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Daft Punk Thomas 3D Printable Wearable Helmet

by bendiger May 22, 2014
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I tried using the experimental Tree Support feature in Cura and it been working great for printing these parts so far

You could redisign this around some chimeon classes instead it would make it cheaper and easyer to make

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Whats the size comparison of the V.15 to the Other?

What are the interior measurements of the helmet?

Is there a model of this with the pieces merged together for larger printers??

Does anyone know the dimensions of the clear plastic piece that holds the LEDs for the smaller model? Also is it okay to use acrylic for both visors?


Does nobody know the dimensions of the sub visor that holds the LEDs for the smaller helmet?

Send a message to http://www.alexplusleds.com/ He designed the parts and sells them. He would know the exact size.

Ok, thank you!

De nada, ¡y las fotos se ven geniales! Buen trabajo. Siempre feliz de ver personas de todas partes disfrutar de estos! --google traducido

Why is the middle portion of the chin piece not touching the build plate? It caused some serious warping in my first attempt at it

Is there any way you could post the model before slicing it? My printer has a larger volume and I'd love to have as little individual pieces as possible for a stronger build.

Looks awesome! I'm having a little trouble getting the piece at the end of the upper visor to fit cleanly with the ear cylinder. Is there anything special you did on this area of the helmet to get all the pieces to fit nicely? I'm using the v1.5 pieces whenever they're available, and I'm using PLA rather than ABS if it makes a difference.

The parts tie together and then glue and bondo do the rest. I had a lot of wrapping with abs, and bondo solved the problem areas.

how do you see? or u dont?

Not very well when the lights are on or it's dark. Over all, you can avoid large objects and see your feet through the nose. I would suggest a FPV camera and small screen to watch.

Would it be possible to get a printing BOM checklist? It looks like there are two versions of the helmet kinda mixed together in the thing files.

Check the description for details

What is the recommended infill?

Hey man! Awesome model, I'm printing it right now! BTW, the Display Brackets files that are v1.3 work with v1.5? If not, could you provide the 1.5 version for these files or maybe just the scale factor?

yes, 1.3 should go with 1.5. Sorry for the confusion.

I've been wanting to make a Daft Punk helmet for years and years, and finally with 3D printing it has become possible! Thank you for taking the time to make these models, I cannot wait to build one for myself and a friend

You're welcome, I'm glad people like them as much as they have. If you really like it, buy me a beer ;)

I'm having a really hard time printing the BottomVisorFront in the default orientation. Any tips for that part?

As requested before, a one-piece version would be great to scale it properly.

Yes, that would make it easier, however, I designed it to fit on small printers as thats what I have. The problem with making one larger part is I can't print it to test if it will print ok. The mounting parts for the electronics can't be scaled the same way. So any scaling I do involves redesigning nearly the whole helmet. I am currently working on building a larger printer.

I do plan on updating this design with larger parts and making the mounts something that can be added on after parts are printed. That way the helmet can be scaled to your hearts desire and ad the mounts where you want them. This would add to the complexity of the assembly.

Oh, no, I'm not saying that you should provide a printable model, just a one-piece model so I mean just so I can measure everything on some 3d modeling program. But yeah, if the model cannot be scaled due the eletronics, I think that's no good... Thanks!

hi dude thanks for the model! i'm making both helmets, they've come out just perfect!.i have a question about the visor, i think that is a bit small, so you know hoy much do i have to scale it to fit the visor space?

sorry for the late reply, I believe I scaled v1.5 up or down by 1.05% I will check and add that info to the description.

Would this work on a da Vinci Junior printer?

Hello I was curious how I go about creating a mirrored version of the 3d parts? I am using Makerbot

a negative scaling should work, otherwise you can use netfab

Anybody know which version fits the right side mirrored peices?

Could you post a one piece version of this?

That would be really awesome... could you let me know if you get one?

I'm working on it, I got to finish building my larger printer first.

Comments deleted.

Well i never used 3D printing , so pls forgive me but when i open them in 3d builder it asks for units ? Are they in mm ? Or cm ? Or Inch ? Can you pls specify for us ?

