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Mini Flame Wheel Style Quadcopter frame.

by tosjduenfs Nov 14, 2012
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It looks like the arm holes for the motors are at the wrong size for the 2204, for what motors was this quad designed ?

Which motors should I use and what are the prop sizes?


I'm a newbie mcnooberson and when I am printing the arms, once it gets to the end and starts printing the extended mounting slot, the mounting slot melts during the printing and becomes malformed. I'm using PLA which on the box says it has a print temp of 190C - 220C and I've tried both ends of that range. I'm using 25% infill but not sure what else to check / change. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated (and a shipped 6 pack if so inclined)

need to slow down print on small tall areas to give it a chance to cool, and turn fan on, look for settings in slicer.

Thanks Fireflynj! I couldn't find any settings that allowed me to conditionally slow the print speed down but by reducing the overall speed and putting a fan in front of the printer seems to be the magic ticket. Thank you for the advice!

With glow in the dark PLA, this thing is fun at night!!

Is this a scaled down version of the standard F450 if so do you know what %? Looking at printing a few add-ons for the full size 450 but smaller.

Love the simple design. Just printed one and will put up photos as soon as I mount the hardware. One modification I would recommend, based on my own experience and comments from others here, is instead of single holes for mounting the motors on the arms, how about mounting slotted holes, a la Peon230 (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:629338) and other printable frames? That way a slew of potential motors could be used. For the 250-sized quads I tend to prefer 2204, 1804 or 1806 motors, none of which look to be direct bolt-on motors for this frame. I am a complete novice when it comes to 3D CAD, otherwise I would take a stab at it myself. This is a minor quibble, as I love the flamewheel style in 250 size. Great job, thanks!

Peon230 - Quadcopter
by Tech2C

There are some arms posted that have different mounting holes. I printed one and my iPower 1806 motors fit perfect.

greats! looks very strong

Love it, and am flying it with a 4s setup and a multiwii board. I have designed a small crash cage and a mini camera mount.

My crash cage is here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1161781

My mini camera mount is here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1173213

The only thing i think i might add to the model is a set of holes in the bottom plate to facilitate accessing the bolts and nuts for each arm.

Mini Flame Wheel Style Quadcopter frame crash bars
Mini cam bracket for the Mini Flame Wheel Style Quadcopter frame.
Comments deleted.

Could someone post a list of components that I need to purchase and where from?

I fly this frame with a KK2.1.5 board and turnigy 1450kv motors on 5" and 4s battery. and it flies very well, altough my qbrain quad speed controller doesnt quite fit properly!

Hey, dude can you help me with the KK2 PI Settings? I cannot manage to tune them. By the way I got 1704 turnigy multistar.

what is the max prop size we can use? it looks small for 10" props

This is a 275MM quad, max prop size is either 5 or 6 inches, there is no way 10" would fit.

I made one of these and I'm really excited to get it in the air, but I can't quite be certain EXACTLY what motors will fit. Seems to be a 14mm bolt pattern...if you've purchased motors you like for this, will you please post a link to them?

just get yourself a good set of 1960-2300kv motors (2300kv should do it, I reccomend hovership motors) and just tweak the design to fit them. Either do that digitally or just use a 3mm or 1/8 in drill bit to lengthen the mounting slots if theyre too short. 2204 size motors are common for this range kv, they are 16x19mm mounting holes, so theyd be easy to drill out.

I use the top plate of this as a 'universal quadcopter frame" with 12mm wooden booms cut to size.

Made a remix of the bottom plate (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:609289) adding the holes that I use, so I could attach my mobius.

Thanks for the great design!

Mini Flamewheel Quad Bottom Plate for non-standard booms

Is there any chance of someone making the arms with 12mm motor mount holes? That way it can be used with the very common rcx 1804 motors without adapters.

Will this thing fly a Gopro camera?
Running 2400kv motors, 1500mah battery.

hello guys,

can i print this quadcopter with ABS because i am new to 3d printing amd i have only ABS plastic ?
it will be weaker and it will destroyed easy ?



yes you can use abs.
you can reinforce the model strength using acetone vapor bath

hello guys,

can i print this quadcopter with ABS because i am new to 3d printing amd i have only ABS plastic ?
it will be weaker and it will destroyed easy ?



hello guys,

can i print this quadcopter with ABS because i am new to 3d printing amd i have only ABS plastic ?
it will be weaker and it will destroyed easy ?



