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fire truck toy

by sasha19md Feb 27, 2019
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This was the first thing I printed when I got my printer and 5 months later it is still my favorite thing I have printed. My son also loves to play with it. My print bed is small so I printed it at 70% scale. I am looking forward to printing the buses you designed.

Thanks, my son is the reason I designed this in the first place. Regarding the small bed, I am always at least trying not to forget that, that's why the short version of the bus (the white/blue one) also has STL files with the big parts split into two smaller ones each.

can you extrude grill/sign a bit? then it is possible to change fillament for dual-color.

Anyone mind posting what the finished total weight on this thing is? Looks like a beast, just trying to get an idea of how much filament I'll need to shell out without having to drag everything into a slicer and tally it up.

I think it was about 600g, but I don't remember exactly any more. Of course it depends a lot on how You slice Your things.

I was off "a little" - my make has 799g. It depends a lot on how many perimeters and how much infill You print with.

I split your cab into two parts for the ones that don't want to use supports

Really a very nice 3d print quality ! Nice job ;)

Here's a Playmobil Driver's Seat Module for use with 3D printable vehicles:


Of course, advancedvb's awesome remix has already provided a complete Playmobil compatible cabin, so I'm a bit late - but hey, it's always good to have options! :-)


Parametric Playmobil Driver's Seat
Fire Truck Toy - Take Apart

Any idea how this would scale up? if i wanted to print it larger. also - off hand do you know which one is the biggest piece so i can size against that?

There should not be any problem to scale it up. Regarding the tolerances, just scale the screws 1-2% more (x and y) than the rest. Test by printing one screw and a wheel axle and see if the two fit together (the screw must not be loose but it also has to go in without to much effort).
The parts to look at in this case (to see how much you can scale up) would be the ladder, the side parts and maybe the cabin.

Is the thread of die_connection_69p6mm_r5p5.stl wrong?
I need to scale down it to 75% for my printer, I know the screws will be fragile, but I wasn't expecting the pitch of the screw and die missed that much... I could not put the screw into die more than two threads...

update: I found that for cura, I need to set the "slice tolerance" to exclusive to get the threads fit...

Hi, the thread should be ok, it is the same for parts, the problem is, most probably, the scaling down, since with it the distance screw-die is also smaller. At 75% the smallest diameter of the screw will be about 4.4mm...
Anyway let me know how the whole thing turns out.

PS: For my next project the first requirement is that everything has to fit on a smaller print bed (20x20)...

Thanks for considering us who with smaller build plate :)
With some experiments, the threads are correct like you mentioned, but the tolerance is skewed a lot that I have to set both screws and die connections "slice tolerance" in Cura to exclusive for a larger tolerance.
It works now. As for the fragile problem I have to print the screw in PETG for the strength... PLA just too weak after scaling.

I remixed the ladder and sides to make it compatible with a smaller heatbed like the Ender-3 has. The ladder is cut in half so after printing you have to glue it together. I think the inner ladder first is best to start glueing. The side i also cut in half, but did a cut out and created a connection part so the two part are easy to glue together and straight. Any comment or even makes of my remix and likes is appreciated.

On an Ender-3 with 22cm bed you should be able to print the sides diagonally, no?
I just printed them this way with a smaller PRUSA Mk3s. Printed the lower part of your cut ladder, now onto the second part! I hope gluing will be painless. Thanks for posting this!

Thank you so very much! I had already hacked apart the ladder myself but I quite like your design for the sides, thanks very much

Thank you, now I don't have to cut them, One thing I don't see a right front stl.

Here you go. The connector is to glue the sides pieces together of course and has to be printed twice.

I love your design ! Thank you for your work !
I've build a Wifi RC Car based on cheap electronics components (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3133996)
Do you think that we could work together to adapt this truck on my car ?
I'm also working on another project to connect components to each other separatly (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3344570), perhaps we vould use it to connect the differents parts on you truck ?

FF RC-Car : Cheap and easy to make R/C car
Clip&block connectors

Hi, thanks, your RC project is also cool, especially the part with controlling it with a smartphone!
I would like to "merge" the two together, but (unfortunately) I dont't think I have enough time at the moment for something like this.
But I also uploaded the FreeCad project files for the truck, You are free to modify and adapt them as You want.

PS.: I may get to RC projects in a couple of years when my son gets bigger to at least understand roughly how and what is happening there ;)

OK ! I've seen your freecad project, it's a really good work. I've to admit that i've try freecad and go back to onshape after a few days...
Thanks for your answer !

I know what you mean, my son is three and i know he will love this fire truck !

Have you had any experience scaling this down? I LOVE the design but my printer bed is only 200x200x200 standard. I can scale pieces down to 65% and it appears that everything would fit on my bed. Before I start at that I was wondering if you had the means of making pieces larger than the 200mm limit into multiple pieces that could fit cleanly together with super glue? I could always just chop the piece in half but was hoping you could come up with something more elegant for us lowly standard sized bed folks?

Hi, most probably just scaling it down won't work - the screws and dies will come out too brittle. You can test this by just printing one screw, but these are about at the lower limit.The big/long parts are the two base parts and the ladder. I can maybe split the base parts in two with some joint similar to the front or back lights, the ladder however won't work, at least I have no idea how I could do that. The only thing that comes to mind right now is to make it shorter such that it fits in the diagonal of the 20x20cm bed, then You could mount it in the first (not in the last) hole in the back. But I don't know if it will still look ok... Let me know if You wan't me to try this, maybe I can find some time to do it this weekend.

If you could split the sides that would be great! I can try and fanagle something myself with the ladder, I don't want to ask you to have to go through all that for the ladder, thanks for the offer though!

I didn't see instructions or assembly...did you have anything like that?

Hi, the first five pics are views of the model, the next 20 or 30 are the assembly instructions (starting with the one were all the pieces are together). I thought this should do it. In case you still have some doubts, just ask here in the comments.

Great design, I love it!

What size would a driver figure have? Something in between Playmobil and Lego figure size, probably?

To be ones, I did not consider any driver size. I tried after that to put a Lego similar figurine inside, but it does not really fit, because the legs are actually one part.

Looking at the cabin/seats parts, maybe Lego scaled to 130% would fit. (I looked at the rear seats, couldn't really judge the front seat without assembled.)

By the way, if you ever get to Fulda, there's the Feuerwehr-Museum which should be a lot of fun if you and your kids enjoy fire fighting! :-)

I really can't tell. And the size of the seats are not really good or proportional to the cabin or the truck in general, but due to the connectors it turned out that way, and, as already mentioned, I did not really think a lot about what could fit inside. I actually did not plan any seats or so, but realized that it would look quite ugly with windows that big and nothing in the cabin.

Danke für den Tip! ;)

Wow, I just saw advancedvb's awesome remix:


Looks like the driver (plus crew!) has been added in the most professional manner imaginable!

I was actually trying to come up with a modular driver seat and hadn't even tackled the question of how to add it yet .. I'll gladly admit total defeat! :-)

Fire Truck Toy - Take Apart

Just for the record (because now I'm curious myself :-):

Playmobil figures have a nominal height of 75 mm (actual, bare-headed: 72 mm), in sitting position soles-to-back 36 mm, height 49 mm posterior-to-top-of-head (bare-headed), 36.5 mm largest width (at the hands).
Lego minifigs have a height of 40.5 mm (bare-headed), in sitting position soles-to-back 15 mm, height 32.5 mm posterior-to-top-of-head (bare-headed), 25.5 mm largest width (at the hands).

Ah, I see. It certainly does look very convincing, like a scale model made a bit more robust so that kids don't break it during play! :-)