Most everything with 3s printing is going to be in Millimeters. Filament is in millimeters, nozzle size is in millimeters, and movement on the printers are in millimeters. Good rule to live by, just use metric.


I saw that you have written 120 hours of printing while you're developing it. With the last files here, how much time does it take to print a helmet ? How many hours does it take for a decent small 3d printer to print this helmet ?

It would be great if there was a version for larger printers with less pieces. :/

buy me a larger printer and I'll design the new parts!

Ha ha, not sure what your running but you could always make a larger printer :). I made the other helmet on here solely because its much less labour and Halloween is coming up fast :/

Hey. I'm trying to make the helmet. What is the price range for the plastic?

Comments deleted.

i just started printing this, im just looking for some advice for putting this together, painting it and doing the visor without vacuforming

Well I'll do my best to help, but most of your questions are basics that can be answered by some searching. Best way to assemble the helmet is zip ties and acetone. Paint the seams and let dry. Fill the bigger seams with bondo or auto body filler. Paint it with paint, pretty simple. The visor doesn't need to be vacuum formed. Just heated and bent. The visor model in the files is just for measurement. Hope that helps.

thank you so much it helps a lot. i'm trying to get this helmet done before the too many games convention next month, i want to wear it there. but i have two more questions and i should be done XD (sorry)
-what kind and where can i buy the right Plexiglas
-do i have to mirror the parts to make the other half or are they all in there
thanks again

amazon, petg plastic http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=petg+sheet
all of the parts need to be mirrored except for the mouth and the dome top.

thanks (again) ill post a picture when i finish printing and painting, im planning to add the leds later

hi there I was wondering what the dimensions of the model are when fully assembled as to see if I am needing to scale it.

Anyway I can get the model not cut up? SeeMeCNC is making me a printer with 15" diameter and 3 foot tall printing capability - thought it would be cool to do this project

BTW: You will see the printer (and me) on the Vanilla Ice Project Season 5 so stay tuned

Well, I designed it from the start as parts. It might take me a while to combine them.

How did you make the face shield? I was going to try to take the negative of the assembly or something and use a CNC machine to make a mold for it.

Any suggestions?

It doesn't need a mold, just a flexible rectangle of plastic will do. I used PET made for vacuum forming and just used vehicle tint.

How did you get the shape right?

Also, for the other helmet, how was that made? I guess this helmet is easier, but the other one would need some sort of mold.

Sorry, I've been offline for the last few months. The other helmet has the mold files included. Best option to get the shape is a vacuum forming. Designs are available on the internet, its pretty easy. Just make sure you get the mold very smooth.

Are the mirrored files on there as well?
What type of filler material do you recommend

Dude, this is amazing! im printing it out now, yours looks like the real thing, same with your guy-manuel helmet :3

could you tell me what the size is? like end to end size. I scaled down the Guy Manuel one and want to make this similar so they don't look odd side-by-side.

also: This is a really cool model, looks even more spot on than the guy man

how much bigger is the helmet now with the new scaled parts?

Slightly enough to not look like its smaller than the guy man. I will know better after Halloween when I print it.

How good can you see out of yours with the LEDs? With LEDs off I can see just enough to get around if there is light. With LEDs on I can't see really at all. I have to be walked around. My Leds are painted black on the back so the don't shine in my face.

I can make out shapes and lights with the LEDs are off. It's pretty bad visibility when they are on. I haven't done the visor tint yet, so It's probably worse.. I'm going to put in a switch to turn off the matrix so I can keep the other stuff on. Or the simpler solution if you have the bluetooth module, you can send a command that is all spaces and no text to see where you are going. I used a thick acrylic for the backs of the led, however the plexi infront of the LEDs just reflects the light back.

yeah i cant see good at all. i also added a small fan to the ear cup. gets hot in there. also added one to the guy helmet. attached it to the wire plate on the back.

could you tell me what is the size of the helmet? Or for which "head size" is it? I know this probably sounds as a dumb question but I'm not ready to commit to print it if it doesn't fit my head(mostly because of print time and material).

it's one size fits all. You will have to add foam to make it fit your head. I'm going to scale up all the parts tonight, it's a little small compared to the guy man helmet. So if you want to wait, it will be bigger then.

