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Mandalorian Helmet

by jstayton26 May 28, 2014
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has anyone else had an issue with the STL_2 Part 17 crashing their slicers and editing softwares? its been doing that to me and i cant print the part

I wanted to do a EVA foam version of this for cosplay. Here is a video I made on how to flat pattern this using free software:

Short version----https://youtu.be/4ZCnIg01_VM
Long version----https://youtu.be/oMWneNQ8LPk

I have made sure to link back to here for the attribution part of the licence. Thank you so much for sharing your model with us!

Finally getting round to printing but just using repetier for speed....hoping to improve in post/finishing. Scaled first 4 pieces to 1.2 (120%) and hoping for the best....wish me luck

printing the 30+ piece version (revisited) what scale for an average 6 footer? I'm reading comments here some saying its too big and some too small......getting a little confused


I've just finished printing all the parts, looks cool but all just taped together at the moment. Does anyone have any build instructions? Is there a preferred order of operations?

question, when I printed them all and glued, it then clicked in that the centre nose and eye slits ... weren't slits... they they are solid... how did you cut these out? did you do it before you glued.. or after? and with what?


O just had a genius breakthrough if you print it upside down it takes less time and you get a more solid structure than if you print it the normal way and you get a more stable print

I was wondering if you could put up a full seize helmet link with no small parts just a solid helmet ? :)

Wich difference exist between the revisited and the repaired version?

Wich is the latest version?

I printed all the parts, assembled it, and started applying bondo to smooth it out. It's too large for my head. If anyone is interested in buying it, I'll sell it for the cost of the materials. Email me at maxed_adventure_co@yahoo.com

maxed_ What Scale did you print it at? I'm going to start and I'd like to have a starting point to go with. Will also work on making the Visor move if that hasn't been done yet. Will post if I do.

I printed it at 125%. I am 5' 6" tall, and the bottom of the helmet just about touches the top of my shoulders.

10-4 Thanks for the quick reply, I have a few projects to finish up before I can get started on this but I will go for the 125 first.

can someone make a teen/adult version of this and split it into multiple pieces so that way it can be printed on a 5.9 by 5.9 by 5.9 printer bed if so link me to it thx.

i just printed the repaired version and i cant see mot find the front left piece of the helmet has anyone had this problem?

I have printed and assembled the model at 100%, it is too small for my two year old's head. However, I really like the model, it will be a display piece.

Ok I am Totally New here. so here goes. Can this be built in a Dremel Dream Maker? And if so what scale for an Adult Head? Thanks

great helmet.
part 17 in the old version keeps coming up as a flat piece in my slicer.
it says its not defined properly
please help

which file is the 18 piece one?

Could someone make a step by step for the 30+ piece one?

Do you have cut diagram of the 30+ piece print ?

I wanted to ask for this as well

Do you have any recommendations when it comes to removing the plastic that makes up the placeholder for the visor? And should I do it before or after constructing the helmet itelf?

I used a soldering iron that has an attachment for an exacto blade. It heats up the blade, and cuts through it pretty well.

can anyone please post the printed size at 100%? the inner diameters would be fine. Thank you in advance!

If you check the comments on Mentum's make he did 130% scale and his head circumference is 22.8 inches, Thats what I'm going by. Only a 1/3 of way through so cant give you details.

which file is correct? (repaired or revisited etc?)
30 pieces or 18 pieces.,
anybody can write which part you printed and what is your scale?

What isbthe size of all files at the moment? Hard to resize when there is no guide. Please and thank you

I'm working my way through resizing the pieces now. As it is, they're way to small. I'm on my 3rd reprint, this time scaled to 120%..

So I'm trying to make sense of the all 35 files in the .zip... What is the overall size scaled at? and do I need to print all 35 pieces? my first attempt at printing the dome came out too small.

I am guessing the rangefinder isn't fixed and could move?

If someone can 3d print this for me i will pay them. If so contact me at ltmclear99@student.pccharter.org or 7046161532

part 1a cant be 2 inches tall and make a wearable helmet can it?

old files are unavailable download and can only use part 1 all others are corrupted or something. What do you mean no visor is there no slit like the old version?

For the revisited file of the helmet cut into 30 pieces, how large is the physical object once printed without any scaling? When I opened the parts in netfabb it had; for example, part B 16 as being 60 inches in height. I'm just checking to see if I fudged something up somewhere or not

does the scope move

unfortunately... no it is fixed.

Part #17 of the old design (the one that only had 18 parts) will not load in Cura, and the Netfabb model repair site throws an error too. Will you please repost that file?

so there are 34 files in the zip.. part A, part B, part C... does it take all 34 to make it complete?

I ended up getting it fixed using netfabb basic auto fix feature.

I am having an issue with part 9 and part 9 fixed it says unable to close loops when it finally pops up there is a nice gap I noticed this was an issue for others as well how do we fix this? Also original size is a bit small I have a 7 1/4 head but scaling up about 10% seemed to do the trick. other than that great work.

never mind still not fixed....

Alright lucky, I think I fixed it try this file on for size:

Hello lucky, I know part 9 has been a troublemaker as of late, I am working to solve the issue.

I'm soooo wearing this at the force awakens premiere and on all the conventions I'll be at!
Thank you so much for sharing this model~ ^^

Your welcome :) Be sure to post your make and any other images of the finished product and you will get featured in the gallery.

Ofc I will be posting images :3

Tried opening up the full helmet file and I keep getting an error that says "Please open valid STL file" then only half of the helmet appears on my build platform. Any idea what could be causing this?

