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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Creality Ender 3/ MKS GEN L Standalone PSU Enclosure

by Hangtight Feb 20, 2019
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any chance we can get a board mounting remix for the skr mini e3?

any chance we can get a board mounting remix for the skr mini e3?

If you can find an accurate model of the board I might be able to sort that out.

Hey man, great work first of all. I was wondering if you could send me the Fusion 360 files so I can do a little bit of tweaking. I got a He3D K280 and I want to move all the electronics out from under the heated bed. I have the MKS gen L , Raspberry Pi, my mosfets have different mounting holes and my psu mau be bigger or smaller. Any help you could offer I would appreciate. PS. The previous owner built the darn thing upside down...

The STEP files for all the components are up in the files. The F3D files probably wouldn't be a whole lot of use.

hi, I really like this standalone. can I ask is this can be add mks gen 1.4 board?

Hi, would it be possible to get the step files to do some remixing?


The STEP of the assembly is now up in the files section.

Gday James, Love the standalone case, have printed one for my ender 3 and just set it up, its great !! expect a make to be posted soon. In fact i love it so much, ive decided to use it for my Anycubic I3 Mega which im in the process of relocating the electronics and changing motherboards to MKS GEN L. Any chance of grabbing the step files so i can remix the Mains_Input_Terminal_Cover.stl to suit the anycubic psu ? have already sorted the mounting of the psu to the existing chassis plates and bases, just need to remix the Mains cover to suit.

A STEP of the assembly is now up in the files section.
Glad you like it, and thanks for taking the time to say so. It makes all the difference.

I'll try and remember to post them up tomorrow.

Do you have a list off all the M3 hardware to put it together.

I just started this upgrade to my Ender 3 Pro. Great idea. I cannot wait to start printing this now.

The fans are wired just to constant 12v via the buck converter correct?

When I looked at the power supply fan it was already 12v therefore that one should be plug and play if the wires have the same connector otherwise soldering the original plug will be required. The case fan needs a buck converter only if you want a 12v, if you desire a 24v they are available in that size and would plug in the gen l board like stock one did. Same for parts cooling.

Is there room in there for an automotive fuse block? Seems like not only a good idea, but a handy way to distribute power. Most are rated for at least 24v and 30A per lug. 4-way is probably sufficient (Printer, Bed Mosfet, Fans, Pi) but the 6-way below isn't that much bigger.

Like say: https://www.amazon.com/6-Way-Blade-LED-Indicator-Protection/dp/B00QMTAZ1W/ref=pd_sim_263_4/131-1964164-5009863?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00QMTAZ1W&pd_rd_r=2a44907d-4b3f-11e9-953d-eb4809cbb88f&pd_rd_w=y6Kx1&pd_rd_wg=mSXRK&pf_rd_p=90485860-83e9-4fd9-b838-b28a9b7fda30&pf_rd_r=JN7417GDG4JMWP07AC98&psc=1&refRID=JN7417GDG4JMWP07AC98

It would be a bit of a squeeze...Power distribution is already taken care of by the fact there's three sets of terminals on the PSU. Perhaps an extended terminal cover with a bit of space for a couple of inline fuses?

Are the fans always on constant speed, or driven from a PWM somewhere? I messed up and got 12v Noctua's with 3pin connectors, and of course I don't have any suitable plugs to make up. How long did you have to extend your steppers?

The parts cooling blower is driven straight from the controller, but I use 12v fans for the hot end and the case fan and run them via step down converters. There are mountings fro LM2596 buck converters under the main control board.

Request. I've just received my BigTreeTech SKR V1.3 board from China and in attempting to install on the MKS Gen L component, I note that there is a slight offset in the position of the USB Type A port. The SKR V1.3 also has a micro SD card on the mainboard. Would it be possible to use these pics to create a part for this mainboard in your enclosure series? I'm happy to have a go in meshmixer if you're up to your armpits :)

I'm kind of up to my eyeballs at the moment, but I'm happy to send you the 3D model files if you want to have a go at remixing it accurately.

