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FT5 713 Maker Dual RJ45 Mount (Ultralight)

by Hollywood0967 Feb 2, 2019
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Your write-up says "The screw holes for the aluminum plate were designed using the supplied drawings, so they are accurate.". Do you know where I could get those drawings? My ultralight is an early version, without the accessory holes, so I'd need to drill and tap the holes to use this mount. I wrote to 713Maker asking if they could tell get me a sketch showing where the holes are, but no reply as of yet...

A small sheet of paper came with my parts kit, which had dimensions for the accessory holes relative to the bottom of the part. None of the other dimensions were supplied, but I got carried away and reverse engineered the rest, really just because I could.

I'll see if I can't dig up that sheet and post pictures, but I'm afraid I may have lost it. At the least, I'll upload a snapshot of the sketch in fusion.

Would you be interested in some kind of clamp on or snap on version of the model? I can't guarantee I'll have it out soon, but I wouldn't mind taking a shot at putting out a model for those of you with the older parts.

The guys from 713Maker replied just some seconds ago and sent me files of the drawing from that paper (files attached below). So I'm good for now.

A clamp-on version would be good in general, though (particularly if it happened to be released before I get around to drilling and tapping my carriage!).. Not sure I'd trust a snap-on, since I'll have the Cat5 cables in spiral wrap and not in the (greatly disliked!) cable chain, which might put more tension on the board over large movements..

Fair enough, I'll see what I can do! I may have a chance this Saturday to push out a prototype for a clamp on version. I'm thinking a fairly basic U clamp on either side, secured by an M3 and nylock. If the belt would get in the way, I'll have to improvise however. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with.

I have my holes drilled and tapped, no problem. But the mount needs to be spaced out about 3mm further, even with the 'clearance' version, on my FT-5 (possibly because I have changed the X pulley bearings with some a little beefier than the skinny things the kit came with). For now I have it on with some washers, which works, but it would nice not to have to juggle a stack of washers when working with it. Any chance you could share the Fusion 360 file so I could extend the standoff a little?

Done! I extended the offset another 3mm to a total of 12mm, uploaded as the Tall version. I have also included Fusion and .STEP files for both, the original upload must have been before I got into the habit.

I hope it works out, let me know if you need anything else! I'll start working on a version for the older 713Maker parts in the near future.

Thanks! Appreciate the effort. Should help in my rewiring+new extruder project. I'm trying to think of everything I need before I start as during the process I won't be able to print anything,

Do you have a second breakout board to terminate the CAT5E cable inside the control box? With how cheap they are, its not a bad plan IMO to print a mount and slap one in there. That way if any of the cables break, you can truly drop in a replacement and get back to printing. Either way, you're going to love this wiring upgrade over the cable chain nonsense, I guarantee it. There is a reason Folgertech followed suit for the FT6.

I'd recommend getting a cooling shroud situated before you start fresh. I wasn't able to do so for my set up (part of why I had to design this breakout to begin with) and it was a pain lol.

That's all I can think of for printed parts, unless you have an auto leveling or filament runout sensor you'd need to print mounts for. Good luck!

Yup, got the second breakout board and 2 single rj45 breakout boards for the Y cables. Still need to get something to mount the singles. Also set on duct, heatsink fan, and BLTouch mount. Still need to figure how to mount the single RJ45.

The clearance version is working well, thanks!

Was thinking of designing something similar, just have a few questions.

  1. Is this for the revised ultralight design that has mounting holes for accessories or the original?
  2. Does the ethernet cable interfere with the cable chain at all?
  3. How is the wiring from the fans to the breakout? I would be worried about the belt.
  1. This is for the version with accessory holes, as it mounts to those holes
  2. A single ethernet cable did not interfere in my experience, two cables did. You might squeeze two in if you run the motor and heater over ethernet instead of it's own cable, but otherwise it is a very tight fit with other cables.
  3. The breakout board sits over the belt, along the X extrusion piece. As the rest of the extruder is below this, the fan wires don't really come close to the belt. As the wires are static and the belt doesn't move other than side to side, they shouldn't move to touch in the future.

Sounds great. Thank you.