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The Sealant Cartridge Nozzle Cap That works.

by The-Mechanic Jan 23, 2019
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Great design - I have the rubber rings ordered.
When I use a sealant cartridge I often leave the nozzle on but put a cap over the tip (some come with a threaded one). Something like that would be a nice addition to this set, which, by the way, is brilliant. I have printed a couple with great success.
Thank you.

Just printed one off, works a treat, printing a couple more now, thanks for designing this :)


what about the nozzle itself? Do you clean it?

Yes, clean the stuff that comes out after you remove the nozzle

These work really well, thank you, tip on its way!

I've used 20,22 x 3,53 mm O-rings and they work great. Thanks for the great design.

Would these o-rings suit?
OD 25mm
ID 18.8mm
cross section 3.1mm

Comments deleted.

The orientation is definitely off. It works best rotated 90 degrees so that the upper side is laying down flat on the bed.

That's an ugly one! :D Yes no support, but if I look at your picture I think there's something wrong with your settings, to hot maybe?

Thanks for your answer.
May be. 220°c PLA.

Wrong orientation

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it is very good, i like it Thanks good idee...

very neat, but have you tried just sticking a nail in the nozzle?

It really depends on the material. From my experience: Nail works great with silicone or other sealants (I prefer some masking tape though), but with glue you either have to use one of those fancy nozzles with a screw on top or use a new nozzle every time. While I'm typing this I realize you have to use a new nozzle if you use this printed cap.

No you not have to use a new nozzle every time, keep the old nozzle and when the glue or silicone is dry, you can just pull it out easy

You can use everytime a new nozzle, but you can also keep the nozzle after using it and put a screw in (bottom side), after it dried just pull it out. Or use my other post for new nozzles

Yes and it doesn't work

Comments deleted.

awesome! Great idea. Will try weekend project.

Hello, Found a glue cartridge with a thread that will fit your cap, but looks like the thread in the cap is short and threfore the cap will not get to the base of the cartidge. Maybe it is missing about 2mm of thread in the cap. Any one had this issue?? maybe it is possible to extend the thread by 2mm in the original design??

Hi, This thread is not the same as the most common cartridges, you have only 3 windings and the one I made 5.

Hello, it has been a long time since I dont see in thingiverse such a great idea. Printed a sample today. But it will only screw half a turn. What thread ar you using?? I have a polyurethane glue from Sika, that has a metal case. The pitch looks to be 1,7mm. The diameter looks to be ok. Any idea??

Hi, I immediately saw that it's not the same thread, that one looks much sharper and has a finer thread.

Is it possible for you to make a v2.0 with that thread?? that fine thread is also common.

Sorry but I can't. I need the tube as reference for the dimensions.

Why has noone thought of something like that before? Thanks!!!

Hi, can you give a link to the o-ring? I can't find dimensions like this.

Hi, I bought a box for 5 euro, 25 sizes, you can find them everywhere

That's why I'm asking.. I can't find the specific o-ring anywhere..
Can you give me a link?

Same for me. It does not seem to be a standard size (metric)

I have just posted a remix which just contains a simple o-ring which you can print in TPU. It's a loose fit as my TPU is not very stretchy but if you have a stretchy TPU you can scale it down in size so it can be stretched to fit and stay inside the cap.

They sell them everywhere, go to your local hardware store, https://www.lazada.co.th/-i264088045-s409223182.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1
I ordered them here, but if you search local you'll find them too

One of the smartest things I've seen on Thingiverse. Printed great, O-rings fit perfectly. Good job, thanks! I also showed them off in a quick video on my Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Btq7YEEnaE8/

Thank you very much. Always happy to see people happy :-) Nice clip. Thanks

I think I'm in love

Hahaha thanks :-)

it works perfect, Thanks

Hi nice to hear thank you. Can you post a make if possible? Thank you

This is pretty nice! Would you mind sharing the specs for the threads or a .step file to make modelling other attachments easier?

First off I want to make a compression fitting type hose adapter among other things.

If anyone else want to make some customizations and prefer solids over meshes, these settings for a coil in Fusion360 seemed to work for me at least.

Diameter 15.5mm, Pitch 2.8mm and Section size 2mm; ref screenshot.

You can import the STL as a Solid and alter.

very good to use, thank you

Thank you for the nice compliment, I don't think the manufacturers will be pleased ;-)

You are great! I've been always annoyed by the single use cartridges that I had to dispose even when half full due to the inefficient "caps", and the content dried out, solidified, spoiled - you name it. Your work is awesome. Thanks for sharing.