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Modular Tops

by crashdebug Feb 20, 2019
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I just wanted to commend you on these designs. I've only printed enough parts for two tops so far, but I was very impressed with how well they worked! My kids are loving them!

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! :)

Whistle. I'm loving these tops. Any chance of a whistling one?

Interesting concept, I'm tempted to try creating one. My printer is currently out of commission but maybe I can squeeze in a prototype in the next few days.

I'd be more than happy to print it and try it :) There is a start wars top with a whistle that you may be able to assimilate!

Well. Being left handed does affect the tops. No biggie, I'll just use a launcher! More importantly. Your top design for an inverted top isn't working for me! I did B10 at 80% infill and HR01 and it will not flip over. Have I got something wrong? These are great BTW. I love tops and this gives me a lot to play around with.

It's difficult to get consistent results with the inverting top - the center of gravity and friction between top and surface seem fairly important. It took a lot of experimentation, also with different lengths of the handle. For me it works about 50% of the time on wooden floor, but it does not work at all on a glass surface for example. It also took some practice to spin it fast and still give it a slight tumble to help it invert.

All that said, it's quite possible that the overall shape and parameters are not optimal, the relatively large size and weight may also be a disadvantage to make it invert reliably.

Okay. Thought it was something I'd missed. Loving it anyway!

Hi. Love these tops. Was wondering. I'm left handed which means when I spin the tops they would unscrew. Is there a way for me to mirror/reverse the patterns?

That's a good question! The threads would be "reversed" if you mirror the parts along the x or y-axis (e.g. by scaling them by -1.0 or -100% in x-dimension).

In practice however, I don't think you will manage to unscrew the handle by spinning it left-handed. I only ever had this issue when pulling really hard on the starter-cord with a heavy body attached (e.g. starting the fly-body upside-down with my right hand). So it might not be worth to go through the effort of mirroring the threads, maybe try printing a single handle/body/tip combination and test if it is an issue :)

I haven't finished printing it all out yet. Had a mishap with the handle. Hopefully you're right! Edit. You're right. It doesn't unscrew. These are great.

Absolutely phenomenal!

really really cool work and a great toy i have come across after a long time on thingi ! keep up the good work

Sorry for my english, im french
Nice design, i love it
B09 copter dont launch, whitch part do you use for it please ?. other models & disks are fantastics, thanks

Sorry, the propeller shape of B09 "copter" is more for visual effect, it will hop out of the starter if you spin it fast, but it will not really fly.

There is also B12 which can actually launch into the air about 2 meters if you spin it fast enough (recommend to use longer starter cord for faster spinning). You should combine B12 with the smallest starter handle HS02 to keep the weight down. The kit is primarily for top construction, so the flying is more of an experimental bonus feature! Hope this helps :)

Love these! really nice product, quick question though, are the tips with the balls using BBs?

I used a 5 mm metal ball bearing. From what I've found airsoft BBs are 6 mm which is probably too large for the tip to be pressed in. It's a good idea though, maybe I'll add a 6 mm version!

Yes Yes Yes! Please!

Yes, please!

Great products! the best spinning top so far. Very descriptive introduction. many choice. It is like shopping in Target, you know.

I really like the versatility of your designs. Any chance of supplying a longer handled "Starter"? BTW: The 3 year old loved another "Thing" like this but every time he dropped it, the driver post would break off. This looks like a much more rugged design. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the kind words. I'll see what I can do about the starter, everything is quite small to keep it compact and portable. I will post a reply here later today when I have uploaded a modified version.

Thanks in advance!

I've added a simple longer version of the existing starter, it's twice as long! Check the updated pictures/booklet, hope this helps.

Wow, you even updated the doc! This should be a commercial product!

I started this booklet documentation thing, now I have to see it through I guess! Nice to see somebody noticed my effort :D

Comments deleted.

My 3 year old grandson thanks you (and me too)! :-) He loves spinning things. Anything to pull kids into the real world rather than virtual reality is a good thing. Thanks again!

Great work! The only part that doesn't work for me is that the top, starter cord and starter don't all fit together. Any tips?

Hi, two things I can think of what might go wrong:

  1. Only some of the handles are starter-compatible, those with "HS" in the name (HS01 etc.). But I assume you got the right one here.
  2. The first few layers of the starter cord may be wider than the rest (also called "elephant foot"). This can happen when your printers bed is not level or the nozzle height for the first layer is too small. In this case it might be very difficult or impossible for the cord to fit in the starter. A solution would obviously be to adjust the bed height/leveling, but as a temporary fix you could also try printing the cord with 1 raft layer which you have to remove later (should be an option you can selection in your slicer program).

Thanks for your help! I printed cord with raft, but still wouldn't fit. Do you think that resizing the starter or starter cord would help any?

I think I found the problem - the starter stl did not have the correct orientation for printing. If you did not flip it before printing the overhangs would likely have caused a bad printing result. I've corrected the orientation now if you want to try again.

Hm, could you post a picture of the parts - especially the gear on the handle and the starter cord? This could help pinpoint the problem. I can only assume that your printer calibration might be slightly off - functional parts like this rack and pinion mechanism need relatively high precision even though it has some slack built in (about 0.5mm).

Comments deleted.

So much thought put into this! Excited to play with these with my son.

Thanks! Hope you will like it :)