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Rose and stem

by patwik Feb 12, 2019
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Turning out great. Only had to use supports on the two dropping petals. Printing a dozen now!

Such a beautiful design to have the flaws. Here is a picture of one of the spots in Meshmixer. It looks like a simple fix, but I can't figure it out. I am relatively new to this and I can't get it fixed. Can anyone else? Thanks

Yes, in FlashPrint it complains and needs an autofix. The result is a hole and/or imperfection at one of the sides of the rose similar to what you describe. Am not in place to send a picture with the Guider IIs result, but will do later on.

Thank you for your rose! I print it in my practice class! And my classmates think it's a good idea!

Thank you so much!!
Printed without problem.
I will give the rose to my wife a special day in Catalunya Sant Jordi!!,
The 23th April is Sant Jordi the Rosa and Book day in Catalunya.

From someone who has printed this with S3D, did you use rafts or supports for the rose? I have tried this several times and am not sure what the inside is supposed to look like, or if I need to use any infill or supports. My finished product looks nothing like these pics. Thanks for your advice. I am using a translucent PETG and going to put a light in it, so I am using 2 layer walls, if that makes a difference.

Yes, I use a raft for the rose. And the rose does not need any supports.
Try printing with layer hight 0.16 mm, layer width 0.4 mm and 15% infill. Two walls are fine.

Maybe I found something; In the Advanced tab, the 'Merge All Outlines' was checked. When I uncheck that, the model looks much better in the slicer; without fill-looking material all over it. Could that be the solution?
Please see my earlier comments and questions below...

so that was it! I am well pleased with this design and now I can actually print a good representation. Thank you!

ok, I set up my printer with your recommended settings. With the 15% I got the first result; the first picture of the red rose. Then I put the settings to 0% infill and even looking at the slicer I can see what appears to be a lot of infill; second picture. No ones rose has that in their pics. What am I doing wrong? I really like this print, can't seem to make it come out correctly. Thanks for your help!

Comments deleted.

Thank you so much! I'm gonna try your great suggestions! That rose looks so great, I was just not wanting to give up!

Printed fairly well on a CR10S Pro using Cura 4.0.0 (Mac) with variable layers active, using generic green PLA for the stalk, and Eryone Silk Gold metallic PLA filament. Some fine stringing on the petals - nothing a hot air gun couldn't fix - but otherwise pretty satisfactory. The stem was problematic - even with support, I found it wobbling and then collapsing mid-print when I printed it at the default orientation (with the wide end down). I recommend printing the stalk right way up (screw thread at the top) with quite a lot of support, otherwise you might lose it around halfway too. I did try printing the stem horizontally (again, with support) but although it came out at full length, the result (seen in the photo attached) wasn't pleasing. The half-length stem attached to the flower in the images was preferable, even thought it was cut short to about 10cm rather than the full length, which is around 20cm.

There are a couple of small holes (<5mm) in the lower side of the flower - not show-stoppers, but they stop it being perfection and make it more naturalistic. I couldn't find a mesh repair setting sufficient to fix it. I try to convince myself it's just the result of an insect eating the plant! :-)

Overall, a nice design, and more organic looking than some other roses on thingiverse - I can't see much duplication or repetition in the petals, which is good.

Yes, I see the holes are in your rose print also. Anyone know how to fix that. They come up as errors in Slic3r PE.

I was curious if you had suggestions on how to the supports on the stem? My file lacked that.

i found that if i laid the stem on its side and rotated it just slightly the spikes don't need supports as they will all point up, only the stem does. doing it this way i didn't have to make my stem shorter to fit my print hight.

Print the stem in upright position with three perimeters. Do supports from the bed, past the threads, and up to the overhang, about 0.45 mm from the part.

Thanks for the level of specificity! I'll post how it comes out.

I am having a problem with the bottom of the rose. There are some spots there that are not smoothly rounded. They look as if they have been cut out. Those spots end up giving me holes in the bottom of the rose head. If they were not there I could print it with only a raft and no supports. Can this be fixed? Thank you. This is a beautiful design!
I plan to give them and a vase to my wife, my mother (she turns 98 this month), my granddaughters, my daughter, and my daughter-in-law.

Haven't printed yet, but if print with ABS and some acetone vapor, it will look Beautiful!

Made it all white. Just usual PLA. Printer - CR-10S. Standard settings.

Hope you appreciate the little tip I sent you. A friend offered me cash for one so I figured I send you some love for your work. Very nice work. If possible I’d like to see maybe some tulips or lilacs those are my moms favorites

Thank you very much! :-)

i like it very much!

Stem can be printed on CoreXY printer only.

Too long and too flexible, so on a xy printer, when arrive to half of stem, buse stick to it and failed

But very good Job... rose are very good and beautiful....

i found that if i laid the stem on its side and rotated it just slightly the spikes don't need supports as they will all point up, only the stem does. doing it this way i didn't have to make my stem shorter to fit my print hight.

Printed stem on Creality Cr-10S. Stem was bending at the end while being printed, but.. survived. Surface is a bit bumpy but workable.

I printed 5 of them on my Ender 3 with no problem

did you have to slow it down? I printed it on my Prusa MK3S but the last 60mm is all deformed so I am thinking I need to reduce the speed considerably for the last 60mm to prevent it getting all deformed and blobbed.

I used 3 outer walls and z-hop for the stem. That could help.

I sliced with simplified 3D and it had the last part printing st about 30mm/s

How did you get it to change the speed for the last few layers? I have Simplify3D and I can't seem to work it out...

Hi aronmarden, in your profile settings under the "Speeds" tab:
On the right there's a block called "Speed Overrides". I checked that and set the "Adjust printing speed for layers below" to 20 sec and the "Allow speed reductions down to" to 10%. I was able to print it fine on my MK3 :)

s3d does this automatically for you based on your speed settigs i printed it at 30mms