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A10m purge bucket with side-exit

by cmhnav Feb 2, 2019
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I solve the Problem by my self. I changed the "EXTRUDER START G-CODE" and change X-9.5 to -13.5 and it works.

At first, thanks for the purge bucket. It works very good, but my problem is, that the nozzle purge direkt over the border of the Printerplate. So the filament can´t go out. is there a way for the printer to say that he purge up a little more to the left?

Will this work on the A20M as well?

It should. See my reply to the same question below.

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Thanks for that. I thought A10M and A20m were compatible and I could use the one by 3dMakernoob. After I attached it, I noticed that it didn't fit because of the Z-stop cable. Then I saw your design and in the end the day was saved.

Do you need to configure dual extrusion? Or leave it turned off?

I'm not sure I understand your question. You don't need a purge bucket if you're not doing dual extrusion. Do you mean a purge/prime tower?

When I used the G code you provided, when it switched from extruder 1 to extruder 2, after purging, the head tried to go the wrong along the x-axis and hit the homing switch. What's happening?

That's very odd. Can you post a screenshot of your Cura extruder settings window with the tool change gcode?

Despite setting up the extruders like in the screenshot, the code isn't getting added to my gcode files after slicing. Am i missing something silly?
Cura 3.6

Do you put exactly the same code in the Extruder 1 and Extruder 2 G-code fields, or is there something that needs to change between the two extruders?

Same code. Cura automatically inserts the T0/T1 command between the stop and start codes. The only thing I changed was the comment at the beginning.

great i've printed the a20 version but it touch on z end stop wire going to print this one

Comments deleted.

First of all, thx for your work. May I ask if this also works for the A20M?

It should. The original bucket was for an A20m. I shortened it a little bit to fit my A10m, so it should fit just fine.

So after some mods, it is working but how can I solve the temperature issue? Is the initial printing temperature to set higher than the normal printing temperature, so that the nozzle is not waiting after the purge bucket. Because filament is running out while waiting.
You know what I mean?

I'm afraid I don't know what you mean. Are you printing two materials at different temperatures?

OK, I managed to fix this by setting the final printing temperature a little bit higher than the rest, so it will not wait anymore for heating up.

I also set the nozzle switch retraction distance on both extruders to 0 but after the nozzle is finished with changing colors and going back from purge bucket to the print, some filament is comming out in the meantime, maybe 3-5 mm and so when it starts printing again, there is this string on the print.

So any chance to retract the filament while it goes from purge bucket back to the print or is this not possible because than the print is not working?

I have been trying to figure out how to do a retraction before moving from the bucket to the print, but I haven't yet been successful. Like you say, the result is some extra stringing. Right now, I'm just turning the travel speed way up at the end of the tool-change script so it has less time to ooze. You can manually insert a retraction into the tool-change script, but I don't believe that Cura will un-retract the filament before beginning the next layer. What we need is a {keyword} in Cura that gives the XYZ position of the next print position. Then we could retract, move the hotend back to the print, and un-retract all as part of the tool-change script.

In Cura, I set the standby temperature, initial temperature, and final temperature to the same value. There's no need to let the hotend change temperatures if you're using only a single material.

have you been able to fix this issue? I have a lot of oozing from purge bucket to print. causing plenty of headaches. I've added a small prime tower in addition to the purge bucket to try and mitigate some of it but not all.

I have the same problem. I really need some help solving it.

I am printing TPU with 210°C. The printer brings the nozzle to the bucket, it starts to purge and in that time, whyever, the temperature is set to 195°C. After the purging process the printer sets the nozzle next to the bucket above the bed, the temperature is set back to 210°C. But the printer waits there, until it heats back to 210°C. In that time filament is flowing and cools down. When the temperature is back at 210°C the printer continues printing - but the cooled filament is stuck on the nozzle.

I dont understand why the temperature drops while purging. It happens with both extruders. I have set the printing temperature and standby temperature to 210°C.

And what is also a problem:
When the printer is told to bring the nozzle to the bucket, it just purges right above the recess of the bucket, not into the bucket.