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The Best Flowrate Calibration Method!

by petrzmax Feb 21, 2019
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Definitely noticed you need a good caliper lol. Also PLA has about a 2% shrink rate, more if the PLA is not dry. I'm thinking that the flow rate should also be tested for all the different filaments you will use as there's different bite depth from the driver gear into different filament changing the driver gears effective circumference (surface travel). On my machine PLA is 105%, PETG is 102%, and TPU is 120% lol. I also have a driver gear with sharp teeth making it a bigger factor as it will dig in easier.

And of course the shrink rate would depend if you need/want the print to be dimensionally accurate when warm or cool depending on your goal for the print. Like if i want to space parts close together but have them not stick to each other then i would rely on the warm dimensions but if i wanted to make a dimensionally accurate gear i would have to calculate the shrinkage.

*i noticed a long time ago that shrinkage depends a lot on the same and size of the print, sometimes making it stronger that expected (internal/surface tension) and sometimes weaker because that tension works in a way to fight layer adhesion. Which is why for functional projects I try to print it at multiple angles.

Any chance of a 0.25mm nozzle cube?

I have uploaded version for Your nozzle.

Thank you for this easy and comprehensibly explanation! It's the first time I think my printer is well calibrated.

I'm glad that it helped You ;)

My flow rate has to be set to 0.88 to be accurate. uhm... is this normal? I did calibrate my E-STEPS but i doubt it was to 0.05mm accuracy because it's almostimpossible to be that accurate. should I just leave it there?

If you are printing PLA, yes. You can start at 90 % instead of 100 % to save some filament on this test.

I mean if i want it to be accurate i have to set it to 0.88% which leads to under extrusion.

Strange as it seems, it's not under-extrusion. At least with my current extruder gear and calibrated steps, it's tight.
Also not 0.88 %, 88 % or 0.88, both being the same. 0.88 % would be 0.0088.

(My original gear slipped over the filament)

oh. so what should I do? my print looks awful but accurate with 0.88 also yeah that was a mistake I am aware. 0.88 is a multiplier while 88% is a percentage.

maybe I'd increase my temp to increase flow but then i'd get stringing and other issues :c

I'd increase the flow to make it look as good as I need it to look as long as I would not need accuracy. Or maybe I'd use XY compensation - one should not need it, but I value reality above "should".

Same https://youtu.be/3yIebnVjADM

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