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ActoBotics Inline Channel motor mount

by Charlie_root Feb 26, 2019
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How did you get the cord on the battery in the first picture render? Did you create that yourself, or were you able to find a CAD somewhere? I have only seen the CAD version where the wires go off into nothing.

If you made it, it would be great if you would be willing to upload a .step file of it to use on robot CADs.

Oh, sorry, (haven't slept for 24 hours because engineering notebook) but did you mean you'd like to use the battery or the mount for your CADs ?

Umm, I don't want to sound like some elitist or anything like that but, like it says on my personal page, the software I use is Blender, which is poly-based so, unfortunately, no NURBS (i can import NURBS-based model such as a .STP (converting it to polys as I do) but I can't export NURBS so ... i work in .OBJ)

Quick fix first, explaination later : I usually provide my models as an editable "Cage mesh" to be used with SUB-D modelling in order to achieve the same effective functionality as a CAD model

for printing and non poly based software, i also provide a dense mesh which, AFAIK can be imported into and worked with in otherwise NURBS-focused software (if you want to use my models, use the high polycount ones, but if you would really need a proper CAD, use the low density ones and set your surface control points at my cage's extremities, should be pretty quick if you have some "snap to vertex" functionality) but there's one small caveat (because this is our first year and I'm learning Blender as I go, when i modelled that I didn't yet have a habit of using SUB-D so, we're stuck with one badly topologised, and low mesh density model) sorry ... i don't think we'll have any incentive to remodel it because our season just ended yesterday with the conclusion of the nationals (before you ask, ArchiTechs RO028, Romania: nationals (126 teams total) #31/ division (of 63) ) for links see my profile)

also, modelling cables in Blender is like really really easy (Blender is more of an artist's tool than a engineering workstation but I use it because it's FREE AND OPEN SOURCE and because unlike other companies like autodesk trying to sell you a program for each taskset, blender is completely able to cope with ANYTHING in the production pipeline, anything from modelling to photorealistic rendering to animation, physics simulation ( rigid body, cloth and fluid) to 3d camera tracking and vfx and even compositor based photo editing) that means I use the same program, with the same shortcuts to model and desin our robot, edit the team's introduction video, batch edit photos, Blender is realy a replacement for ALL Autodesk and Adobe products combined and that's why I like it so much

it's a community working hard, to get a free program become better and better, with developers making it groundbreakingly better after each release (seriousely the upgrade from 2.79 to 2.8 is like the awesomest thing) while autodesk and adobe are just cherning out patches

I also like it because it's stable (blender, a free program) NEVER EVER crashes and NEVER EVER fails to autosave a state (haven't used many other programs, but I can't say the same thing about 3dsMax or solidworks) and Blender is also FAST , like, really really FAST, it launches in literally 0 seconds (not even kidding) and imports/exports in less than 5 seconds, moving around, the interface is very snappy and works n any potato (don't know for sure but I've heard from engineers that you need at least 16 gigs ov RAM before you can even THINK about designing in something like CATIA) versatile once you get to use it and the controls are being slowly decided upon by the community's feedback from the devs, meaning that, after countless thousands of hours of use, the community pros' settings usually get streamlined as much as physically possible and that becomes the default
Did I mention it also runs on Linux ? Did I mention I use Linux (basically for the same reasons :)))

I'm not saying this is a healthy thing for an engineer to use, because noone would hire a blender 3d designer, but for our FTC team (which is very small), it works more than fine and it's actually pretty good and because of the fact that you can be precise only when you need to, I'm able to churn out decent models way faster than "properly" modelling them in "proper" CAD software

Thanks for the reply! That makes sense about Blender being polybased. I hadn't thought about using something like blender for the robot CAD. I might need to look into it for rendering. I don't think Fusion has video rendering capability. Also, you are from Romania? That's cool. We know a couple of teams from there. Sorry about not getting to Worlds.