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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Storage Bins for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Second Edition (2.0)

by 3D_Pressure Feb 27, 2019
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the hole is not necessary the model stays quite good when you tilt it at 90` it stays in place even if you shake it a bit

Here are some more photos 1 90° and 2 of the hole in the design

If you need more pic let me know and if you want some print send me and I'll print it 4 you

Fits perfectly here is a photo grt job as always thanks printed it 20% infill at 1.5 layer height on an ender 3

Thanks for doing a test print! Glad that it worked the first try ;-)

My questions on that design mainly were:

  • On that design, the bottom of the ship recess is flat. Do I need to adapt that (e.g. the engines a bit deeper, the tail a bit higher?
  • The "Naboo Starfighter" text is smaller than my usual texts. Is it still properly printable and reasonable stable? Not sure if I want to keep both, the "Naboo Starfighter" and "N1" texts.
  • Does the ship move around/fall out of its slot, if you rotate the organizer (up to 90°, idc too much about bottom-up behaviour)? This is always an issue with angled ship bins.
  • Is the hole in the side of the bin required, or is the bin large enough without it? Does the tail extend beyond the bin perimeter?

In addition your picture raised another question: It looks like the nose does not quite fit into the recess?

If you have any additional feedback (e.g. particular regions that are too tight or too lose), I'd be happy to receive that as well.

the only problem that I found is that there is a fault in between layer 204 and 228 its prints a hole where there is the tail

hi sorry for bordering you did you by any chance get hold of the naboo runner or the galactic ywing? thanks

ok i'll test it out and send you the final stl file thanks

Sorry for not leaving any further feedback here. I've burned a motor driver and was therefore unable to do test prints. If you are willing to help me out, here is my current N1 design. Be warned: It takes me usually two or three iterations until I upload a bin, so it will probably not fit right away.

Hi still didn't find the n1 naboo runners? I just like your prints they are flawless hope you can find them thanks for your work

Afaik there has been one shipment via air in limited quantity to the Flagship stores at release date. A larger quantity should arrive via ship soon. As the first shipment was sold out quite quickly, and my local store did not receive anything, I am still waiting. Even some official large tournaments allow proxies of those ships.

I hope they'll be available once I'm back from vacation in two weeks

I'm just getting into the game and found your designs. I am starting with 2.0. Another one of your holders,


Would that one work with 2.0 or is it better to use this one. specifically, I'm talking about all the tokens and decks. I already found your bins for the ships I have and am printing one now. But the Token box is what I need as right now I have them all in little bags which is annoying.

Token Holder (X-Wing Miniatures) for Stanley organizer

This token holder is designed for the old (1.0) token. As some token have changed their form (e.g. stress is now square and not triangular), this holder is probably not from much use for you. There is a token holder in this thing for tokens used during the game (focus, evade, stress, lock, ...) and another one for tokens only used during setup (shield, charge, IDs, ...). The setup token holder does also hold a total of eight die and a damage deck (the T-70 promo deck). There is no holder for the setup tokens and a standard size damage deck (yet).

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks for your help

did you make Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter bins by any chance?

They have not been available yet where I live. As soon as I receive mine, I'll make a bin for it. I hope this will be the case within the next two weeks.

Still not available at my local store. Some Flagship stores have received a very limited number of ships, but they have been sold out almoste immedeatly...

So I finally got around to putting all the new bins in my organizer, and I'm noticing that the new rounded ones are a bit too tall to fit flush. I'm using the Stanley brand organizer. Are you using a different company's version? The dimensions might be slightly different, if that's the case. I noticed that the newer ones are all 44mm tall, but the Stanley Organizer seems to work best with bins that are 40mm tall. I was printing a 14x Dial Bin, but it ran out of filament towards the end, and only ended up being about 35mm tall. It actually fits much better, and the dials still fit fine, without pressing on the top of the case (as long as you put them notch-side up). Do you think you could modify the rounded bins to be 40mm tall? I'm able to chop off the tops in 3D Builder, but then it gets rid of the nice text and logos you added, so the bins end up looking a bit plain that way. Sorry for leaving so many comments, but I just noticed this, and wanted to bring it to your attention. Thanks!

Yep, you are right. I switched to LUX organizer, and the bins of these are 44.5mm tall (plus 1.5mm feets). I designed my new bin style for them, and just assumed they would be identical to the Stanley dimensions - as my old bins seemed to fit perfectly.

