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Apex Legends Wingman

by Kallunke Feb 27, 2019
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Hello! I live in Canada, and it's illegal to possess a model firearm without an orange barrel marking. Could you perhaps make a file that could be screwed into the threaded part of the barrel?

Hi. here you go and let me know if it fits!

It may seem odd but paint the barrel. While it is not required where I live for models to have the same marking, I found it is easiest in the long run to do it myself. Local cop friends come over for a beer on their day off? No biggy as the tip is already panted a safe orange! Easy fix and the usually appreciate it as they can drool over the print instead of try and pretend it never existed without knowing it is a replica.

This is fantastic! I printed one and built and painted it for myself and I have friends asking me if they can pay me to print and build a Wingman for them. I was wondering if you as the original modeler would be opposed to this, credit given where it is due of course. I was also wondering if you had any social media where you post any 3d work you do as I'd love to follow your work.
Regardless this is such a cool way to model it, putting it together was super easy and I hope I can get my fusion skills up to speed so I can make something half as cool as this. Thanks!

Hi and thanks^^ no problem, feel free to kit out your friends! At first the plan was to build the model in a way that makes sanding and painting as easy as possible but putting it together, i have learned its just more fun building it with "gun parts" instead of slapping two halfs together. On the other hand the parts count and print time goes trough the roof that way, so its not everybodys cup of tea^^ And for the skills, you would be supriesed how easy it was to modell 90% of the wingman. For the most parts its just tracing a screenshot and give it a fillet at the end^^

Thank you! I found it very fun to assemble and it looks much more realistic this way. Thanks for the advice on the modeling steps I'll give some simple props a try!

I see your pinky is off the grip. How big is your hand across from outside index knuckle to pinky knuckle? I'm 6'6" and have giant hands, and I need to gauge how much to extend the grip on this if I print one.

Thanks in advance!

hi, if you want to scale it for a comfortable grip, its going to be a giant "handgun". good looking design but obviously not designed with real life in mind. the ruler is in cm and good luck

You Sir, are an absolute genius. Perfect gift for a friend of mine.
Keep up the good work. Appreciate it.

Greetings :-)

Thanks for the kind words!

Im very interested to know how you designed this, as i want to do stuff like this in the near future (its so cool!)
im guessing you used the sculpt environment and made it with primitives and a lot of work? maybe used the patch environment instead? cause it looks amazing and very complex
i would like to learn to do this, and maybe get some tips!

hi, here is a video of the design process of a different wingman model https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5mviCJdMZU&t= , its a little bit different but the idea is the same. Draw around the major parts, extrude it and give it a chamfer or fillet. i suggest to model just one side of the wingman and then mirror it at the end. hope it helps!

are there instructions to print this

Hey what infill did you use for the print?

10% and 3 walls is plenty strong enough

Thanks so much its horizontal shells and vert right?

Hi! Currently working on printing the Thermal Rise Mod. Once I am done with the full build, I'll share it here, but also wanted to know if you have an Instagram i can credit you in?

no i dont have Instagram, but thanks for asking! realy looking frorward to the that mod "in the flesh".

Can you roll out the chamber on this?
I am printing it at the moment but this would be cool if it isn't already implemented.

What way should i print the handle?

Is this good?:

That’s how I did it

anyone got any pics of the modded version, just want to see it before i go with the normal version, which btw has turned out superb , will update with pics.
gantastic model mate really is.

btw printed with 2 printers the CR10 and Ender 3,
at 1.2
infill 15% except pins at 65%
white filamntum traffic white
supports and raft on some parts, also orientated a few to work better.

thanks! havent printed the mod but here is a render

Oooooo....why you showed me that , Hahaha....
Looks even better I think.......turns printer back on....

I will just add, I did try one of the thermal break sides, and it failed , so may just see if I can print one, if not normal one is still great.
Thanks again mate, appreciate it.

it allways spirals out of controll^^

You are missing the spray paint..

Lol, mate I’ve litrally just finished it, I always do
Progression pics, this is the first of a few I guess.

Are there any guides on how to put this thing together?
Seems slightly complicated haha.
Also what paint did you use?

the break out pic is clear enough mate if you take a look, i really had no problem at all.

Ah, i didn't spot that

Put in a tip for the files. Great work!

I thought the wingman was from titanfall

apex and titanfall are set in the same universe, so it makes sense to see an evolution of the wingman in apex

Hey man! can u tell me exactly how much parts i have to print?:) and how can i slize a long part? bc my printer ist just 12x12x12cm . and could it be that you have wrong names for the files? And i cant open every file with my Cura. And your Wingman looks really really nice:)

you have to print everything except the 3 "full_model ..." , the 3 "stand..." stls and the .rar file^^ here is a good guide for slicing stls https://youtu.be/Tgc66TvEke4?t=59 . All stl files open correctly in cura on my mashine.

Thanks for your fast answer :) tried it on my home pc and it worked. I sliced everything and it looks very fine :) managed it to print with 2 printers the half of your stuff :) btw do u know exactly how much PLA I need?

glad it worked out for you :) not exactly but between 200g - 250g for the wingman without the stand (10% infill)

This is a super cool model! Did you make it in Fusion 360, or what design program did you use? If Fusion...any chance you might share an F3D file to learn off of? So many cool shapes! I guess I'm being greedy to ask though haha

thanks! yeah its made in fusion with a screenshot as referance. i just made the rough shape for a individual part ( handle, receiver,...) and the smooth lines apear at the end when nearly every edge gets a fillet or chamfer, the rest was just busywork^^ the file is way to chaotic to share ;)

Cool, man I have a lot to learn


i really appreciate all the work you do. Is by anyway possible for you to create some decent size (for table decoration) statue with APEX when you win a game like a YOU ARE A CHAMPION but with change to YOU DID NOTHING? Something like picture i attached... (if any money should be required tell me how much)

Thanks in advance


i threw something together and also included a "champion inlet" for the few time things go right^^

hope you like it


You Sir are the man! I nearly cryied when i woke up and saw email from you. Iv already sent it to my friend with 3D printer... When he gotta finish that ill post you a foto :)

A really thanks alot!
Best wishes for you and your familly!

no problem^^ just fantastic to hear the feedback! i can split the models for smaler printer if required

Hello sir!

