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by makkuro Jan 31, 2019
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With the standard full desk nameplate (not the flat one) at what height is a filament change recommended?

The nameplate sizes automatically. That includes the height of the base.
So only if you don't change the pre-set sizes (font sizes, distance_two_lines, distance_to_border) and use 2 lines: The base will be ~26mm and the text will start above that. So change the filament after the 26mm layer is printed.

In case you change things:

  • I enter a pause / filament change using slic3r/Prusa-edition, there its very easy to see when to change.
  • Alternatively, its also possible to do the filament change manually, when you see that the text starts (but you have to be next to the printer at the right time)

Great Stuff. THANKS !!
Pondering if you could make a "nameplate", bevel base, with a drop down for line(s) of text?
As in I would like to print a TV Guide
CBS Chanel 7
NBC Chanel 4
antenna TV so 10 to 20 channels
or a price list
Merlot $8.00
Chardonnay $9.00
would need a text with a fixed font spacing so it does not mis-align like the above text



You are the second one to ask for that... I'll try to post it soon.

I have a prototype which works mostly, but i guess we need 2 texts per line?
One left-aligned column (Channel name / wine type above) and a second column, right-aligned (7, $9 above). Correct?

If you can do two texts fields per line. I was thinking something simpler using a fixed space font Monospaced appears to be the proper term. Google say Courier is one

Ok, understood

I used OpenSCAD to edit https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3497066. I simply added Courier to the font list. I should have printed with BRIM as two of the corners warped. I just about have to use OpenSCAD to get a customizer preview. Previews are so often not shown on Thigiverse.

A beveled base would be much nicer but currently that is way beyond my scope :)

Customizable Letter
by makkuro

Courier is not in goolge fonts i think. Was quite busy recently, ill upload a version with bevel base hopefully sunday

Im ready, have a look here.

by makkuro

Thank you for sharing a user Customizable name plate. Great. I wish there was also a 4 or 5 line version as a nomenclature to affix to items... Like my Kayak, etc. :-)

Ok, cool idea.
Could you provide a rough template as picture here?
So one title and then flowing text, or rather like this?

Hi. Yes, like that but if we can set the Font Size etc for each line that would be good. We might want the first line (Title) larger, but all subsequent lines the same smaller size...

I want to Affix it to my Kayak as a full address nomenclature. So it would be a rectangle, but more square than very long and narrow.

For example, Imagine it as an address with a few lines, like this:

John Doe
123 Smith Street
Apt 231
SomeCity, ZZ
Postal Code - Country
T:123-555-5555 | C: 123-555-4321

THANKS!!! -Chris

Do you need a clip then or you stick the angled surface to your kayak?
Im unsure it would look good if its a square: It would be pretty bulky and quite deep as to the current geometry...

Hi. This is a FLAT nameplate/label that I am describing, not one that stands up (like on a desk). I will Glue and Rivet it in place on a visible part inside kayak. I have attached a photo as an Idea... But I want to put my ownership information on this label. Also having a boarder around outer edge may protect lettering from things that might rub back and forth against it...

Ah! I see. I think i can do that. Will be another submission i guess.
Give me a day.

Great, thanks!

Hi. How is the updated design with multiple lines coming along?

Have a look here.

by makkuro

I made this using some translucent orange PETG and honeycomb infill. It came out AWESOME and I painted the top of the lettering black.

Thanks so much for uploading.

Oooo - can you share it via "post a make" on this page? I would be interested to see the result :)

Looks Great! I would like to make these thin so I can hang them up on a Cubical, I'm going to cut it down in the slicer, but it would be great to have base width or something in customize. Not complaining, just an Idea. Love it!

So you just want to cutomize the thickness, meaning you still have then chamfered back edges? Or do you want ideally just a flat brick-like base with text on top?

Yes Ideally it would just be a flat brick-like base but I didn't want to because to much trouble! I have been printing ones out for my teammates at work, I just do it in tinkercad, but I loved the idea of this so wanted to give it a go and the font is much nicer.

Ok added your idea as another "type=A flat name tag" to be set in the first line of customizer. You can also set the thickness of the base as last setting.
Have fun!

And I need a "post a make" with picture of your print from you now :)

wow awesome! Of course that is the least i can do!

:) Looking forward to that

Comments deleted.

I'm going to make one tonight. Or should I wait for v2 with unicode emoji support? :P
I only have so many desks I can put a name plate on at work

Super, please do and if possible share a picture of your print like last time :)
I would love to have emojis, but i could only find some things like a heart, etc. Do you think it would be useful here?

In my personal opinion, emojis were never ever useful. But I promise people will ask for it anyway :)
Maybe some, like the job emojis would be a nice addition to a name plate. (Eg. I was planing making one of these for the desk of a friend that works at the police with the policeman emoji on the side

From my understanding, openscad can render only standard monochrome fonts (not the advanced one in higher unicode ranges,these always appear as empty rectangles in openscad). I guess it would only be a matter of finding a dedicated emoji font.

On the desktop openscad can show emojis if you have such a b/w font installed. But there are no emoji fonts available in the thingiverse customizer. I found only basic shapes like a heart etc and added those to the sweeping-2-line-nameplate after you printed one nameplate for your grandma and included a heart...

Nice work ! It looks great. Good clean up on the code too.

Thanks a lot!
And all goes back to your great idea and implementation, its a superclean design and easy to print!