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Chess - Classic Set

by SteedMaker Nov 7, 2012
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This chess set is extremely well done, thanks for sharing.

In Simplfy3D, I found that scaling to 800% is pretty much perfect for standard sized board. I haven printed the stand yet, but initial estimates look like it needs to be about 1500% to fit the pieces at 800%.

Okay I have resized the chess set and uploaded the updated models.

Sorry about the scaling issues, my program has a problem with exporting consistent scaling through STL.

No worries, the work scales perfectly and the work is excellent. Curious though, I sometimes put my own work on the slicer programs print bed, get it positioned just right or make a kit, then save that as a new STL, can't your slicer to that?

For my early models (this was was one of the first), I had exported the models as an STL directly from the modelling program. Now I do exactly as you suggest by exporting those either from Makerware or Simplify 3D and that gives me consistent results. When I have time, I need to go back and reexport these models. Like you say. it is small issue since it scales fine.

In the first image it should the figures printed in a translucent red material, can anyone clarify what filament was used ?

The translucent red image is actually a CG (computer Generated rendered image). The others are all the real thing. I included that just show how it might look with different material. You might get that kind of result from a printing service like Shapeways.

Could some one possible make a file where it's just 8 pawns. since my printer does not like printing all 16 together, and I don't want to print the pawns individual. That would be awesome thanks :D, and I have tried dream spark and blender neither one want to be nice and work with the files on my computer. :C

You should be able to do that yourself, most software lets you do this. Bring in one copy and then duplicate it. As examples, Makerware and Simplify 3D both will do this. If you are still stuck let me know and I could easily do that for you.

I hadn't tried Makerware or Simplify 3D, I will try them out thanks. I tried in autocad some other ones but it wouldn't load the stl. File correctly, and/or personal errors on my part. But again thank you. :D

The King measures 1.75" (44.45mm) base diameter and the chessboard has playing squares measuring 2.25" (57.15mm).

In Netfabb, rescale to (Scale factor X):
Pawn - 15.850,
Bishop - 15.123,
Rook - 14.433,
Knight - 15.414,
King - 12.814,
Queen - 14.390

All will then have a base of 44.45mm
If you want to keep the size ratio the same, and resizing the king as above, increase other pieces by 1281.4%

How much should each piece be scaled to get them to fit a standard chess board? I don't want to waste film going threw trial and error so if someone could tell me what the used i would appreciate it.

It should be fairly easy to do this. Figure out the size of a chess board square then resize the King to fit on that square (because that is the largest piece) and then resize all the other pieces by the same aspect ratio as the king. I don't have time right now to sit down and do that but I will try to figure this out in the future - in the mean time if you figure this out post your results here. My square set (thing file) should be pretty close so one might use that as ball park size scale.

I need to know how much, for the whole set, of filament it uses to create these items.

That depends on your settings. More in-fill and more shells require more plastic. Not sure how much plastic my sample printouts took. ....with the right software you can get an estimate of how much plastic a build will take (e.g. Simpify3D,)

Thank you. That is very helpful. I am not actually the one with the printer. I'm in school and my library has one and they charge me by how much plastic it uses tor create the object.

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Hi! I tried to download the king2.stl and queen2.stl but they are way to small to print. I really like the design though.


Yes, you will have to resize any of my stl files. My program has problems exporting in the right size. The thing file should be fine if you use a Makerbot.

Nov 2014 Update: I have now updated a lot of the details and fixed a number of minor issues. Hopefully that improved printability. I have even made minor changes since the photos were taken based on larger prints. I have also included a knight with no support and included a square layout to get a bigger build area while printing the entire set at once - worked great on my Makerbot Rep2. Tweaked the King, Queen, and knight. Note, these are hires models so the file size can be large and slicing can take a while.

Comments deleted.

When I do 3D Printing presentations, I show your chess set as an excellent example of things designed for 3D printing. I was able to print all pieces, except the knights, without supports. I'd like to ask if you'd redesign the knight, so it didn't need supports under its chin? Also, it's ears are very delicate, and I've already broken two ears. Could you make the ears a little thicker, or shorter, or less pointed, or something else to make the ears stronger?

I have now uploaded a version of the knight without the built-in support. Added a bit of weight to the ears.

I have tried to improve the knight and rook. The knight still has support under the chin - no getting around that unless I bend the head up and then it would no longer look proper since this is a classic chess model. I really didn't address the ear issue - maybe next iteration.

Thanks! I finally got to print the new knight, and it looks great. The thicker ears look much more durable, and I didn't need any supports thanks to the new chin design. I've uploaded a picture in the I Made One section.

I had no problems printing the knights without supports - that is why I put the structure under the chin but I could try to put a bit more there. yes, the ears are probably a bit too delicate. I will try to find some time to do this, once I have don that I will update the files here.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks SteedMaker!

Thinking your rooks should only have 4 spokes on them and be way thicker. But I love the look.

Okay I have attempted to make the rooks crown thinker on this version.

Well now I've got to print ont.

By the way, don't delete the old ones, tho. Keep an archive.

What are using to slice it with?  I used Makerware (medium quality). and didn't have a problem.  I would suggest trying it with RepG.

Tried to Slice your STL, but every time, it crashes (Slic3r) after one hour or so......