of the cavity to take off as much bad bridging as you can (you can't see it so it doesn't matter), if that doesn't work, as you said, print the barrel smaller, as long as you dont go under 90% it should look the same, if you're going to do that i recommend you try 95%, or just measure and do the math of how small it needs to be, hope that helps!

excellent model. my printer is a bit too small for the main body front pieces and the top rail. any way you could split the main body into 4 separate parts(2 for each side)? id do it myself, but it's so hard to edit an STL file and I figure you have all the files necessary to do so.

No prob, I assume you are the same guy that commented on the youtube vid? anyway, Done!

Yeah, that was me lol. thanks so much man! the Barrel part dosnt stick straight out though, i follows the wall which is slightly offset. thats easy enough for me to slice off in Meshmixer, and i think itll be fine when i go to print it since itll go into the slot on the other end anyway. just might not be a snug fit

when in doubt, bust out the sandpaper!

I too would like to know the "true to life size %" but would love a model of the r-301 from the game!

I honestly like it at 100%, if you intend on holding it for long periods of time for a cosplay or something than maybe 120% for a more comfortable grip. I love the r-301, I’ll put It on my to do list! But I’m quite busy now so don’t hold your breath

I've been looking for a fun print-and-assemble project, I think this will be it. You mentioned that it's a bit small in person, do you have a recommended % to scale up to feel more 'true to life size'?

Thanks, like I said above, 100% is alright, and is about the size which it is in game, but if you want a more comfortable hold I wouldn’t go over 120%, 110% maybe?

Cool, I'll split the difference at 115% and report back. Thanks!!

Awesome, look forward to it!

It looks really nice.
I started printing the grip with wood pla now, but what settings did you use?
I'll upload it to makes when finished.

awesome, sounds great, i used regular petg settings, what would you like to know?

what did you use for your layer hight? and did you use supports on any of the parts?
btw, wood for the grip feels already really good :P

I usually like to use 0.15mm layer heights for detail objects, minimal supports should be used for at least the 4 “main body” pieces, everything else should be alright, can’t wait to seen your make!

Thats a great idea! then you can stain it to have a more realistic wood finsih. I might give this. a try with mine!

Well done mate. Very impressed at the foresight in the design of the model with easy build and self locking as part of the design process. Thats very clever.

Thanks man, means alot!

This is amazing! One of my favorite guns in the game. Along with the Peacekeeper :-). I'm going to print this for sure. How did you finish it? Just some sanding and model paint? Do you suggest printing in say a silver filament then paint black then scuff the paint to look like its worn. I've never painted a model and not sure the best way to go about it.


Thank you! I've got a whole two-part video coming out on how I finished the model so hold on tight and keep an eye on my YT channel, it should be out soon, in the meantime, you can print out the pieces first as if you're using my methods print colour won't matter!

Great video on how to assemble and paint! Do you recommend sanding, then priming, then sanding again. Or can you get away with priming and then sanding? How well do the pieces glue together after painting. Should you try to avoid getting paint on the surfaces that get glued together?

I would usually do a really quick sanding before priming to get rid of any stringing and blobs as the primer will build on those defects and make life hard down the road, but the sanding after the primer is way more important. things should still fit together fine if you painted them separately, just try not to get too much paint on the pegs and slots, always try not to get paint on surfaces to be glued, if you do that the strength relies on the strength of paint sticking to the part instead of the strength of your glue, though if its just a display piece it shouldn't be a problem! Happy painting! :D