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USSR - the Ultimate Simple Spool Roller.

by martin_au Jan 21, 2019
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Excelent work comrade.

Simple and complete thank you

Great design, stable & practical. Was just about to design the exact same part for the same reason mentioned :)

Love this design, so much so I have made a universal mounting plate for the 1kg version.
It now replaces the stock spool holder on my printer.
Great design that works well, many thanks for sharing!


FLSun QQ/Universal USSR Mounting Plate
by 3DM4RK

do you know what u s s r stands for? Hint.

I certainly do. Though, technically that should be past tense, as the old USSR no longer exists. Therefore, I doubt anyone will be able to complain about me hijacking the acronym. That's lucky for me, because in Soviet Russia, the acronym hijacks you. :D

Roller is exactly the same dimension (100mm) as the space it is meant to fit in the Base. Fits very tightly and does not allow free movement. Will cut a few mm out and try again.

I’ll check. It’s not supposed to be.

I just checked. Rollers are 100mm long. Separation between sides is 101.2mm, so 0.6mm each side. I'd check your printer settings. It could also be due to a high degree of ABS shrinkage. Mine was printed in ABS, but different brands may behave differently.

There’s 100mm between the small flanges the bearings sitagainst, but between the slop in most bearings and the chamfers in the rollers, there should still be around 0.2 to 0.6mm leeway.

I threw them into TinkerCad and it seems both dimensions (inside of base and length of roller) are 100mm. Granted, TinkerCad doesn't have any precise measuring tools, but this also reflected my print experience. Printed in PLA, not ABS; the bearings fit the rollers and the knobs that hold them to the base perfectly, so I don't think that's the issue. Either way, while in TinkerCad, I cut 2mm out of the middle and will print them again this evening. I really like the simplicity and efficiency of your design, so willing to tweak it a bit to make it work. Thanks!

Great to hear it worked in PLA. I was worried that there may not be enough flex to get the rollers in. I don't suppose you noticed if the bearings were fully flush with the ends of the rollers?

One image showing the roller with bearing as printed (Good Fit, Bad Fit). Bearing fits the roller wonderfully, and nearly perfectly flush. However, you can see at the bottom the roller is touching the side, and the side is pushed out to accommodate the too large roller. Second image (Hack Job) was an effort to carve down the ends a bit in hopes of giving it enough space, however the placement of the bearing cannot be changed like this (at least not easily), so the overall length is still too much for the base. So far I've only caused a small crack forcing these in and removing them several times, but I'll likely just reprint the entire thing once I'm comfortable that the pieces will fit! Last image is just a shot of both the roller as printed, and the one I hacked on - shows off how well the bearings fit! Thanks, I'll report back with final build when complete.

And, just FYI... being the smart guy that I am, I borrowed a digital caliper: Inside of base, 100.08mm. Length of roller, 101.28mm. So yeah, it's my printer, my slicer, both, or something else entirely. I do think my fix should make this work for me, maybe someone else will benefit from my learning curve here... wish I'd located the caliper before spamming your comments.

Heh. No worries. Maybe check the Z-steps on your printer?

Did you tested this with 2 kg spools?

I don’t have any, but if you send some dimensions I can check it fits.

Im trying to check it in Fusion 360, unfortunatelly your STL shows there approx. 10x bigger (about 120 cm wide :))
Anyway, 2 kg spool has outer diameter 300 mm and width 107 mm. I think that width will be issue, see http://prntscr.com/mgnv5i

I’ll upload an embiggened version.

Great! I will test it on my spools ASAP :)

And uploaded.

Perfecto! I will print this up to end of this week and post make to show how it looks :)

Everything you design is awesome. Thanks for that.

Thanks. Glad you like it.