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Ender 3 Tool Holders by JKL

by JKLambertus Feb 27, 2019
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Will this work on the Ender 3 Pro?

Although I can't say definitively, I believe it can, yes. From what I can tell, the top of the Ender-3 pro is identical to the Ender-3. If you want, I'd recommend printing the first few layers of the model, stopping the print, and seeing if it will fit. That way you wont waste a bunch of plastic on the completed model.

Thanks, I'll try it out today.

No problem, let me know if it works!

It worked perfectly! Picture attached. Thank you so much!

Awesome! Glad I could help.

Muy útil pero no me entraban bien las llaves allen

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You may have a printer or settings issue if they don't fit properly. Perhaps you need to adjust your belt tension? If you see that the holes are oblong and not properly round, that should fix it.

muy practico. justo lo que necesitaba para organizar las herramientas de la impresora. gracias

Where would the supports go? I'm fairly new to all of this!

They'll go under the inserts for the aluminum extrusion, in other words, under the T-shaped bars that slide into the top of the Ender-3.
Your slicer should automatically detect that it needs supports there, though.

Thanks...I was able to read both of your comments. So I’m cura, I see the option to add support. Do I just check that and I’m good? When I check the box, nothing appears to change in the build. If I have to manually do it, do you add a support the entire length of those t shaped bars? Thanks for the help

Oh ok, good. I wasn't sure if it let you see the first comment or not.
You should be fine if you just check the box. It should add supports automatically. I believe the problem you're having with seeing the supports is that you're looking at the default view. At the top of Cura, there should be options to change the view to 'layer view.' That view will let you see the supports once you apply them. You can also turn on or off the other parts of the model, like shells, infill, helpers (which means supports and bed adhesion helpers), etc.

Thank you so much for helping me. I did not realize there was a layer view and I also didn’t know I needed to slice it to see all things it was going to do. I have my support overhang angle set to 50 degrees by default. In general, would you just leave it at that angle?

No problem. Yes, 50 degrees should be fine. Down the road, when you're more attuned with how your printer behaves and you start fine-tuning settings, you can adjust it if you want. I'd recommend adjusting other things to where they need to be before adjusting that specific setting.

Newbalewb, the supports will go under the slide bars that fit into the Ender-3's aluminum extrusion.

To help you out a bit more, here's how I was taught to find the areas that need support and how to deal with it:

If you try printing a standing person who has an arm sticking out at 90 degrees, the print will fail without support or other modifications. It will fail because it prints in layers. the legs and torso will print fine, but once it starts on the 90-degree arm the filament won't be held up by anything when it spans the distance of the arm because the print bed is now a few inches away from the nozzle. This will result in a stringy mess coming from the arm area that honestly looks similar to Ramen Noodles. So, any part of an object that sticks out of the model more than a few millimeters needs to be supported. The exceptions are when the area is being attached on both side, i.e. bridging, or if it is at 45-degrees or less. Some printers can handle more than 45 degrees but it solely depends on your own printer setup. My Ender-3 can successfully print up to around 60 degrees before failing.

The slicers we use usually have a setting called 'Generate Support' or something similar. That is one option that will find the areas that need support and add them automatically to the model. You will then have to remove them, post-print. Just make sure to either check or uncheck the option that says 'Support from Bed Only' as needed on a per-print basis. Sometimes it's better to leave that on, other times it's not.

Another option is to tilt the model at a 45-degree angle. That will make the person and the arm at 45 degrees, making the arm printable. The supports would go from being under the arm to under the feet of the model. That will keep the arm clean from any marks from the support material and provide a cleaner, hopefully, easier removal of the supports.

Hope that was at least slightly helpful. Good luck

Just tried the latest with the extra cutter holders (great design, BTW).
But it seems something is off with the mesh.
It looks ok, but when slicing with cura, it slices with a strange horizontal gap across the middle. Tried multiple slicer changes and nothing fixed it. Also tried with slic3r, and that was showing a hole in the model as well. The previous single-toolholder version didn't have these issues.
I tried fixing it with meshmixer, but that just made a mess of it (though admittedly, I'm not great at tweaking/modifying meshes).
In the end, the only way I could fix it was to import to tinkercad, and export it as an obj file. Then it sliced just fine in cura.

I just "fixed" the file. Hopefully, it will be right this time. I think SketchUp just got a little finicky after so many reworks of the model.

looking good from cura.

Awesome! SketchUp had added a lot of unneeded lines on the model. I had to erase all of them and re-upload the model. What you were seeing must of been where the slicers got confused at what lines to print. Let me know if there are any other issues and I'll see what I can do.

Hmm, weird. Not sure what that's about. I'll take a look at it when I get a chance. Thanks for the heads up, IrishMoss.

Hi JK, would it be possible add another mod with the clipper spanner holder from V1 put on V2 also leaving the holder on the back side? I keep a pair of needle noses with my printer as well. (other could maybe benefit from having hangers spaced along the backside possibly)
If Not, maybe I can take another crack at doing a remix :)

Supastyles, I wouldn't mind making another mod/version with more holders, it'll be a day or two before I'll have it uploaded.

EDIT: Alright the file is uploaded. It's called 'Ender 3 Tool Holder Mark 2 with Extra Cutter Rests'

awesome work..
You are so good at this :)

Comments deleted.

I love this design. gets most of the stuff our of the way and secure. other one I had kept falling off.

I just don't understand where the nozzle cleaner goes on the back? I see the goove undernieth which i assume is where nozzles go.. could you maybe include a pic show these additions in action?


Sure, though I'd recommend checking out the Mark 2 version of the holder. (It's in this same group of files)

(I'll have a picture or two of each of those uploaded as soon as I can)

thanks for the pic. I printed out your version 2 and noticed the space was gone for the cleaner. Also on version 2 what is the rectangular space behind the exacto holes for?

Thanks love your work. FYI I printed V2 without supports (by accident) and after I removed the fallout of that it still works fine.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. The rectangular space is for a piece of foam. The foam goes in, then the cleaner sticks into that. I'll post a picture of that too, now that I've printed it.

ok i see. it was a lot smaller than the foam that I got so it wasn't intuitive for me to see that but I get it now :)

Just letting you know, the pictures are up.

Nice thanks man. Once again great work

Thanks, I appreciate it.

i like the design. only issue is the allen keys hang down where the X gantry wheel rides

Johnnys219, I created another version, called Mark 2, that fixes that issue. It also adds a more realistic area for the nozzles and nozzle cleaner (the nozzle cleaning needle still requires a small piece of foam to stand upright).