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Avengers Hulkbuster

by EWill3D Feb 1, 2019
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Hello to print the broken version, how did you set the supports?

WOW!!!! If i did not already have a Hulkbuster, then i would have made this bad boy. Regardless, DAM!!! COOL!!1

Thank you for creating and sharing this amazing model. I'm maxing out my Prusa Mk3 printing at 114% for each part, should come in around 18" tall when it's assembled. I just checked out your personal work site, simply incredible!!! Do you think you would ever have time to create a Diorama type base for this model, something along the lines of the attached image.

Hi there

Could you please say that; what color did you print it and what is the brand of filaman please?

https://www.thingiverse.com/tugues/makes its the first part so far ( edit... its already printed, now time for paint). for those who want to know if your printer its good or not... atm printing this beast with a Anet A8 220x220x240, so i believe any one can do it, just push the limits of your printer. Sliced with Cura profile Extra Fast at 0.2 with 10% infill and speed at 40/50mm (i dont remember) . with these settings it takes more or less 18h to print each part. the leg that i made its 17cm at his high point so its enormous at the end i believe with will be close to 35/40 cm. ant then painting. i will post all parts at the end and maybe when i finish painting. and thank you for your awesome job

Strange, I cannot succeed to slice this model (I tried one arm and the whole model) with Cura 3.6.0 while I can in Cura 15.04.6. and in Cura 3.4.1 (on another computer). Did it happen to someone else ? I have never had any such problem with another model.

EDIT : well, I did succeed to slice it but it took Something like 2h. I need to change my computer for stuff like this (still running a good old i920 Intel CPU from 2009. Still great for the rest though).

ill be printing it at 200mm height size, but in parts as i think it will be the safest way, my question what orientation is best to print the parts, thanks awesome model

Try to print the upper body up right, Print the waste upside down. The arms with the hands up. But the arms make sure there is enough support martial to help with preventing sway during printing.

thanks for the tips, will post when completed

I'm printing this for my friend's birthday present he's a big comic fan. Printing the uncut version at 50% on my Ender 3. Will update with photos. Thank you!

Awsome! Im glad I could help. I hope your friend enjoys it.

He loved it! Thanks for sharing your art.


Avengers Hulkbuster

I just want to thank you for this amazing file. 1 question. how big is this figure at standard size?

Theres many factors based on your printer really that will provide a standard size. .4mm nozzle at .1 layer height resolution will give great results but the print time will be long.

hey, nice model, but Im missing the head :D

it on the body file

Neato! Is this printable with any reasonable 3D printer or is it for one of those fancy SLA printers? If so, does it include the supports required to print the arms? There's so much detail there I have no idea how I'm going to clean supports up enough to look so nice!

If anyone's printed with an Ender3, please do include your settings! Else I might scale this down and try printing myself to see how it comes out.

The images I have posted are from a cr10 so a ender will work. My slicer is simplify3D

sick design. thank you for sharing, i'll be printing this over the next week

You are Welcome! enjoy!

Please do a Ironman please

How much in grams does it weigh??

Very nice, you happen to still have the ZTL file?

Holly crap! this is awesome! thanks a lot for uploading it!
Im hopping there is a chance for u to upload full uncuted file ^^'
Thanks again man! btw sorry for my broken english

Ok the uncut version is now included.

Thanks men! u rock!

Thank you! Im working on that with and without the stand.

It's really amazing! Keep up the good work and thank you for uploading it!

Thank you! Glad you like it!

It's really amazing! Keep up the good work and thank you for uploading it!

Awesome! Any chance you could upload the full (not cut up) model?

Ok the uncut version is now included.

Just started printing the uncut version and the left leg does not align with the waste :/

Yea, just give me a day to get that up.

Thank you. Did you also create the Zerg? If so, I spent several hundred hours battling those things over the years. Many thanks!

Thank you, Yea I did the Zerg aswell. I may up load that also.

Wow, amazing......Thank you for uploading.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!