That would be ace. I’m starting to get into using fusion 360 so working from a known good model would help immensely.

Email is in my profile I think but I’ve also messaged you on FB Creality Ender 3 support and mods group

Hi, did you manage to remix this for the SKR v1.3 board. I'm looking to do the same.


Hi Nurglexp,
Sadly my Fusion skills pale into comparison with those of Hangtight and I'm afraid that I didn't progress it. I did shoehorn in the SKR 1.3 and ended up printing it as designed and then filing away sections from the lid of the compartment to accommodate the USB and microSD card slot - still fiddly even with enlarged holes.

I've had a go in Tinkercad to try and remix it to get the cutouts right for the SKR 1.3. I've published the remix but not yet printed. Hopefully it's OK.

I'll mail you the whole assembly.

Stupid question but is there an optimum print setting for these files? I've been rotating them to lie flat against the bed and after 4 failed prints on 0.2mm layer height (with and without z-hopping) I've reverted to 0.4mm layer height and 1mm z-hop and using Tree supports in Cura.

I suspect I need to recalibrate the flow on this new PLA but just wondered if you had any preferred settings for this series of parts, including which orientation to print them in...

NB I am not saying that there is anything amiss with the files - just my printing of them.

and I went with 0.4mm layer height and big z-hop because I wanted a quicker print to see if this was an issue with leadscrew (so far the 0.4 has got further into the print without a layer-shift but I'm watching it like a hawk).

I used to have a BL Touch but it is no more so this is on a manually levelled bed with upgraded springs and a Creality glass bed.

I printed everything at 0.2mm layers. I take it you're using a large nozzle at 0.4mm layers? Everything prints flat on the bed, with the only part needing any support being the window in the terminal cover that houses the mains connector. I should get around to flipping all the parts flat at some point, as at the moment they're still as modeled.

Thanks! Have decided I was being too ambitious by attempting to cram too many objects onto the bed. One at a time will be better (I hope) and if that fails, I'll up the v-refs on my Y axis as that is the one that keeps skipping and giving me layer shifts

Where did you find the wiring harness? also what is the purpose of the heated bed module that you have listed?

I made the wiring harness. The heated bed mosfet removes the high current required by the heated bed from the onboard components and routes it through a more substantial device.

Did you find that you actually needed the external mosfets? It is my understanding that since the Ender 3 is 24v, the on-board mosfets on the Gen-L are more than capable of powering the bed directly. Is this not the case, or was this just over-building for robustness? BTW, LOVE your designs. I am getting ready to install the V6/Bondtech mount on my E3. Really great minimalist design, and very clearly had a lot of thought put into it. Thank you for sharing your hard work! Let me know if you have a patreon/donate link setup.

Feel free to tip me via Thingiverse. Thanks. ;)

Glad you're enjoying the designs. The off board mosfet was mainly because I had it laying around. It does remove the largest single load from the tracks on the board, but as you noted the GEN L seems to handle the load fine. The on board mosfet does get warm where the larger off board stays stone cold.

hmm interesting, so I'm guessing you just had the plugs then to make the wiring harness? Also do you know what the plugs are called that are on the steppers?

The stepper plugs are JST PH 6 pin connectors.

These the plugs I used in the loom. Plus a mini Deans for the heater cartridge, and I reused the stock XT60 for the heated bed.

Alright cool thanks I have a kit ordered now with 2pin-7pin plugs so I should be good. Thanks! I think I can get it figured out from here. I just couldn't find the name of those dang little plugs haha.

I am also curious how you wired the PI up, as the power port comes out on what you are showing as the bottom

The Pi is powered by a 5A buck converter wired direct to the GPIO pins.

hello, how many space for motherboard here , for bigtreetech SKR-V1-3 ?(110*85mm) ?

Also I was curious about your wireing? How did you wire everything up?

