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Mean Well LRS-350 PSU Hinged Cover for Prusa i3 Full Bear Upgrade

by fasteddy516 Feb 24, 2019
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Hey Fasteddy516.

Would you consider doing a lid with the following changes?

Remove the fuse holder and redesign the C14 power inlet to hold an C14 with a power panic board. Fuse is build into the C14

Here's a link of the part for viewing: https://www.amazon.ca/Prusa-Voltage-Switch-Wiring-Harness/dp/B07PM5HZS3/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=mk3+power+panic&qid=1558292249&s=gateway&sr=8-1


I would gladly attempt to make a lid that accommodates the MK3 power panic board, but I would need some fairly precise measurements on those parts. I don't have an MK3 myself, so it would be a "print it, try it, report back any issues" deal. If I can get measurements - and you're not in a huge hurry (I've got a lot on the go at the moment) - I can give it a shot.

I will assist the best I can. Here is a link that may be helpful: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3373172/files. Title: Zaribo PSU Meanwell RSP-320-24 & LRS-350-24 Cover Netzteil Gehäuse with PowerPanic

The first and second file show the C14 with a fuse holder. This is the one I'm looking for. I don't know if the STL file will help you or would I need to talk to the creator and ask if he would share the measurements.

Your thoughts

Zaribo PSU Meanwell RSP-320-24 & LRS-350-24 Cover Netzteil Gehäuse with PowerPanic

It looks like motocoder created a simple PSU_plug_with_power_panic_board object in Fusion 360 for dimensional purposes for his cover design (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3348838). Using that object as a reference, it looks like everything should fit within the confines of this cover as well, although the depth might be tight by the time you get the power panic board and associated wiring in.

I will post a new version of the faceplate in the next few days that you can try out. One other thing to note is that my original design is for an MK2.5 Bear, not an MK3, which means the mounting 'foot' on the back of the case will not line up properly on an MK3 Bear frame. I can make the necessary modifications to provide an MK3 version, just bear in mind that I don't have an actual MK3 to test it on.

Mean Well LRS-350 PSU Case with Rear Plug for Prusa i3 Bear Full Upgrade (R3)

Thank you Fasteddy516. I do appreciate it greatly. You mention the foot on the back of the case would not fit on a MK3 Bear Frame. Mine seems to fit no problems. Picture included.

You're absolutely right - I just verified how everything fits together in Fusion 360 and the lower PSU mount lines up perfectly with the foot on the back of the cover. I assumed that with all of the the differences between the MK2.5 and MK3 Bear (different (stock) power supply, different offset between the rear V-Slot and Z-Axis V-Slot, different lower PSU mount part, etc.) - there was no way it would all still line up. I'm happy to have been wrong.

One thing I did notice is that - when mounted on an MK3 frame - the outside mounting plate connecting the Z-Axis V-Slot to the Y/Side V-Slot looks like it may interfere with opening the hinged cover. Are you able to get your cover open (while still mounted on the frame) without it hitting the mounting plate?

The side mounts keep the box far enough from the frame which gives plenty of room for the lid to open and work inside. I'm not near the printer to take a picture of it but it is good.


Good to know - it looked really close in Fusion 360!

I've posted updated front panel configurations (including the Fusion 360 source for all of them). I checked the fit and spacing of the plug/power panic module (based on the previously mentioned Fusion 360 model), and it looks like everything should fit fine - there's some extra wiggle-room in the cutout just in case.

If you print it, please let me know if it works out - if so, I'll remove the "untested" note in the description.

I have downloaded both single/dual switch power panic lids. I will let you know by the weekend how it all fits.

Thanks again for all your efforts.

What was the second switch used for? Looking for ideas. I didn't see mention of it's use unless I missed it.


I use the second switch as independent power control for my Prusa MMU2 - it lets me shut it down and run the printer in stock single-material mode without having to disconnect any cables. I honestly figured people would be inclined to start with the blank cover plate and customize it for different components, but I've heard from more people who have just used the same components that I did and found a use for the second switch.

A friend of mine printed a modified version of the cover (she mounted it outside of a Lack enclosure) and uses the second switch to control a 12V fume exhaust fan.

I've heard from a number of people who use the second switch to control power to LED lights around their printers.

im using your model as the base for my bench power supply base, the fact that you have provided the "source" file, is spot on, and the MW supply model was a nice bonus. i will finish and post it as a remix. even if i haven't printed it yet, this is what i was looking for.

Glad to hear it, and looking forward to seeing how the remix turns out!

Any cover the blocks the connections from prying fingers gets triple house points from me.

Making it even better with a modular power cable socket wins 2 more house points.

5 points for Gryffandor!