Comments deleted.

Download: Helmet_Full_Fixed.zip

It should work properly, though if it does not inform me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

The other one worked o.k. for me, but you never know what can happen when you export and import.

And it worked. Thank you so much for the help, this is #7 on my print list. Would be higher in the que but I have parts for my wives kit to print out first :)

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. Ill keep you posted

Comments deleted.

Let me see what I can do, I believe the stl is the one I exported from makerware, so the way it interprets the stl from blender may be the cause for this problem.

Hey, I'm almost done with my first attempt... but piece 9 has this weird space in the center when it renders and prints, almost as though there's about 1.5cm that's missing about halfway up the piece. Can you give me some advice on printing that piece? Thanks!

I will look into it. Always happy to help.

Sweet, thanks! It doesn't show up in the standard rendering, only when I looked at it in Cura in Layer mode. I thought it must have just been a quirk but when I printed it, the darn thing tried to put a big blank space in there.

Alright, found the problem. Blender was hiding some vertices from me thus the hole. Should be better now, just download Part_9_Fixed.stl

Best of luck

Awesome, thanks!!! I only have 3 pieces left to print, I'll be sure to upload my results when I'm done :)

As first make published, you could have your print featured as the thumbnail for the model and be accredited. :)

Darn it, there's still a small gap in the file. If I had the skills/knowhow I'd try and fix it myself instead of being a pain in your butt...

Here's a crappy screen cap.


Check out the updated version!!! :)

Comments deleted.

Do you have the complete file, as one piece? I would like to attempt this on a Z18.

send me an email about your z18, I have one too :), exchange notes etc

Could anyone give me a hint on what dimensions should this helmet be scaled to for a common woman and man head size?

I cannot edit this at all, can't seem to find a program that will allow me to cut in half and save that way for editing. I have a Da Vinci, prints 7.9 x7.9 x 7.9 and need each piece basically in half. can anyone help out? also, need all files in STL format.

If you use the newest Slic3r, you can perform a cut on piece and export the STL file (or Gcode if that's the slice type you use). I've been having a few problems exporting the STL myself because it says that the STL is "empty" so this method may or may not work for you as well. It's a bit tedious, but I suppose it's better than nothing.

The size seems to be off.
When I opened the models in 3ds Max the top was almost half the needed size.

just resize the top half to suit.

amazing work! would it be possibly for the pieces to be smaller to fit in a 7.8" cube printing area?

is it possible to get the parts broken up into smaller pieces? to allow printing and scaling on a 150x150x150 printbed?

i printed the face parts but the domes are way too small, did you re-size it before upload?

Thats odd, you should be able to convert them into stl using makerware, but you cant see them :/

how do I print the thing files my printer doesn't seem to reconized them

re name the .thing file to .zip and unzip it and youll see the stl file

Making one I had to chop it up and modify the size on each one. It does look good.

Thanks, I plan on releasing a higher res version in near future. I'm interested in seeing how yours turns out.

What did you use for the Glass in the front

I'm excited to see your finished product :)

nice, good to see it worked out, Im still about 80% through my Boba helmet, probably wont upload it for another week or so.

what would be suggested as print size for adult male head? what size does it fit if just printed. thanks for all you work

I just finished printing your original build... pretty much spot on. I appreciate all the hard work that you and others have put into these files. It still needs a bit of touch up work but the finished product will be great.
I will upload a few photos as soon as i can.

Mucho appreciated Baddog... Thanks for the help

If By chance you have the adult size yet, or any other Mando helmet... i would jump at the chance to get them.

I could perhaps re-cut the mesh into smaller pieces and scale them up to size and give them a better resolution.... does that sound good?

Also it looks amazing i'm pumped to see it finished. If you were to send me an image of the finished product for the thing image, i would not only be grateful but also willing to give you massive photo cred.

I have a quick quiestiopn for you guys what size does this print when not rescaled? I just need to make a baseline to rescale the build

I think to make this full size this should really be cut up a little more, also I think orienting some of the parts will help with shrinkage if you print in ABS. Im happy to re cut parts and derive from this but just thought you'd want to do that. It would be easier if you had the original obj files.

What number of cuts do you think would be appropriate? Also, thanks for the heads up. If you would like to re-cut the pieces, Please go on and do so. I would be happy to give you credit in the info tab. I have been quite busy learning blender and haven't gotten around to doing anything with the helmet. Also I would appreciate if you were to give it a make, so I could have an image.

Im happy to print this on one of my larger printers. It will be a first then? Thanks for sharing though. Are you part of the open source costume and prop alliance?

I can't say I've ever heard of the "open source costume and prop alliance"...so no

Hi, alot of these pieces are not cut flat, so they wont sit flat on the build plate.

you need to use supports to achieve accurate build.

If you are cutting a single mesh into multiple pieces, you have the opportunity at the time to make the pieces uniform and without support requirements, so without offence I create my own with those practices in mind.

I "hopefully" fixed the issue as I have just uploaded a new version of the face plates. just message me with more info the problem persists. I'm hoping the quick fix I did to the mesh cut outs did the trick.

Hi Geoffro
Did you print it ?
i ve just printed your design of the startroopers' helmet .... congratulations it works perfectly!!
If you need somebody to test your design ... here i am ;)
best regards

my printer has been out of commission for sometime now, if anyone would be willing to print and send results to me I would be most grateful

I was going to print it and someone requested a full size helmet, so I got to working on that.