Hey just for those interested I came across this power supply replacement cover so cutting and drilling the stock cover isn't necessary. I'm working on a beefed up version that you can mount the fan on the outside.


MeanWell LRS-350 Replacement Top for Scythe 100mm fan V1.0

Hi, I’m in the midst of getting all the parts together and making this thing happen! I am using stock Ender 3 Powerr supply, have MKS board, raspberry pi B+, the specific fans listed and a few other things on the way. Will be a pretty sweet enclosure for all of it once together. Thanks and I’ll upload some pics when done

I love this, does it have brackets that let you mount it on the frame or is it designed to be a standalone solution?

It's a standalone unit.

Really neat idea, interested in seeing how it turns out after print. I was curious are you taking the PSU out of the case and installing the guts or just fitting the PSU in the case?

This simply bolts around the PSU.

ahh ok then you just opened up the psu and drilled holes for bigger fan shroud?

Yep. Take the cover off, drill the mounting holes for the shroud and cut away the part of the cover in the way.

Thats what I thought but wasn't sure. do you have any more photos of the finished build?

There are a few of it as a work in progress added to the images.

ok yeah I seen those, Just wasn't sure the progress you had made on it and if you had on fully assembled. I'll keep an eye out for updates though this looks like what I'm needing. I want to put my ender in an enclosure and mount the boards on the underside of the enclosure. this would make it super easy to have everything enclosed and compact. Its a little hard to judge by the pictures but is there a spot on the housing that tabs could be added to for a surface mount? I would assume the board side would have to go down since the PSU fan is on the other side but maybe on one of the sides?

also what size fans did you make room for?
also also what is left to test? it looks like from the pictures everything seems to fit pretty well?

Fans are a 60 x 25 internally and a 80 x 25 ( Noctua Redux) for the PSU.

You mean the 80x25 replaces the PSU internal fan, or something else? Also, are these oriented as intended for printing?

Yes, the 80 x 25 is mounted to the ouside of the PSU using the printed housing in place of the internal 60mm fan. I still need to go through and flip parts around into the correct orientation, but it's fairly obvious, and apart from the part that houses the mains connector, all parts print without support.

awesome I have an 80x 15 i can just make some spacers for it so i would just need a 60. Not sure if you have time to add the tabs if not which files were you thinking would work to add tabs to i could probably add them in. Thanks I think I might start printing parts for it.

I can add tabs to the two base plates, and edit the fan housing to suit a 15mm fan. Give me a couple of days.

No need to mess with the fan I may end up getting a noctua fan eventually. I can just throw some spacers in it. The tabs would be appreciated though Thanks!

I'm just doing the wiring. Everything fits. It has a flat under side and is designed to just sit on a flat surface, but it wouldn't take much to add some tabs for screw mounting it to the wall.

So I got bored over the last few days and got the stl's put into fusion360 and all assembled. Mainly because I just bought a Meanwell power supply which is much thinner than the stock so I found a cad model of it and lined it up with the case you made and made some adjustments and added to the plug piece at the bottom to accommodate for the gap. also went ahead and added some tabs to where I wanted since I already had it all in the model. I have to replace the MKS board on my printer after that hopefully I can get back to printing and print this out. It's about the last thing I need to do before I can officially put my printer in its enclosure. needless to say I am excited to get it all done.

You plan on making your remix available? I have a pro with a meanwell and would love to see your changes.

ok there ya go let me know if it works lol I think it should as long as the model I got for the PSU was accurate. also let me Know if you print it with supports. I think it should be good without them.

Thanks much.

Yeah I do, I was going to post it as soon as I got it all printed and tested but I could add it as a work in progress if you're ready to try it out. (takes quite a long time to print the whole enclosure lol plus I'm in the middle of doing loads of upgrades and mods so I'm not printing much at the moment)

Im ready. Im in the process of printing the original parts, so id give your remix a try. My board is on the way, and ive ordered the fans too. I understand that its a work in progress too. Thanks in advance.