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Tiny FPV Tank - Inspired By Tiny Trak

by JaniKabalin Feb 18, 2019
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thx for noting information who to setup taranis

Why did you change the license to no derivatives? There's been several really neat add-ons to your already awesome design.

Because someone tried to sell my design in a fb group.

Hey, very cool project man! I'm planning on building one myself. I usually build drones so the hardest part is learning servos and 3D printing parts that work. It would be nice if you did a setup video for this or at least link to (1) a continuous rotation servo like the FS90R or (2) mention that the servo you use needs to be modified to work.

I’m releasing a new version soon so I’ll probably make an assembly video. Thanks :)

Excellent, thanks a lot!

Which exact battery you are using?

MyLipo 255mAh 1S HV

I need you to make a video how you set up your taranis

Me again ... my tracks (printed in TPU) are to long (see picture) and they slip off the wheels while driving.
When I remove a segment they are so tight that the servo stops spinning.
the slot for clamping is unfortunately not enough - any hints ?

How do you screw the wheel to the servo / cutted servo arm ? (Which screw & size ?)

The one you get with the servo, or any that fits.

Guys, you need a receiver with pwm outputs! Use elevator or throttle channel for forward and aileron or rudder channel for left & right. Receiver with ppm or ibus/sbus outputs will only work with flight controller.

nice design, where can the battery be placed?

It fits inside the canopy, soon I’ll release a new version with a lot more space for electronics.

Wheels are too big so notches don't match track and also makes track too tight.

It "works" but isn't perfect. I can tell from the model pic and others that they are having the same problem.

How did you control it?

Look at other comments.

Comments deleted.

Such a cool and legendary project! One suggestion about the description: Change PPM receiver to PWM receiver. Servos need PWM ;) And I know that you link a receiver that can in fact do both, but it could cause some confusion :). Keep the great designs coming!

PPM is right. Servo RC are driven by PPM signals, PWM are similar, but another kind of signal.

I have to disagree. Servos are driven by a PWM signal, since the information is encoded by Modulating the Pulse Width, hence Pulse Width Modulation, PWM. It is different from PWM used in, for example, switched power supplies, but it is still PWM.
PPM stands for Pulse Position Modulation. The pulses in PPM have constant width and the information is encoded by changing the distance between them. Moreover, PWM is used to transmit information only about 1 channel, while PPM usually carries values for multiple channels. I recommend looking at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Servo_control

Nice Thing but the wheel diameter is not correct. It's to big so that the tracks doesn't fit :/

Maybe you printed the old version because I fixed that a long time ago, it is fine for me, and as far as I know, for everyone who printed it. PM me if you need help.

I printed the actually Files, 2 days ago

Are you using continuous rotation servos or modified servos?

I’m using the servos from the description. Modified them for continuous rotation.

can you link to info for how to make these continuous rotation? Really cool design, setting it up to work with my x9e and romp in the back yard with my son.

Where is a page for the drone from first picture?

That’s a Tiny Whoop

Hey would it be possible to get some print settings?

0.2mm layer height, 25% infill, use supports for wheels and canopy, print canopy in the upright (camera hole on the bottom)

Any chance you would be willing to post the original design files? STLs are hard to edit and i kind of want to make somemore accessories for this thing :)

I really love this design it is by far my favorite toy i've found on thingiverse

I love it, the chains are printed on PLA or TPU

Whatever you want :)

How would you wire this to the receiver? and how would you configure this in open tx/qx7?

Just solder the wires to the pwm or ppm channels on the rx. Setup and mixer is the same as for a delta wing

Also curious for the mixer setup for this. I dont have a clue how to set this up. Idealy i would like to use the right stick to control forward and backward and left and right and just use one stick for it all.

Also how a 2s lipo would work? I have a XMR frsky receiver and curious if it regulates the voltage to the PWM channels.

I think that it doesn’t.

So just a 1 cell lipo would work?

Or you could use a 5V voltage regulator but i think 1S is enough

just a little build tip, if you print the tracks with a brim, and dont remove the brim until after the pins are in, its very easy to get the track assembled :)

Wow, nice update! Finally photos of the real thing! How fast it is going? (I never played with modified servos)

Fast enough to have fun :)

Comments deleted.

What do you use to see the video? Tablet, phone etc?

Nice design, a nice looking little tank. Can you post a picture of the electronics inside.
I want to build it, the can i see how it fits inside. Thank you. Thumbs up :)

Awesome little model!.. so I assume the servos have to be modified in order to function as drive motors right? or am i missing something? I feel like im missing something.. Anyways this is fantastic, Feel like I want to add some kind of launcher and a fan to cool a mini VTX. Thanks for the design man. And also, if you could let me know about that servo thing that'd be swell..

Thanks :)
I was thinking about adding a fan for the vtx too... Maybe in the next version.
And yes, the servo needs to be modified. Here’s how to do it: https://youtu.be/zV_5wUo7Kxs

This servo mod might be a bit better if using rc gear :) https://youtu.be/XUm2nj7te8E

Or you can buy 360 servos specially designed for robotics or the same price as the typical 9g servo.

This little guy looks awesome, excellent work.

Why does it look like mold injected plastic?

It is a rendered model

yeah ive just measured the parts for this, and it wont work with a standard servo. Nice model though.

Just scale it up to whatever size you need in your slicer. Of course you'll have to figure out the correct bearing size to use and the new pin size for the tracks. If you're any good with a CAD program such as Fusion or Tinkercad then you can pretty much customize it to whatever fits your needs.

I just updated the instructions to build it. I forgot to mention that the servo’s screw tabs need to be cut off... sorry.

links to the parts you used would be useful as would the information regarding your control method and any programming used....

I believe the photos are just renders of his design, this has not been made into a working model yet. The designer has given us a platform to which add components of choice. It could have been designed around specific parts or easily modded to fit your needs. A lot of work has gone into designing this, If you are interested in using the design, maybe a little effort from you will be required.

I’ve printed and tested this model and it’s working fine for me.

Please add the videos and photos!
Good stuff!