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Toothpaste-Squeezer with rachet

by The_E Feb 17, 2019
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The base seems to be better printed on its side. That's because the ratchet spring is really weak if it's printed upright due to the layer lines being parallel to the direction of shear. I printed one last night and the spring broke almost immediately. I plan the reprint with the base oriented such that the spring is on the bed, which will provide maximum strength, but I don't know what that will do to the slot.

I'm curious if there is a reason you made the slot in the base off-center instead of right down the middle. It seems (to me, at least) that it would work just as well and might be a little stronger if the slot was right in the middle of the base. Just a thought.

I actually had it centered at first, but the slot in the key didn't grab the toothpaste-tube tight enough. More or less by accident I figured that it worked better - at least with the tubes we use - when the slot is off center. That's the only reason.

Interesting, thanks! Sounds like you've looked at it quite carefully!

I just don't want to publish half-cooked meals. I think it's just not fair to let other people try out if your design works. If someone finds a way to make it better because he sees something I didn't, that's fine by me. But if you download something and print it just to find it doesn't do what it's supposed to ... I find that extremely frustrating.

why dont you edit this and just check the box that says its a remix and then paste in the link or search for it.. then it will show up as a remix of the original ;)

Maybe we have a different understanding of the meaning of 'remix'. I didn't change anyone's files. I didn't use any other file than the ones I built from scratch. So in my opinion it's not really a remix, don't you think? Colt produced the M16 while Kalaschnikov produced the AK47. Both ar assault rifles which work basically in the same way. Would you declare one of them - or any of the assault rifles on the market today (at least those which are not just modernized versions) - a 'remix'? Then, I guess, Chevrolet, Chrysler and Ford are just remixes of the horseless carriage Mercedes ;^)
I mentioned the author because I liked his idea and wanted to compliment him. I'm sorry that upset you.

oh ok.. i didnt know you made it from scratch.. i saw the key part and figured you used their design and just changed it a little.. im not upset :P and you dont have to point guns at me to make a point... enjoy your anger!! :)

Thanks for the hint. This is what I call constructive critisism. I'll try to get it done as soon as my time allows me to.

I meant to compliment you on the design before I went into my suggestion. I think you've made some great improvements on the original and I look forward to printing it once you add the locking tabs.

So far I've tried a few different ways, but in the end it always failed because it wasn't printable anymore. The only way I could come up with would be to print the key in parts and glue them together ... and this is something I just don't like. So, tomorrow is another day, maybe finally I'll figure something out ;^)

Based on the "MOD" versions you uploaded, it appears to me that the prongs could simply be cut off where they begin, rotated 90 degrees around the central axis of the spindle, and rejoined. You'd still need supports, but only between where the prongs start to the open end of the spindle. The nice thing about doing this is that your ratchet wheel should be OK as-is.

EDIT: I did a quick mod to the spindle in TinkerCad (attached).

Thanks! I'll try it out as soon as I'm finished with my current project.

Have you considered adding locking tabs at the "open" end of the spindle to hold it in place? You could make the tabs so that you simply squeeze the open end of the spindle together to disengage them and allow the spindle to be removed. It would likely require that you remove the cross-brace in the spindle hole on the ratchet wheel; you should be able to key the ratchet wheel to the tabs to keep the wheel turning with the spindle. The tube should provide enough outward pressure to keep the tabs locked.