I finally crashed mine hard enough to break an arm. I broke the two starboard arms coming in waaaaay too fast while losing altitude. Nothing else broke. The arms snapped right at the top and bottom-plate junction. I printed them in cheap chinese ABS, .20mm height, 40% infill, 2 perimeters.

hello guys,

can i print this quadcopter with ABS because i am new to 3d printing amd i have only ABS plastic ?
it will be weaker and it will destroyed easy ?



hello guys,

can i print this quadcopter with ABS because i am new to 3d printing amd i have only ABS plastic ?
it will be weaker and it will destroyed easy ?



ABS is stronger than PLA you'll be fine

i wonder if this frame would fit parrot AR vitamins..

did someone try and put a NAZA Lite on this quad? Just asking...

Hey tos, can you make a parts list on what motors and esc's you used please

I am very new to the quad-copter scene. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with build, parts and electronics selections. I have the frame printed, the frame itself looks pretty cool but that is as far as I got :( Most of the comments here mention the motor...but what other electronics would I need? Can I put a GPS with this frame as well? I would really appreciate if someone could educate me on this subject or at least share links where I can find specific answers for building a quad-copter. Thanks.

Is this the BC FPV guys?

Hello all,

Would it be possible to export the files to something that's a bit easier to use than sldprt? Really, anything else should hopefully be a bit easier to find. I love this design, but it doesn't work for me as stock and I'd love to be able to modify it as opposed to starting from scratch..

tarek : )

Have you been able to record a video of this flying?

Hi, I was wondering if anybody could tell me the frame size, motor-to-motor diagonally? It looks to be about 330-450mm, but I can't be sure since nobody really mentions frame sizes on thingiverse.

What size props is everyone running??

Made, modified,waiting for Hobby King parts to fly it.

Could you post the list of parts you used to get this to fly? Motors? ESC's? Flight Controller?


I made my first tests this week: this quad is really great! I'm using 1811-2900 kv motors, 10A ESC, 3000mA 3S battery. The quad flies at 45% throttle, has a good autonomy, and is really powerfull! The only drawback is its weight (because of the battery): when falling (I'm a newby pilot!), things brake :o/
I plan to redesign the arms, with a rib at the bottom, and a hull, to save propellers. I'll post new pictures (and a video) soon.

Are you really using a 3S battery? What motors?

I thought about using those batteries, but I find that the 1500 mAh batteries are the best balance so far. I haven't had a chance to try any in the 2k range.

Hi tosjduenfs, Made one and uploaded a picture. Love it! Thanks so much.

Do you have a link or any more info on the battery you're using? I'm having a hard time finding one that'll fit. Or have you taken just any 3S and mounted it underneath the base plate? Thanks.

Great model by the way. I used ABS at 20% infill; 2 perimeters and 3 layers top/bottom and it's come out beautifully. Really sturdy.

would you be willing to export in a different format? I would like to try this with plywood...thanks in advance

What format are you looking for? It is posted in stl and sldprt format.

dxf, eps, ai, pdf...anything that can be open in a vector based program. or even a top view wireframe render would help, I could vectorize it and share your design in such format

Hi tosjduenfs, I am thinking about adding a few mods to your frame such as esc mounting brackets and wire guides on the quad arms. Can you share your solidworks files?

Sure, I'll post them up in a little bit.

That would be great thanks. I can almost see this thingy flying over the weekend...

I posted the sldprt files, go nuts!

Can you explain what "3S batteries" mean? Thanks

Sure. Lithium batteries are categorized by how many cells they have in series and how many they have in parallel. A 3s battery is 3 lithium cells wired in series, so the nominal voltage is 11.1v. If you see a battery that also has a p in the designation that tells how many cells are in parallel. So a 3s 2p battery has a total of 6 cells two sets of 3 batteries are wired in series, the two "series" packs are then wired in parallel to double the capacity of the battery. Equivalent to putting two 3s (1p) batteries in series.

Thank you for sharing this really nice design with the community! I'm going through your suggested parts list and have mostly figured out what I need to order from Hobbyking. However, I don't know what sort of 3S battery to get. Can you share your HK part number? Also, what ESC are you using? Thanks!


  There are mounting holes for KK2 and CC or anything with similar mounting patterns.Mike

What flight controller did you design this frame for? What FC are you using?

Well the hobbyking website is down right now otherwise I'd give you a link.  But I used the 18-11 2000kv motors with plush 6A escs, 5x3x3 props, and 3S batteries.

2000kv!? that's very much... you can't buy them on hobbyking for quadcopters!

could you give the link now? ;) and also a link to the props :P

Excellent! I'm in the process of printing one now. What motors do you recommend for this?