Thx. I will wait until you scale up the parts. Do you have a model where all the helmet parts are put together? I could take the measures from that.

I'm uploading the scaled up parts now. The electronic parts will be up later, a little more work is needed other than just scale. I don't have a model of the all the parts uploaded, but I'll see what I can do.

thanks for the led bracket. for the spacers did you mount them with a bolt to old it together?

No Problem! Screw through the bottom of the bottom plate, 2 spacers, then top plate, then nut. You could also glue, but then you wont be able to take it apart to fix it.

what are you using to hold the led matrix? my kit is coming in this week. Did it come with the Kit?

Yes, the kit Alex sells comes with a piece of plastic that holds the leds. His tutorial videos show how to assemble them. I will be posting the printable holde for the matrix soon, it hold the leds on a bend.

ok nice. got the kit in today just waiting on some other materials to come in and ill start to piece it together

same here, I'm finishing up work on the guy man helmet. That will be up soon. The brackets for this should be up this weekend.

Almost done with the LEDs. Still waiting on the resistors, thought I had the right ones but owell. How's yours coming along? I's the led bracket going to need extra hardware to mount it together?

1 inch spacers, they can be printed. two of them stacked on top of each other. I should be uploading that this weekend.
I'm still working on sanding and smoothing it out for paint. I'm done with the electronics.

Nice. Will be looking for the remaining parts so i can print them out. Hopefully it all fits right in the helmet

So as of right now the build is fully compatible with Alex LEDs?

yes, this helmet should fit the matrix, the side bars and the ear pods. I have a bracket that will hold all of that as well, just not uploaded yet.

What is the size of the visor opening? How did you form your visor

the top curve is a 15 inch diameter on the one I printed. This can vary from print to print and depending on how you glued it together. I haven't done the visor part quite yet. Best bet is a round can and a heat gun. Once you get the basic shape, you can use the heat gun to get it all exact shape. then trace the outline of the opening with a marker of some kind. When you cut the opening, make sure you leave enough "plastic/material" so you can sand it down to fit perfectly. I'm still working on fine tuning the design and sanding mine smooth so I can do molds. I will upload a template of the visor that can be printed in an hour. Thats the one thing I forgot.

OK the mold would be great. I have mine fully printed and put together. I just didn't want to start bondoing yet cause I want to make sure I have the visor opening right.

any chance theres a model that is in one piece? i would like to use a z18 to print this in one piece

Good question, I don't have a version of the file that is all one piece, but I will see what I can do. It might not be soon, as I will have to rebuild the entire model. You would also have to deal with a lot of support material inside the helmet for it to print well. Do you have any modeling software to try yourself?

yes but i am only just learning everything.

alright, I will see what I can do. I don't see it being easy to print. I didn't design it with support material built in.

Very Nice! Glad I could make it available in time for it. I noticed the top visor points down, same thing on mine.. I'm working on a fix.

I made the other helmet, think I'll do this one as well. Any parts needed to be printed in duplicate?

all of them, except the top of the dome and the mouth. All the dupes need to be mirrored for the right side of the helmet.

I made a thing with the duplicated pieces pre-mirrored: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:354538

Note: This was mirrored off a VERY OLD!! version of the helmet, and may not be compatible still.

Mirrored Right Side pieces for bendiger's 3D Printable Daft Punk Thomas Helmet
by kazy

Dude link is broken ! :(

Fixed, but it's an old version and may not work with the latest version of this one.

Cool, I was going to add them, but it's easier to update the one side and upload half the amount of files. Also I will be updating them soon with the mounts for electronics, so the right side will need updating again.. Work in progress..

Nice work. Did you print in PLA or ABS in the pic?

ABS, I'm sure either will work fine, but I know ABS is stronger, harder, better.. but just as fast...

Awesome work! Approximately long did the print take for all the pieces?

Thanks, I thought it was too cool too not share with the world.

Do you mean ?Around the world? ? =)
Really looking forward to developments on this design!