I would again tell you i love the work you did! We made a prototype and im super excited to make it collored and finished! YOU DID NOTHING badge looks absolutely famous and i can stop watch it! I again thank you for your time for this.

But i would like to kindly ask you if its possible for you to slightly "edit" the base like i "draw" in photo i send you. Im sending what it creates while we printed it on Prusa MK3 and we need it slighty "straight" . Also im sending you printed You DID NOTHING which is absolutely awesome.

Thank you in advance


good to see it come toghter so fast! you can print it upright without support like in the attached photo. the overhangs should print fine especially with a prusa mk3 ^^ the "original stand" that you can see in the wingman pics was printed upright without supports aswell.
if you have trouble with it let me know.


thanks for advice with upright printing! It looks like profi super duper base. We have it nearly done! OMG cant wait! :)))


all done! Thanks again! You sir are the MAN!


that looks cooler than i thought^^ just great to see it come to life. and holy moly the prusa makes a fine job at printing^^

14hours - base stand
5 hours - title

Which primer did you buy? I'm from germany too and have trouble finding some proper product

i used the "Paintsystems 6 x 400ml Spritzfüller Hellgrau" from amazon but its rather thin. with enough layers its good but its the only affordable filler primer i have seen.

Comments deleted.

In the game, "WINGMAN" is also etched along the top of the gun. Are you able to add that? I love this model. THANK YOU!!

thanks and done^^

can you also make a design for a wingman where its just cut in half lengthways so i can print it twice as big without all the complicated parts?

no problem, just uploaded it or do you mean split the "other" way?

How did you paint it to make it look so "woody"?

i started with a red/brown base colour and after drying i painted over it with dark brown. the dark brown colour had a thick consistancy and i brushed it until it started to dry. when its starts drying you start to see the brushstrokes which looks like woodgrain if everything goes right. But i would highly suggest to try that first on a test piece until you get the hang of it^^

I’ve been sitting around waiting for apex Legends files to be made, thanks for the wingman

no problem, great to see the positive respons

How was this put together?

Wow this is the best one I've seen so far, hands down!
How long did it take you to print yours?
I just went through the files and calculated everything
and it looks like it's going to take my printer around 70 hours if I print it at 30mm/s.
Worth it though.

about 30h at 60mm/s but nor im done with prototyping i would go the a slower print speed as well

about 30h at 60mm/s but nor im done with prototyping i would go the a slower print speed as well

That looks great! But I think the grip may be a little short. In most screenshots, the characters are able to wrap their whole hand around the grip without reaching the base. I would love to print one of these bad boys out, but I have sasquatch hands and I'm afraid it'll be too small.

unfortunatly it is too short to grip with all fingers, but i modeled it after a screenshot so the proportion are right. if you scale it up for all 3 fingers to fit, the gun has to be 400mm+ long and that s a little bit on the big side ^^ i think even the 300mm of my model is a little big when compared to ingame.

I wish I knew my way around fusion 3D so I could add a an inch or two to the grip length... :(

to preserve the prportions you can scale up and testprint the handle until you know it fits and print the rest at the same scale.

Is the chamber deployable/removable like in the game? I realize that is hard to make but the photos don't show that.

no its all static

Are you able to cut bridge_oben in half, my printer cant fit it, Thanks!

awesome job!! nice work! I have a question, can you share the StL. of the space ship that is on the pic behind the gun? I love it I wish it is printible

thanks. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3230436 that thing is just on a other level^^

Comments deleted.

Really nice! I will try and print this myself. If I may ask a question how did you do your finish? Sanding? Painting? Input greatly appreciated as I started printing not long ago and I am trying to make some good looking props. Your "make" really looks awesome.

thanks! my go to answer for all sanding needs is filler primer (rattle can)^^ its easy to cover the print evenly and its sands nicely. the reason for segmenting the model the way i have, is that most parts can be easely sanded because of flat surfaces. just give the parts a thick coat of the filler and sand it back down until its flat or the pla can be seen. just repeat this process until it look good (i would suggest to give a last thin coat because if there is pla looking trough the filler you can see these parts after painting due to the differance in surface roughness). for this prop i made two passes of spray filler primer but its far from perfect^^ when i have bigger print defects like mutiple skiped layer (or there are gaps to fill) i use wood filler from a squeeze tube. its easy to use because its only one component (no mixing with hardener) and it dries fast. i painted all parts seperatly with a rattle can and assambled afterwards. next step was a oil wash and last but not least attacking all the edges with sandpaper again for the used look (a less scary, non destructive way is to paint the scratches on but i like to ruin my props when im 95% done^^). i printed the parts in gray/silver pla so the sanding part at the end works but its obviously not a good idea to do this when your pla colour is orange^^ i am not an expert by any means but thats my way, hope it helps

How long did this take

it was my first try at something like this with solid fusion knowledge and it took me about 10h all in all. i would expect a second atempt to be around 6h so its a fun small project.

Good job! how did you make it?

thanks, i took a screenshot in the apex armory and used it as an referance in fusion 360.

Very cool looking design, have you printed one this yet?

thanks, yes you can have a look in the "make" section

Good job for real, how long did it take to print and set it up?