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Ubiquiti Cloud Key Gen2 Plus 1U Rackmount Adapter

by cptjellybeans Jan 31, 2019
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Hi, is it possible to edit the file for the keystone to introduce two more on the same plate to use for Raspberry pi that I want to put behind the unused space. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

I think i'm going to try to find a way to get this to mount to the side of us-8-150w. That way i can maximize my rackspace by putting my ck gen2plus next to my us-8-150w. Any thoughts on this, or have you possibly drawn it up already?

I don't have my US-8 switch on any of my racks--the one I do have is ziptied to under a desk.

However, this one has the empty right third of the 1U rack so you could create a tray for the US-8 for that and hook it up on that side. I typically leave power connections in the rear and only bring forward the ethernet connections to the front.

I just made a remix for the EdgeRouter POE, you could probably adapt it to hold one of those routers.

Hi jg16jg,

Unfortunately, I don't own an EdgeRouter or EdgeSwitch so I would have no way to test. Also from the looks of it, these are mounted using bolts to the side. I don't think this would work for a plastic filament material, it would not be secure enough. You would necessarily need to make a tray like structure. In which case it would be super easy since the EdgeMax products have square corners.

Feel free to take the 1U rack I used and remix it https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1669097.

There's also an existing one on Thingiverse! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3045297

19" 1U Server Rack Cover Plate
Ubiquiti Edgerouter X Rackmount
by djstuey

What I meant was an adapter for the cloud key to fit in the EdgeMax rack adapter. Basically your tray with mounting screws on the side.

Oh wow! Sorry for the misunderstanding. You know thats actually not a bad idea. The rack window is adjustable so I would opt to make it bigger to also put in the keystone port. Let me see if I can find a used one for cheaper and I can put it on my list of to dos.

This is a really awesome alternative to the v overpriced OEM Cloud Key 2 Plus rack mount.

Two questions/ thoughts:

1) The aperture in front of the cloud key 2 plus device doesn't appear to be big enough to allow the hard drive tray to slide out - this seems intentional and fine giving it is unusual to want to change hard drives. I was wondering why there is even an aperture vs just filling that in and just leaving space for the display?

2) Have you thought about an alternative design for the blank right-mount piece to house a Raspberry Pi? Lots of folks combine Cloud Key 2 Plus with a Raspberry Pi, and I wonder if it would be good to maximize precious rack space (esp as there's no cooling issue here)?

I'm happy to give both of these a try, although I've not done a lot of 3D design yet. I'll see if I can merge in a successful Raspberry Pi rack mount design to that right piece.

Thanks again for designing this!

I am also curious what other Unifi owners use with the Raspberry Pi with the CK G2+

Hey @dotben,

Yea, the aperture in the front is not big enough for the tray to slide out. I guess you wouldn't necessarily want it to slide out while it's powered anyway. I just thought it looked cooler but you can totally print one with just the screen cutout.

The 1U blank rack I used is from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1669097. It wouldn't be too hard to take one of the raspberry pi cases out there and remix it with this to create a combo.

Just a question--What do other Unifi owners use with the Raspberry Pi with the CK G2+?

19" 1U Server Rack Cover Plate

Sorry to jump in but love your design and found this thread.

A very common use case for Raspberry Pis in a rack is for PiHole which is a DNS-level ad blocker. I have turned on no telling how many friends to it and many have rackmounts for their Raspberry Pis that are connected directly to a switch or their router.

I myself have the 15-bay "blade mount" so mine is a bit overkill but I have multiple RPis.