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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

F1 Tracks with Elevation

by Edigorin Jan 21, 2019
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Thanks for posting Singapore! Here's to hoping for a good Verstappen - Hamilton battle!

Hey, I added Singapore.

thankyou. printing soon

So glad you have Spa ready to go! It was a long summer break, looking forward to this race! Legendary track and a crazy mid-season driver swap in Red Bull! Thanks again for creating these.

Any chance for Circuit Paul Ricard (France) ?

This is really cool. I'm patiently awaiting the rest of the circuits. Will be printing them as big as i can on my railcore (300x300 print area) and putting them all together on the wall behind my racing sim-pit.

Looking forward to seeing a picture of it when it's complete!

Oh no where's Monaco!?!

I am in exams for three weeks now, so the Monaco circuit will be delayed... Maybe I can do it for tomorrow or Saturday.

Wish you luck with your exams (and hope you have the time for Monaco

Here you go guys!

I got into F1 this year (thanks Drive to Survive) and I've been having a great time printing these out, labeling all the turns and having it with me during the races. I bring them to work and they're a big hit! I might have to try to make some local tracks. Thanks for making these!

Thank you for sharing this here and with your colleagues!
If you need any help designing your local tracks, just ask. I can only support such initiatives!

Label turns and Mark sectors and DRS

I can try to implement this directly into the model, but I don't think that it will be visible at that scale. Maybe on the sides it works better. Or I could try to design a "stand" that expands the base and where everything is labeled.

Raceweek - any chance for Baku ?

Here you go, enjoy!

YOU are a Champ - thanks

MIssing "rest" of the tracks... It's China Race Week :-)

Thank you for keeping me motivated :) I have a lot to do in the moment, but I'll try to do as I said and finish the circuits before the races

Great, I normally print and display the track in my living room all Race Week... so really looking forward to get Shanghai International Circuit :-)

Hey, I just added the Shanghai Circuit! You still have 12 hours to print it before the race ;)

Yehaaaa - thanks mate :-)

Thanks for sharing your print!

hey man!
i have been looking everywhere for elevated f1 tracks and couldnt find one until i saw this. thanks thanks thanks. it looks really cool! i'll print one and send you a pic of it. wanted to ask, how did you do the elevation? i just started with designing
thanks again!!!! live saver

Hey, I'm glad you find them cool :)

So here is how I design them. I take tracks vectors from the internet and trace them in Fusion360. In each corner, I add several Spline control points, an between them I add just a few. Afterwards, I take the elevation curve from this web page (https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/features/2016/10/highs-and-lows---which-f1-track-has-the-most-elevation-changes-.html) and I approximately change the height of the spline points to match the elevation. After that, I use the Sweep function to create the track (after resolving many issues I had with tight corners). It's not super precise, but at this scale it does not really matter in my opinion.

If you just started designing, I would not consider trying such a thing immediately, as I had myself many issues even with some years of experience. But it is a great challenge to try and design them, I learned so much doing it!

I'm looking forward to seeing your print!

Hey, i managed to print it and it looks pretty cool. I think it could be better if i kept the layer to 0.1 and probably have used another printer I believe it could has been better but overall it looks great. I have posted some pics as u could see when the track is getting steeper u can see the layers on top of each other. Thank you soooo much again for doing this track i didnt find anyone who did it other than u!! Best of luck mate and i will definitely print the other circuits. Looking forward to print like Spa or brazil where theres a high elevation change!!

Wow these is a good looking print! Thank you for sharing it. Is this the 3X or the original version?
Getting feedback like this is highly motivating to continue designing them. I will definitely look into the Brazil circuit ;)

It was the x3 file. I felt the 3x file was better so you could see the elevation change. Thanks again buddy i wish u all the best in ur future designs

Hey again, i printed the bahrain circuit again but this time with a different print and a .1 layer. Came out much much better. Statisfed with this smooth print. Heres a pic. Best of luck buddy.

It looks very good indeed! Thanks for sharing it!

These are great. Can't wait to see all the tracks when they're done. I'm thinking of printing them all and putting them in a frame and make a poster. Maybe even print them in the colour of the race winner. So many possibilities.

Thank you! I'll try to at least finish the tracks before they race on it, but it takes some time to design them. I'll be very happy to see your result once it is finished. You have some creative ideas ;)