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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bullseye Mount for CR-10S PRO

by ValleyBot Feb 19, 2019
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Thank you for the excellent design!
Can you tell me what screws you used to mount the radial fan adapter to the bullseye fan duct?

What probe offset from extruder do you use in Marlin for BLTouch ?

i use -44 y axis and -10 x axis
Also I set to edge avoidance at 30 mm which keeps me from hitting the bed clips

Will you make a fan adapter for 5015 fan?

The stock sensor mount from your other set is too long for this mount - basically have to cut it off at the bottom of the lower bolt hole - I've got everything printed, just haven't gotten around to mounting (needed some bolts)

Also, eyeballing it looks like the sensor will be offset more than the default firmware - so might require some adjustments in the EEPROM to get the mesh right (not sure if it really makes a difference or not as haven't installed)

Otherwise it all seems like it should go together well.

Ok, so, I went to assemble the duct to the base and I was trying to insert the nuts in the slots (I think this is what I am supposed to be doing)

My m3 nuts and MUCH larger than the holes for them to go in - so did I somehow print this wrong (everything else seems fine) or do I just need to try and file those openings larger?

In the model the holes are 5.6 mm x 2.6 mm. If yours are printing smaller then that it may be your slicer settings. M3 nuts do seem to come a variety of sizes and maybe yours are larger. What do yours measure in at? Are you using lock nuts are regular nuts?

I must have some over extrusion - the hole openings are measuring about 5.3mm and the M3D nuts I have are 5.5mm. So it looks like I need a very slim file the shave them a bit.

I will have to put some calipers on the hole and the nut when I get home. They are regular hex nuts - were they supposed to be square nuts?

Normal hex nuts are fine.
Try heating a nut in a candle flame for 5 seconds while held in needle pliers, then slide the warm nut (lol) into the hole. Dont go too hot as you dont want to "melt" the model, you only want to displace the plastic to make some room. With some practice this can work well.

I tried this - actually using a gas stove, but it didn't really work - partially because I printed this with high infill and walls.

I was able to use a screwdriver and a hammer to force the nuts in, and they fit pretty well inside - I think if I had just filed the opening a bit large it would have been ok.

Unfortunately for me, the bolt threaded onto the nut wrong and I couldn't get the bolt to back out - so now I have to print a new base :)

However, I measured the nuts again and they are about 6 mm from when measured at the points - I think it might be better to make the hole more like 5.8mm to give a little more clearance - but maybe that will make threading the bolts hard later?

You want the nuts to slide in along the flats. Thats what keeps them from rotating when you tighten the screws. They should be a snug fit.
The M3 nuts I have on hand measure 5.35 mm x 2.25 mm.
I could make the slots slightly bigger if you want to try that.
Edit: I added a file called BIG-NUTS. The slots were enlarged to 6mm x 2.8mm. Give that a try and see how it works.

I’ll print one of each when I get home and see how it goes - getting them the slide along the flats is a bit of a challenge when you have to smack them in with a hammer :)

in Simplify3d it not sliced correctly

Can you post a screen shot so I can see where the problem is?
I uploaded a 3.5 version that has a fix done to it. Can someone try slicing it in simplify3d and let me know if it works?
Seems to slice fine in cura and Slic3r

thanks for the fast response, the new modell you have created sliced fine in S3D. I have attached pictures of the old and new Pieces.

Thank you - I didn't notice this problem in the slicer and thought I had an issue with my printer.

Excellent i'm glad it got solved and thanks for the checking on that. I'm still new to this 3d stuff also and am learning as I go.