However, measureing my original brand Stanley Organiser showed, that Stanley bins are only 41mm tall (plus 3mm feet). In addition the nubs on the top lid will reduce the available height further. I did not notice that, as I used my new bins only with the LUX organizers. I'd probably need to reduce the height by 3mm and lower the top surface containing logos and text another few mm to make them fit for Stanley organizers. While the latter should not cause any issues, I am not sure whether the reduction of total height would require a change in the angle for the dials - I think they should fit at the current angle, as long as the nubs of the lid are properly aligned with the dial.

Some bins are easy to change (e.g. Torrents and A-Wings should not cause any issues), some require a little bit of adjustments (e.g. ARCs will have less space for text and logo), and other are probably require a lot of work (e.g. the Reaper). Maybe it would be the easiest solution if I chop of the top by 6mm, and add a 3mm heigh border and 1mm text and logo again.

I think the dials will still allow the top to close, as long as you align them with the notch facing up. That seems to be the case for the bin that accidentally printed only 35mm. I'll be printing a chopped 40mm version of the Z-95 sometime tonight (probably), so I'll let you know whether the dials fit flush or not, or if the angle will need to be changed. Also, I finally tested the 3x TIE Interceptor Bin today, and the 2 top ships don't fit properly. I hadn't opened my Imperial Aces expansion before today, so I hadn't gotten a chance until now. But I forgot that I had bought a 4th Interceptor on sale anyway (It temporarily dropped to $6 on Amazon, so I couldn't resist), so I'll just print 2 of the 2x bin, and I'll be set. Thanks!

Just tested the 14x and 6x Dial Holders that I chopped to 40mm, and they fit perfectly. The dials don't get pressed on by the top either, since I put them notch-side up. If you lower the height of your existing bins, you shouldn't have any issues with the dials sticking out too far. Hope that helps!

Are you planning on making a bin for the Sith Infiltrator?

I don't own any scum or seps and am currently not planning to buy any. Therefore I am not able to make a bin for it. If you send me Infiltrators/Vultures/Belbullabs I could make bins for them ;-)

No worries. I decided to try my hand at making one myself. If it turns out good, I'll upload it to Thingiverse. On the subject of Scum though, could you make a version of the Z-95 bin with the Scum symbol at some point? I have a total of 4 Z-95s, and 2 are from the Scum expansion. Also, any ETA on the RZ-2 A-Wing?

Sure, added a scum version of the Z-95 bin.

I do have a single RZ-2, not sure if I want to buy more and if I want to make a x1 x2 or x3 bin for them...

Thanks! I've currently only got one as well, and am not planning on buying more at the moment. I haven't even taken it out of the packaging yet, so I haven't gotten to check if it'll fit in a regular A-Wing bin or not. If it does, I suppose I could just make a simple 1x1 bin for it, and keep the movement dial in the separate dial holder you made, which would hold me over until something better came along. Thanks for considering it!

Could you make something similar to Lord_Dworkin's Movement Dial Holder for 2nd Edition? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2397958

7x Movement Dial Holder (X-Wing Miniatures) for Stanley Organizer

I found that the stock bins of my organiser fit dials quite nicely, so I am currently just using those. 14 dials fit into the 1x4 sized boxes. My goal is obviously to store ships and matching dials together at the end, but it will take a while until the 1st edition bins are updated.

If you think a dedicated Dial Holder has benefits over using the stock bins I can easily create one.

That works. My organizer didn't come with any bins of that size, but I can print a few to use, until your corresponding 2nd edition bins are done. Thanks!

Here's an bin with slots... Did obviously not print it during the last 20 minutes, but it should fit. Not sure what kind of text I want to put there... As a generic dial is somewhat factionless, but an empty textarea also looks weired...

Looks great! I'll print one right away, and send you a picture.

The tolerances are a bit too tight, and it's too hard to get the dials out. Could you put more space in each slot, and reduce it to 12 or 13 dials?

That's weired. I just reassured myself that I was using the same dimensions I used for other bins (Aethersprite, Torrents, ARC,...). I've just put 14 instead of 1 or 2 copies in there. So far I did not have any Issues with tight tolerances. I can see that it might be hard to get them out, as they are originally designed to be taken out one by one starting from the side, and are hard to grab when surrounded by other dials.

To make it easier to grab the dials, I could do something like in the picture. Did you print any of the new bins (rounded corners, no feet)? Did the dials fit in there for you?

I just tested several of the new rounded bins, and the fit was just a bit looser. The picture you posted seems like a great idea, but I do think it could also benefit from the extra space, if you ditched one or two of the slots.

Hmm. Very weired. I've uploaded the .stl for the rounded version to this thing. I've checked the dimensions again - they are the same as for the ship bins you already printed (A-Wing, Z-95). Could you measure the total length of the dial bin you printed, just to make sure it was not accidentally scaled down? I can of course make a version with 13 dials, but I can't figure out why the 14 dials version would not work. I don't like bugs that I don't understand, that dial bin seems to be such a bug...

