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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Picatinny sights - Middle Finger + OK Sign

by julcoh Jan 23, 2019
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A friend and i was just joking about making such sights so I did a quick search and see you beat me to it (why reinvent the wheel if someone already did it, right?). Excellent job @julcoh!

Can you modify the front & rear sights so that the void in the main base, under the wrist, is filled? I want to print them standing, like it is mounted on the rail, so that I can minimize required supports.

** You don't have to mess with it if you are busy. I've been teaching myself how mesh edit in Fusion 360 this afternoon. I took the hand off the mount and added an extruded block that will insert into a cutout that I added to the picatinny mount. Still have to print and test fitment.
Thanks in advance!

I would not suggest printing these in the orientation you are describing. If you are going to mount them to a picatinny rail on a rifle or similar, the orientation they currently use will be significantly stronger than printing them upright. If you print them upright, the first time you bump them, they will likely break.

Hopefully I'm not committing the unpardonable sins, but before I have the tools to make something like this, does anyone happen to make them to sell? This would be the best gift ever for one my my retired Army brothers.

It's so cool to see the changes that have been made per user request @julcoh I commend you on your creativity and skill, and again for being so responsive to the requests for change. 2 big thumbs up!

Thank you for the comments.

I could make these to sell, I'll shoot you a message.

the nut, and channel for the screw could be raised 1-1.5 mm currently the bottom of the threads on the bolt will hit\scratch the rail they are mounted to

Hm, interesting. Are you using 10-24 bolts? Mine didn't have any clearance issues on a standard picatinny. I'll take some photos.

Yep 10-24
Here’s a pic of the tail I was using to test

Oh that's not good. I blame the Grabcad model I used as a base :)

Let me go see if I scratched my rail. Can you measure the channel depth on your rail and we'll see if it matches?

Sure, won’t be for about 3 hours tho

ok.. did some checking...
depth of that pic rail is 3.07 mm

I checked a bunch of others.. smallest I found was 2.98mm

Made my own edit... probably not as elegant as it could have been, but I didn't have source files so I had to reverse a lot of it sort of brute force
works now and doesn't hit the rail.. I am going to post it as a remix

Sounds good I'll give it a try.

I posted the base as a .stp, you should be able to import that into any cad program-- I added the hands on later in .stl format so don't have parametric source files for the whole part.

could you modify to use a nut rather than the heat insert?
dont really wanna buy 50x just for one set

Added the hex versions. ID of hex channel is 0.385" which should fit them nicely. Let me know if that's not the case.

Sure, that's an easy fix. Hold tight.

appreciate that you added the nut, done a couple test prints, and the hands come out great if I print vertically instead of on its side..
I can get the bottom supports to come off fine, but I cant get the middle hollow to work right...
any chance you could tweak the middle to be slightly more printable without supports? or at least easier area to break supports from

I am at least capable of filling the void myself if needed

These were definitely designed to print with the hollow building vertically. I'm worried that if you print it in the other orientation (hands vertical), the parts will break when you tighten them on a rail-- you're dealing with inter-layer strength right at the weak points.

seems fine so far shrug

Glad it's working out! Filling the void shouldn't be too much of an issue.

for what its worth, I usually use a 4 wall thickness (1.6) so theres a decent amount of strength there