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Toyota Tacoma/Taco V1

by Alexby Feb 14, 2019
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Would you happen to have files for the windows love this print been working on it for last week n a bit post pics when done. thx

How did you model this? It may have already been asked, but how accurate is it to the real truck? I'm wanting to design a winch bumper for my truck and am looking for a model to mock it up to.

I use blueprints from the internet and have no idea on how accurate. They give me a 2D front side and overhead outline that I use to extrapolate a 3d model. Not accurate enough for your purposes.

this thing is so chopped up i cant see where people are having an issue with their printer not being large enough whats the biggest piece in this design? size wise

hi love the print if you ever up to it the 05 to 12 quadcab 6' box very popular hint hint. im 3/4 through taco1 will the doors fit from taco 2?

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Can It be printed un a Ender 3d ? Or its too small the printer ?

waaaay to small dude

Awesome Design. Its on the list of things to print for my Scx10.2. Would you be able to design up an H1 Hummer? Pretty easy body lines so would probably be easier than this tacoma lol.

What’s everyone doing for the bottom half? Wheels, suspension etc.

Scx10.2 RC chassis would work perfect. That has a 313mm wheelbase.

Can anyone tell me how filament I need to print this?

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I'd like to sell it to my local Tacoma group, of course, with your permission and commission to you.

I don't need the commission but so I understand, are you selling the file or are you printing the body and selling the print?

Thank you. Selling the print. Have you printed? Any settings recommendations?

That sounds great to me. I haven't printed yet but it should print well. Maybe instead of payment you print me out one some time in the future. My printer is pretty small.

That'll work. Where are you located?

Sweet!!! I messaged you.

is there any way that you can make the cab one piece it's over 30 hours and a hell of a lot of support two printed separately pieces

Bueno ese diseño......ahora un Pajero 4x4

Toyotas rule! Nice work bro!

New files are up there. Let me know if they work now.

looks perfect thanks again,, now nissan patrol GR 2.8 y60 :-)

Thanks. I don't know that vehicle but it's cool. Consider it added to the list.
BTW If anybody wants to trade printing for a design file that would interest me. My printer is sort of small.

Older diesel powered 4x4,, wanted to trade no problem, but im located in denmark and shipping is insane also my printer is only 300 x 300

Yeah, shipping would be an issue. What is your favorite older diesel. Something that isn't available commercially preferably. I'm gonna make a plan next but I have a list of vehicles to get to.

http://www.cadnav.com/3d-models/model-10665.html thats my favorite, also the toyota 4 runner is pretty nice, uhmmmm have alot 4 x 4 i like so hard question really ;-)
but nissan linked is no where to b found as fare as i know

Thats bad ass and pretty easy to make. Thanks.

haha yes for you maybe,,, but not for me,,, thanks again buddy now printing tacoma

awesome thanks

Non ce n'est pas pour vendre. Je ne me permet pas de faire du commerce avec les travaux des autres personnes.
Je vais juste essayer de faire un lodele pour mon chassis et rajouter la partie arriere

Holy hell. I took on too much with this one. But I'm done and treating myself to some Mexican food and a marg! Whooohooo!

très bon travail , si je peut me permettre, je demande autorisation de le reproduire a l’échelle 1/10 , 1/8 et 1/4 si vous le voulez bien sur, car je le trouve super et en France, il n' y en a pas un comme celui ci , il manquera plus que la partie arrière a trouver et j ai déjà une idée. Merci

Do you want to sell it? Some of this is geting lost in google translate. My wife speaks some french but nothing technical.

I'll be loading a more finished version and it should work for all your needs.

Thanks buddy

niceeeee cant wait for the bed to be added,, really amazing

niceeeee cant wait for the bed to be added,, really amazing

fantastic grejt work

nice car ,it´s to big for Ender 3

Yeah. Too big for everything now. Needs to be sliced into pieces.

Jaw droppingly amazing.

Well done, bloody well done.

I'm keeping a close watch on this one.

This is coming along great!
If you don't mind me asking, how are you modeling this?

Is there any way you maybe could do the hood with no scoop as well? Keep up the good work. It looks great.

Cool idea. It's up now with two hood styles.

Thank you so much. Really nice work. Really nice.

Excellent work! Any chance of getting a second gen (05-14) Tacoma drafted up? Either way, I will be printing this one. Also, what scale? And do you think I could scale it down to 1/35th scale without the walls getting too thin to print?

I think your right. I was seeing some 2001 bodies. I don't know how soon but yeah. I just look for things that nobody has made. I'm probably going to model a plane next. I want to make a rubber band powered Piper cub that can be 3d printed. I figure kids would get a kick out of that. Also thinking that the new electric pick up called the Rivian would be unique. Appreciate the ideas.

Yeah, that's all I am seeing are 1st gens. The plane would be cool, and a rivian would be awesome and fitting!

I've looked around and I think there are some second gen bodies available. Am I wrong about that?
1/35 would bring the wall thickness down to just over .3mm. Pretty thin but my printer could do it. I'd be worried about getting the supports out without destroying it.

Excellent work yet again! I look forward to trying this one out on my printer once you get it completed.

Should be good to go now

Much appreciated! I should have some time over the weekend to get more done.

Roughly what scale is this going to be? 1:10 ? 1:8 ?
Good work so far. I will be watching for the finished design for sure.

1/10 scale 313mm wheelbase

It's looking great! :D Nevertheless I think it was better for printing if you seperated some of the body parts (f.ex. the roof and the front lights). Thank you for sharing! :)

Good call. The front lights are crazy weird.

ohh anothe awesome body :O

Ha. I'm, feeling the need to finish this one.

I wish I could paint as well as the computer can render. : )