Printing it now. I'll let you know when it's finished.

The new one is perfect! Already tested it out in my Stanley Case, and the top can close without any issues too. Now it's time to print out a bunch more, since the Conversion Kits come with many more dials than I have ships. Thanks again!

Could you at some point make a 1x2 version that holds roughly 7 dials, like Lord_Dworkin's original one? The First Order Conversion Kit came with 18 dials, and I'd hate to have to print out another 14x holder for just 4 dials (I'm trying to keep everything color-coded by faction. I'm keeping the extra 4 in one of the dial bins RonPossible made in the meantime, but it'd be awesome if you could make a 7x sometime in the future. :)

Only six 2nd edition dials fit into a 2x1 version; I've put one online.

Looks great! I'll print one ASAP.

These look great, and the small ones will actually fit on my print bed (which is tiny, so that's a really impressive feat). Thanks a lot for sharing these!

Are you planning to modify the older bins to match the newer style (with rounded corners and no feet)? I'm especially interested in the TIE Advanced x1, but I'm curious about many of the older ones.

I'll probably not do so until I've first added all bins that I am still missing in 1st and 2nd edition (TIE Aggressor, TIE Silencer and RZ-2 A-Wing). After that I'll start working on conversions from 1st to 2nd edition; adapting existing 2nd edition bins to the new style is somehow the last bit on my todo list.

Maybe you can convince me to do the x1, but the general priorities are the ones stated above.

No worries. That makes perfect sense to me.

I think I can lower the model by 3mm in Cura before slicing it to avoid printing the legs. The corners probably won't be nice and flush, but it should be usable. I'll probably try a test print of that and see how it comes out.

One other question - would you be willing to consider smaller variants of some existing models that fit into a 1x2 storage bin area? Since my printer has a very small area (110mm diameter), the 1x2 storage units are about at the limit of what I can print. I get that it would be a low priority as well, but thought I'd at least check.


Could you be more specific on "some existing models"?

For example, the TIE fighter container here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2768963

TIE Fighter x6 Holder (X-Wing Miniatures) for Stanley organizer

Ron Possible makes a 6x TIE Figher Bin which is 109x79x41, and I believe it's what 3D_Pressure based his on. If you print that, along with the new 6x Dial Holder that 3D_Pressure made, you should be good to go. Here's a link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3124493

Miniature storage for X-Wing Miniatures Game (Imperial)

I can only fit a single TIE and its dial into a 1x2 bin, so it is only half as space efficient (compared to 6 TIEs in 2x3 or 3 TIEs in the L-Shape) printing them smaller. here is a 1x1 TIE bin, with no dial storage slot, if that is an option for you? I don't like that this bin completely "hides" the model (because I like to have a nice presentation while beeing somewhat space efficient), but maybe it still is an option for you?

Sabine's TIE Fighter Holder (X-Wing Miniatures) for Stanley Organizer

I like your delta 7 and arc 170 trays. grt job do you think that you'll make a V-19 Torrent tray to thanks. Keep the grt job.

Yep, I'll do a Torrent tray. However, FFG messed up and Torrents are still not available in Germany, so I will have to wait for them...

Yesterday the Republic boxes arrived, so I could create the Torrent bin. Had to do some adjustments after the first test print, and the second try just finished printing. Everything seem to fit, so I added it here.

I like the new style you're doing for without the feet! The A-Wing and Z-95 bins are great!!!


I've started using Fusion 360 over Blender, and therefore redesigned the bins from scratch. As the feets are awful for printing, I decided to drop them.

They really are. I like how the new bins are rounded at the corners too. It makes them look nicer, and they've been coming out a bit nicer when printing too, compared to the old style with the lip at the top. What bins are next on your list?

Could you make a bin for the GR-75 at some point? I saw you made a wall mount for one, but I don't have the free wall space, and I'd prefer to keep everything together in my Stanley Bins.

The GR-75 would fit a 2x6 quite nicely, and is also flat enough. However, the bin would not fit my printer, and I am happy with hanging it on the wall :D So currently I did not plan to add a bin, but maybe I'll add a bin if there are 2.0 rules for epic ships - because in that case I'd want to carry the GR-75 around?

Next on my list are TIE Aggressor, Silencer and Reaper, as I don't have any bins for them yet. The new Torrents have not been available where I live yet, but as soon as they are I'll design some bins for them as well. I'll probably revisit K-Wing, U-Wing, T-70 and T-65 X-Wing as I have more models than bins, and want to print them in the new design.

Awesome! I'm looking forward to them all. :)