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T-34-85 Tank

by forest647 Feb 21, 2019
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a question
What are you controlling the Tank with?
With what is the arduino programmed, so that it moves?
With an application? And if it is with an application with which?

I guess I can help.

It uses an arduino based bluetooth joystick.
By the way, I did not wanted that, so I adapted another arduino code for using the Android RC car bluetooth app. See my comment below in the thread.

There were 4 questions actually :)
There are some info in the comments and in the video. One word: Bluetooth


Thanks for your work, I'm currently building it. I am a complete beginner with arduino, and I'd like to know what do you use to control the tank ? What is the "transmitter" ??

Thanks and greetings from France!

Hi! the transmitter is an arduino with HC-05 bluetooth or could be a phone ;)
Another thing you could do is to use a 2.4 transmiter and receiver and get the PWM through arduino and send it to the motors. This is currently in progress now on the next model :)


Thanks for your answer. I finally understood how you designed it.

I'm still learning, but I went a different way, using exemples (mainly the Tiger 1 RC from Rammelhorst here on thingiverse) I am rewriting the program to use the Android Bluetooth RC car, with progressive start for the motors, so not depending on a mapping between joysticks values and effective speed.
Electronic is different too: an Arduino Uno + L293D shield, making it very easy and clean to wire !

For the RC control, did you check the Openpanzer website / forum ? They did a really nice job to have a very complete solution. It can be used with Arduino Mega.
It is my next step in my learning curve.

I am also trying 3d printed shock absorbers, it shoud be nice to replicate the T34 Christie's suspension...
Will be the next iteration !

Again, thanks for you work, What's your next model ?

Have a great day!


In the video I covered the electronics (around minute 2:00) I have used.
I used thingiverse as a platform for the design and not for electronics ;)

I'm looking forward for the suspensions !!!

My next model is called "The Grrriper" and it looks like on the image :)

Have a nice day !

Good Job , Sir

could you take a picture ,
how to fix the big wheel with the 623 ZZ bearings and m3 bolts

hi, have you somehow solved the cable connection to the tank tower so that they don't curl up and the tower can spin around?

Hi! I have used a 3.5 mm jack male and female - they get interrupted some times but at least they don't tangle :)

it is absolutely brilliant. Could you send a photo or link to a pin-shaped connector? Thank you

I used this cable: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/7132ANL4YlL._SY355_.jpg
I cut it and used the male and one female. I used Ground on the stripped wire, VCC on the Red and Command on the Green.

you can add a list of purchase parts you need for this (screws, bearings, electronics etc.?)

Thank you for your suggestion :) !
I've used the following:
12 x 623 ZZ bearings
2 x 698 ZZ bearings
1x arduino Nano
1x HC-05 bluetooth module
1x H-Bridge L9110s for DC motor
4x 18650 battery and case
2x DC Motors - https://ardushop.ro/en/electronics/64-dc-motor-3v-6v-gear-148.html
1x DC Micro Motor - https://ardushop.ro/en/electronics/371-micro-motor-with-reduction-gears.html
1x servo
Many M3 nuts and bolts - (different lenghts) and lots of patience :)

Hope this helps !

10 x 623 ZZ bearings
2 x 698 ZZ bearings

on video i see more bearings

You are right, the 2 front guide wheels have 4 bearings each, so this makes 12 x 623 ZZ bearings.
I have bought more than needed, and it was the only picture (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmtvaULC_Ls&feature=youtu.be&t=138) I took with all of them, before starting the assembly. Sorry for misleading...

Hi, how much parts (25_T34-85_Single_Track_1, 26_T34-85_Single_Track_2 and 27_T34-85_16_Tracks) I need?

Thank you

Hi, I used to 70 total links per track, so 2 track would have 70 simple pieces and 70 with pin pieces.
I have created bulk track pices for an easier print, but it can be used also single ones.
It is always good to have some extra :)

its... its... so...
I hate you :)

Its soo great

Oooo ThANK you :)

Ok, cool, but... where is the video?

Sorry my friend is was not ready on youtube at the time when writing the THING :D
So here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmtvaULC_Ls